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Spoiler: This FF starts at the end of the epilogue of Justice for all. It will contain references to the other games as well.

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Chapter 1 - Departure

"Now boarding, International Flight 182 to Germany, departure gate 12." The tannoy boomed over the crowded airport.

Picking up her bags, she turned away from him.

"I…I…I am Franziska Von Karma. Don't think I'm going to walk in your shadow forever…", Franziska closed her eyes and composed herself. With her head held high she made her way towards the departure gate.

"Our battle…begins now…so you had better prepare yourself, Miles Edgeworth!"

Clutching her whip firmly in her hand, and sparing no second glances, she left. She was leaving him behind once and for all.


He stood at the window as the plane took off.

"Franziska….." he said softly to himself. He had been harsh to her, too cold.

"If you say you are going to quit your walk down the prosecutors path…..then this is where we part ways, Franziska Von Karma"

His words had obviously cut her deeper than she let on. She had still left, and he had let her. Her parting words burned in his conscience.

As he stood there watching day turn to night, he thought back on the Franziska he'd grown up to know. The cold, calculating prosecutor, a prodigy, a genius of her own kind and most definitely a Von Karma. So why was it she felt that she had tainted her family's name. Miles sighed to himself.

All these years, I've been the only person to ever look out for her and care for her…and I drove her away.

Putting his fingers to his brow he finally turned from the window and headed back out towards his car. Parked in a nearby space was a jet black Mercedes, leather seats, air conditioning, only the best for Miles Edgeworth. He opened the door and climbed into the drivers seat, sitting back and closing his eyes.

*Ring Ring*

His cell phone started ringing from the pocket of his jacket.


"Hello," He said, in his normal, slightly cocky tone.

"Mr Edgeworth, is that you?" Said the voice down the phone.

"It is Miles Edgeworth. How can I help you Detective Gumshoe?"

"Are you with Ms. Von Karma?"

"No. Her plane has already departed. What is it that you need to speak to her about?"

"Erm well… see…..its kinda embarrassing…."

Miles took a long deep breath in.

"Go on Detective"

"Erm well you see….one of the death row prisoners has escaped."

"And what does this have to do with Ms. Von Karma?"

"Well mate…you see…the escapee….was erm…."


"Manfred Von Karma…"


"Hehe….yea….embarrassing, like I said…."

"How did he….."

"Erm…well that's the other thing….we erm….can't find any method of escape mate. All we found was a note."

"A note?"

"Yea….but its had ink spilled over it…..can't read it"

"I'll head over to the precinct straight away Detective."


True to his word, he started the car up and headed off downtown, his mind swimming.

Manfred Von Karma…..Franziska…..Franziska, her world would be turned upside down if she knew this…..I'll get to the bottom of this.


She flipped the card over in her hand before putting it away into her pocket. He had hurt her. Miles Edgeworth had hurt her.

"What a foolish fool I am to let a man like Miles Edgeworth….." She stopped.

She looked out of the window at the clouds passing by her. She'd tainted the Von Karma name. She had made a mistake, been imperfect. How could she face the prosecutors office as the failure she has become. She held her whip close. He'd brought it back to her, he'd had faith in her, or so she had thought.

"Nnngh!" she gave a frustrated grunt. Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, they had bother gotten the better of her. They had disgraced her, she hadn't disgraced her family. Yet still she continued on her journey home.

Home…..I must sort out the estate…..I can't stay there…..

She closed her eyes.

"I will not fail again!"

She hurt. Badly. Her own father, arrested and found guilty of murder. Miles Edgeworth leaving her again. She felt alone.

"I…I am a Von Karma! I do not feel such foolishly foolish emotions!"

Her thoughts went back to Adrian Andrews. She had depended upon other people so much, just like Franziska depended on her father and his approval. Even though deep down she hated her father. She would keep in touch with Adrian Andrews, an acquaintance, nothing more.

Tears came to her eyes. She was truly alone. Everyone she had ever depended on had left her. Her father, well she had expected that from him, but Miles Edgeworth. He had always been there for her growing up, every time her father….

She stopped thinking. It was too painful. She wiped the tears away.

"I do not shed tears! Tears are a sign of weakness. I am not weak."

She started thinking again.

I will go back to Germany. I'll sort out the estate. I'll work harder than ever before. Then I'll return to America. Return and show those foolish fools that I am PERFECT!.