Author's Note: I suddenly wondered if I could write an acrostic poem (turning the subject's name sideways to provide the first letter of each line).

Bewitching Beauty

Zany sense of humor that shows in her choice of spells
As she changes soft-nosed bullets into chiming bells;
Then she waves her hands and chants some backwards rigmarole
And those henchmen are shaken like popcorn in a bowl.
Now the master villain scurries to escape the fray;
Now my fist is flying forth—and we have won the day!
A smile flashes at me as she claps her hands with grace;
Zephyrs blow those ebon tresses round her flawless face
As she summons winds which soon will bear her from this place.
This may be the moment to ask her on a date?
After all, she knows me well as a trusty teammate.
Ready? Maybe. Clear my throat . . . but now away she's flown!
Again I was too slow in searching for my backbone!

Author's Note: Don't ask me the narrator's name—I haven't decided! I wrote this on a whim. Someday I may examine this "secret admirer" business in more depth in a prose story, but don't hold your breath! (Hmm. He wouldn't do anything so silly as actually sending her this anonymous poem . . . would he?)