A/N: WARNING - This chapter is particularly unpleasant and very graphic, containing scenes of a sexual nature. It is also one of the reasons my Fic merit's the M rating.

Chapter 13: Pain

Much to Franziska's relief her father had not returned the following day as he had promised. In fact, from what she could tell, it had been several days since her last encounter with him. During those days, she had experienced many different emotions. Failure, sadness, fear, self pity, self loathing, anger, resentment, despair, hopelessness, hatred and the most recent, defiance.

Through her, admittedly brief, emotional rollercoaster ride, she had been given time to think. Her first night here she had been face to face with her father. Once again victim to his fury. She had been frightened. It was foolish and weak. But in her few days as captive, her resolve had strengthened. Though her heart ached and bitter sadness filled every ounce of her being, she would bring her father to justice.

Franziska lifted her head at the sound of approaching footsteps, a new found resolution set deep inside her. She watched as Manfred von Karma entered the room.

"Ah, you're awake. Excellent."

He walked over to her, brushing her hair softly.

"Take your hands off of me!"

All traces of amusement left his face immediately. How dare she speak to him like that.

She screamed.

Manfred's cane found its mark. Digging it deep into the still healing bullet wound on her right shoulder he caused the wound to reopen. Crimson blood stained her blouse as Franziska gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming again. The pain seared through her body as her father twisted the end of his cane deeper into her shoulder. As she writhed in pain, forcing herself to remain silent, she felt his presence move closer to her.

The Masters rough hand tightened around Franziska's jaw, raising her head so she looked him straight in the eyes. A snarl rippled across his face. Instead of the fear he had expected to see, her eye were filled with defiance. He would have to break this new found spirit of hers, and fast. He knew the longer he allowed her to feel in control of herself, the harder it would become to get the satisfaction he desired.


The scream of pain escaped her lips before she could stop it. A blinding pain spread across the back of her head as her father slammed her head back against the wall.

His physical presence was intimidating at the best of times. He was much bigger and stronger than Franziska, and he seemed determined to prove it. Holding her head against the wall Manfred leant closer to the frail frame of his daughter. Franziska could feel the heat of his breath on her face as he leant closer.

Manfred closed his eyes for a brief moment. He knew what he had to do, what would truly break her and make her his to torture and do with as he pleased. He tilted her head up and, taking great care, his lips met hers.

Franziska's eyes grew wide with surprise. This was the last thing she had expected. Her fathers lips moved softly against hers. Much to her disgust it felt good.

Manfred could tell his daughter was enjoying herself. He had to admit he hadn't expected her lips to be so soft, and soon he found himself enjoying the kiss far more than he had intended to. It only seemed natural to him for his lips to wander along her jaw line and down to her neck.

A moan escaped Franziska's lips as she felt her fathers lips caressing her neck. It was wrong. It shouldn't feel this way. Yet still Manfred's years of experience told him how to kiss her in just the right way to make her desire him. Franziska squirmed under his touch. She was disguised with herself. It was torturing her. She hated this man, he'd killed the only person she had ever loved, he'd even tried to kill her. Yet here she was, almost wanting him to continue, to make her feel like a woman.

The feeling of power and control Manfred was getting from taking advantage of his daughter was overwhelming. It turned him on greatly. He could feel Franziska's body begging for more, whilst her eyes betrayed the disgust she felt at herself. Manfred let his hand leave her face, moving down her body to unbutton her blouse. Her soft supple skin felt good beneath his fingers as it trembled from his touch. He was an experienced lover and knew how to make a woman feel good. He was after all, perfect.

Franziska arched her back as her father hand moved lower down her body and started to unbutton her blouse. It felt so good, she couldn't help herself as his fingertips glided over the tops of her breasts. Though she was having an inner turmoil filled with thoughts of betrayal, disgrace and disgust, she was also experiencing such divine pleasure she had never felt before. She hated how good it felt as Manfred's lips touched the tops of her breasts or how his fingers skimmed softly over her stomach.

Carefully moving her blouse out of the way, Manfred brought his lips to the warm stream of blood that was trickling down the right side of her body. He licked the blood from his lips. Her nectar tasted sweet, far sweeter than he'd imagined. The tip of his tongue interrupted the stream of blood as he slowly traced the river back to its source, causing shivers of delight to ripple through Franziska's body.


She called out to him. Every ounce of defiance had left her leaving only a horrible burning desire. She didn't want her father to stop. That thought alone made her feel more disgusted and ashamed of herself than she had ever felt. As her fathers lips sealed around the wound on her shoulder, a piercing pain shot through the right side of her body.

Franziska cried out. But not in pain. Manfred's delight and pleasure grew from hearing his daughter call out to him. Her voice was tinged with pain. He knew what she was feeling was tormenting her inside, though his only fuelled his pleasure more. Primal desire coursing through his body, Manfred roughly grabbed Franziska's modest bra and ripped it from her body causing Franziska to cry out again. Her pert breasts blossomed with desire as the cool air washed around them causing her nipples to harden.


She cried out, her body shaking with anticipation as Manfred's hand gently squeezed her breast. He brought his head down and sealed his lips around her aroused breast. She tasted so good. Before he could go any further he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Irritation filled him as he rose to full height and left Franziska hanging there, half naked and full of desire. Perhaps it was better this way. Manfred opened the door to be greeted by his butler.

"One of the men have returned sir. They've brought a body with them."

A smile crossed Manfred's face.


With that, he shut the door leaving Franziska alone once again.