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My name is Melissa Harris. The name "Melissa" is latin for: "Of the sea" or something. I always sort of liked my name. I'm the kind of person people just walk past not thinking much of. I'm fine with that. I don't like causing too much attention to myself. I guess I'm average looking. I have light brown hair, that's sort of blondish, and reddish. Most people call it strawberry blonde. My eyes are a pretty shade of blue, that's one of my favorite things about my appearance. I'm about average height, not too tall, not too short, just right (I sound like Goldie Locks from the three bears.) And even though I live in Florida, my skin is hopelessly pale.

I'm not the most popular girl in school. I have a couple best friends, and a couple close friends, and that's really all I need. But in general, people seem to like me because they get the idea that I'm rich. You see, I live in Ocean Ridge, which is a small town around the area of Palm Beach, where we have a nice sized house by the water, with two dogs and a cat. It's only a couple square miles, and more than half of it is water. But for some reason, I go to school in Miami, which is a long drive. There's less than two thousand people living there, and not even nine hundred families. When I tell people that, all they hear is "Palm Beach", and everybody assumes we have a lot of money. True, we are pretty well off. My mom has a good job in some ocean life conservation aquarium thingy. But that doesn't mean that I'm some airhead who always thinks about money. The second thought people seem to get about me, is that I'm dumb. I have dislexia, and ADHD, so I can't really read, and I have a short attention span, and tend to zone out if things get boring for me. It's only those who really get to know me for who I am that are my real friends. And sadly, few people do that.

Mrs. Clare, my math teacher, is definetly not one of those people.

"Melissa, are you paying attention!" she demanded. It was more of an accusement, rather than a question.

It was a normal boring school day. I was happy today was Friday, and the weekend would be here at last. Math is the last subject of he day, so I, as usual, was totally zoning out on her.

Mrs. Clare banged on my desk. "Are you paying attention?" she repeated.

"No," I answered flatly. A few kids giggled.

"Well, you better start if you want to pass this class. Tell us, what is a polygon."

"A weird word?" I guessed.

"No," she said. "Who was paying attention and can tell me what it is?"

A couple kids raised their hands.

"Nellie," she called.

"Um...is it...a...a closed shape?"

"And what do the lines on that shape have to be?"

Nellie thought for a minute. "...str-straight?"


She sighed in relief.

I stared at the clock. I hated clocks, especially those face clocks. It took my forever to figure out the time on them, and by the time I finally did, IT WASN'T THAT TIME ANYMORE!

My friend Kate passed me a note. It took me a while to read, but eventually, I was able to. It said: Melissa, are you doing anything after school?

I wrote back to her, in my scribbly handwriting. Kate was one of the only people, other than my mom who could read it. It didn't help I was horrible at spelling also. Yah, im helping my mom with tha dolfans I wrote to her. I thought for a minute, then added. Yuo can com to if yuo want

I passed the note to her when Mrs. Clare wasn't looking.

She read it, then wrote. No, sorry. My dad's making me go to some boring computer class, but he said I could bring a friend. It's fine, I'll ask someone else. Don't worry about it.


The bell rang. I jumped out of my seat and ran out the door before I could get in any more trouble.

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