Chapter 34: The End of the Battle


"Bakura!" Marik shouted as an invisible force slam right into Bakura, sending him into the next room.

"Noah," Marik growled as soon as he turned back to the smirking teen.

"Marik," Yami calmly said, "Don't let him get to you. Right now, he's trying to darken the darkness in us by torturing us slowly. You mustn't let him get the best of you."

"How can I?" Marik asked, "Kaiba is nowhere to be seen from the previous blow, and Bakura was sent flying without even a chance to attack, so tell me; how can I be calm in a situation like this!"

"Listen to me!" Yami shouted interruption, "We will win this fight! Darkness will always lose to the light within us. And I know, that everything will be ok."

"Well said, Yami."

The two Egyptian sprung around quickly, and finding themselves facing a blond and a brunet, with another Egyptian beside him.

"Joey, Kaiba, Bakura!" the two said in unison.

"Listen," Joey quickly said, "The building is going to self-destruct in a few minute. We must get out before we get blown up with it."

"Wait, how did you" "Joey." Yami was interrupted by another voice across the distance. The four teen turns to the other teen with a look of shock on his face.

"Long time no see, Noah," Joey calmly said.

"Joey?' Noah slowly said in disbelief, "How… how could be awake?"

Joey continues to look at the teen as he relied, "I guess I have Eliza to thank for. Did you know; she really had loved you?"

Just then, loud alarms came off and fill the whole building with sounds. Everyone look around except for Joey and Noah. "You know, I really hated you," Joey said quietly, "because you took everything that's ever been precious away from me. You kill Serenity for your own personal gain. Did you really think that I would accept you after seeing this?"

A pain expression crosses Noah's face, "I know you wouldn't… but I don't have time anymore. My time is running out."

"I know," the blond whispered, "That's why you set everything up so that it would end like this. You wanted me at least to see what you have been through so that I could one day forgive you for taking away my mother."

Noah continues to stare at the blond, "In the end, you chose Seto, right?"

"I did."



"I would choose Noah… if I have never met Seto that is," the darkness was silent and so I took this chance to continue, "I have seen every part of Noah's life, and even if I wish I could forgive Noah, I can't. I can't forgive him… for killing Serenity. I know that I only met her for a short time, but I felt so strongly attach to her. I didn't even get to say good-bye to her."

"Then what do you suggest of Noah?" the darkness asked.

"I… I at least want to erase the darkness within his heart. The darkness that overlap him through those lonely day of torture and unwanted," I replied.


Noah's expression was unreadable and I didn't know what to make of it. He was staring at me, but not directly at me, more like he was staring at something else. A part of me wants to forgive him, but another part wants to hate him.

"I don't get any of this," Bakura said.

"Bakur" "I'll tell you then," Noah interrupted me. Every gaze fell upon him. His eyes were finally looking at us and not somewhere pass us.

"A year ago, I discovered that I had brain tumor from all the beating I took from Gozaburo. I knew I didn't have much longer, and above all else I wanted to see Joey again. But, then I thought, why don't I make it more interesting? Since this would be my last game, I might as well add as much player as I could. And that day when we met at the hospital, I wanted so much to tell you who I am, but as soon as I realize you and Seto were together, I couldn't help but wanted to test to him."

"Test me fort what?" Seto growled.

He turns to Seto, "To see if you truly cares for Joey. And after seeing everything that happened, I guess I really have lost."

"No," I said, "You won."

Everyone turns to me, but I kept my gaze on Noah. "You won this game," I repeated, "You created this game, and you also won, even if your monster is gone now that the gaming system is self-destructing, you still won. We all know that darkness reside in every living being; there is no such thing as a person untainted. Which means, you won."

Noah's eyes soften a bit, but I could still see the pain in them.

Boom! We all sprung our head towards the sudden explosion. A blast of fire were coming up and spreading as other loud explosion was heard. "We should probably get out soon," Yami informed, "We don't have much time."

"I know a short cut out," Noah quickly said.

"Why should we trust you?" Bakura questioned.

"Because I will never allow Joey to died here," Noah replied.

"I think we should listen to him," Seto added, "It's our only way of surviving."

Bakura shrugged but agreed. Noah immediately led us to the back of the room where another secret route opened up. "This route will lead you straight to the beach, a completely safe distance from here," he informed us.

"What about you?" I asked.

"This house is my house, the place I grew up in after I was free from Goxaburo's clutches, and this is where I lived when I met you. Beside, I am going to died someday, so I might as well, died here then died a pathetic death in a hospital room somewhere," he grin as if it were joke.

"Noah" "Go," he quickly cut me off, "There's not much time for you to escape," he turn to Seto, "Seto, and promise me you would take care of Joey."

Seto nodded, "I give you my word."

"Go," he turned back to me, "Be happy."

"Noah" "Joey!" Seto called for me as he got inside the route.

I turn back to Noah, "I… before I woke up, I made deal to the voice in my head, that I will have to let you or Seto die. And now…"

"I would gladly die for you," he stated, "That's what I told myself."

Boom! "Go!" he ordered, "Go!"

Seto grab me by the hand and yank me into the route, shutting the secret door. "Noah!" I shouted just before the door closes.



"Seto! Come on, we're doing to be late!" I shouted from the car passenger seat.

As soon as Seto got in the car, he sent me a small glared, "There's no need to hurry Joey. We still two hours early."

"But I really wanted to see it before anyone else," I stated, "Besides, it was my birthday present."

A small smile creep onto his face, "Yeah, it is."


"Whoa," I found myself staring at the new Gaming System Kaiba Corp produce after three years. I turn back to him, "Is this, my birthday present?"

He chuckle and put his arm around my waist as we look at the Gaming System. "Can you believe it?" I asked.

"Believe what?" he asked back, putting his chin on my shoulder.

"That once again Kaiba Corp would produce another deadly weapon that would be used against it," I stated.

"Don't worry," he pulled me closer, "This Gaming System is completely harmless. I make sure of it."

"Ok," I said and kiss his cheek. He sprung me around so that he could comfortably kiss me. We share a chaste kiss and were about to deepen it, when Bakura rudely interrupted, "Ok, that's enough!"

We pull away and I could feel a deep blush on my face. Seto growl for being interrupted, and Bakura practically chirped happily. "Come on everyone," Mokuba said enthusiastically.

Everyone started piling a nearby table with food and presents, while Seto literally shrug. I couldn't help but smile at him. "By the way, Seto?"

"What is it Joey?" he asked.

"What are you planning on calling the Gaming System; I mean you couldn't possibly keep calling it Gaming System, could you?" I questioned.

He seems lost in thought for a moment before ushering me to come closer. He lean down and whisper into my ear, "We'll call it Red and Blue… You and Me."

Author's Note- i'm sorry if the ending isn't to your liking. i couldn't think of a better ending and my bro really needed the computer so.. anyway thanks for reading Red and Blue...