Ch.12: Erasing The Past

"You did it!" cried Rachel, giving both Razor and T-Bone a big hug once they climbed down from Claw Mountian.

"The curse of Dark Kat is finally gone" said Luna " and now this city can live in peace,"

"But we still failed" said Razor, solemnly " I still have all of Dark Kat's magic,"

"That would be bad news" said Luna " had your heart sucummed to Dark Kat's will. But the friendships you have made throughout your life, plus your parents love is what kept you striaght in the end. You need no longer fear darkness,"

"So now whenever Razor gets angry he won't go out of control," asked T-Bone.

"Exactly," said Luna.

"Well that's good" said Razor, turning to T-Bone " guess we should head back to MegaKat City. This whole adventure has made a big mess of our reputation, I don't know how we're going to fix it,"

"Simple" said Rachel " erase thier memories,"

"What?" said both T-Bone and Razor.

"It's one of Dark Kat's powers" said Rachel " he used it a long time ago to wipe the minds of his enemies. You can use it to make everyone in MegaKat City forgret this whole thing ever happened,"

"Hope you allow me to remember this adventure buddy" said T-Bone, patting Razor's back " there's no way I want to forget this adventure,"

"We all would like to remember as well" said Luna, motioning to all the citizens of Twin Fang Bay " and honor the great heroes who finally defeated Dark Kat,"

"Granted" said Jake " I'll just have to wipe out the minds of the villians, Enforcers, Feral, and Callie when return,"

"See you later guys," said T-Bone, walking with Razor to the TurboKat.

"Bye Swat Kats," yelled Luna and Rachel, as the Swat Kats sped off towards home.

Two weeks later, everything was back to normal in MegaKat City. Feral was complianing about the Swat Kats good deeds, Callie Briggs kept onto getting into peril here and there, and Burke and Murray were still jerks.

Jake had suceeded in using his new powers to wipe the minds of the citizens of MegaKat City. Chance was now the only one to know about the whole incident that went down with Dark Kat.

"So" said Chance, walking into the living room, where Jake was sitting on the couch watching T.V. " you plan on using your powers to help us in the fight agianist crime?"

"Nah" said Jake " I think I'll save them for the next big crisis that comes up. Which hopefully won't be to soon,"

"Speaking of which" said T-Bone " I have a confession to make. You know that secret project you've been working for months on. I kind of...broke it,"

"You What!" yelled Jake, and started shooting magical bolts at Chance.

Chance just laughed all the way as he ran to aviod Jake's magical blasts. It was going to be fun to have a magical mainac to tease around the house, but Chance made a mental note never to get on Jake's bad side agian.

The End