Buffy rocked little Alexander William Giles to sleep, moving back and forth gently, relishing the feel of his soft, warm body against her shoulder.

She glanced around the room, looking at the warm wooden furniture. Xander had made all of it for them. She would never say it out loud, but he was absolutely amazing when it came to carpentry, and he had mindfully rounded all of the corners of every piece that had made, keeping in mind that it was for her and Giles' baby.

She walked over to the rocking chair and sat down, slowly beginning to move it back and forth with just the slight nudging of her foot against the floor.

As she stared at the soft sage colored walls, her mind drifted.

And then her eye caught on the picture that they had placed in Alex's room, first thing. Their wedding photo.

She still had the dress in her closet, and she smiled, thinking about the wedding. It had been beautiful, simple, elegant...and so much more. Of course, she wouldn't have cared if they'd been married in a landfill with her and Giles wearing nothing but paper bags, she still would have been just as happy simply because she was getting married.

At that humorous thought, she flashed back to when the rest of the group had found out that her and Giles were a couple. It had most definitely been something to remember...

A few years earlier...

"So, boss...when are you going to start listening to me about stocking real eye of newt instead of salamander? You do realize that they're ripping you off, right?"

Giles ignored her, instead trying to focus on the spreadsheet in front of him, but failing miserably as his thoughts kept on drifting to the night before and his date with Buffy.

Anya noticed his inattentiveness to her, and soon huffed away, muttering under her breath about under-appreciative british store-owners.

At that point, he heard the tingling of the bell and he glanced up, expecting to see a customer, but was pleasantly surprised when he saw his golden-haired beauty strolling in through the front door, a thousand-watt smile on her face. He couldn't keep a small smile from his lips at seeing her.

"Hello, Buffy...how are you?"

She continued to smile and made her way over to him, placing a hand on his arm.

"Never better. I just passed my British Literature final, my last final, with flying colors, and now the summer has officially started! Today I am certainly a happy Buffy."

His smile stretched into a humorous grin, and he motioned his head towards the back room.

"In that case, you wouldn't mind if we had a spot of training? Seeing that you're in such a good mood, you just might put it to good use." She gave him a mock scowl, and her visage darkened slightly. "Are you serious? C'mon...how about buying me ice-cream, or giving me a few nights off, or-"

She was cut off. "Or giving you a new weapon?"

At that, she perked up. "Really? Wait, you mean it, right? You're not just joking around or something, trying to see how I'll react? Because with you, and your British-ness, it can be hard to tell..."

Giles gently smiled. "I mean it."

At that, she looked as though she might kiss him right then and there, but the sound of the cash register opening reminded her that they were not alone. Well, she'd just have to wait until they were alone...very, very alone. With a grin, she made her way to the back room.

"Anya, could you please watch the store for a few minutes?"

She gave a disgusted sigh. "Yeah, sure boss." As soon as he was out of hearing she continued, muttering sarcastically under her breath, "It's not like I work for you, or anything."

He had barely closed the door behind them, when she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

All protests were soon lost as he found himself practically drowning in her affections and her "thanks". After a few long moments, she finally, reluctantly, pulled away.

"Thank you, lover."

It took him a few moments to recover, but as soon as he did he made his way over to the weapons chest and pulled out a long object protected by a thick, soft black cloth. He handed it to her.

"Here it is...I hope that you enjoy it."

She merely smiled and gently took it from his hands, slowly revealing what lay beneath the fabric. The glint of metal was expected, but the length was not. She gasped, and then lovingly pulled out the sword that lay nestled in the fabric's depths, gazing at it with utter rapture.

He watched as she moved towards the center of the room, swinging it a few times, listening to the sweet ringing it made as it cut through the air.

"My god...Rupert, this is amazing." She reached out her arm, sword in hand. "And it has perfect balance."

He continued to watch her as she swung it around a few more times, vanquishing invisible foes, watching as she created poetry with her movements.

"It feels..." She paused, trying to voice the feeling properly. "It feels as though it were made for me, a part of me..."

That was when he decided to tell her what he'd done. Giles had a feeling that she would appreciate what he'd gone through to get it for her. "Well, love...that's because it was made for you...and it is a part of you." Buffy looked up at him in surprise, trying to understand.

"What...what exactly do you mean, Rupert?"

He ducked his head, and then looked back up at her. "I had it custom made, and I also had a spell put on it."

He saw her apprehension at his words so he explained it to her. "The spell imbues the sword with the essence of the first person that touches it once it's been made. You are the first person to do so."

She looked at him in shock, and then a look of utter adoration appeared on her features.

She placed the sword gently back into the material, and then rushed towards him, leaping onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

He let himself fall under her attack as she began to kiss him. They were soon lost to their kisses, completely unaware of anything other than them, which meant that neither of them heard the sound of the door to the training room being opened as Anya walked in and retrieved one of the old invoices.

She glanced at them, shrugged, and then walked back out, closing the door behind her.

When they both came up for air, they smiled at one another. Giles grinned. "I should get you new weapons more often."

Buffy smiled. "Maybe you should..."

With that, he let her down and they began to actually train, Giles showing her how to use the sword with her Slayer abilities.

By the time they were finished, both of them were sweaty and tired. They quickly took turns changing in the small bathroom in the back, and then walked back into the store.

At that point, Buffy saw that the rest of the gang had arrived. "Willow, Xander, hey...when did you show up?"

They glanced up from the books they were poring through. Willow was the one to answer. "About ten minutes ago. My class let out early and I ran into Xander on the way here." Buffy looked at Xander, waiting for an explanation, knowing that he usually worked until two.

He shrugged. "My boss was out sick, so I didn't actually have to go to work today, but I did a few hours this morning anyway and then left."

Buffy nodded, satisfied with their answers. She went and sat next to them as Giles began to pore over spreadsheets once more.

After a minute, he looked up.

"Anya...when did you put last month's invoices on my desk? Thank you for getting them for me, but when did you get them?"

Anya looked up from the amulets that she was pricing, and then said in a casual tone, "Oh, I got them from the back about forty minutes ago...you didn't notice me because you were too busy making out with Buffy."

You could have heard a pin drop, the room was so silent.

Xander was the first to react. "Yes! That means I win the betting pool!"

At that, Willow groaned, reaching for her wallet and pulling out several bills, muttering under her breath as she did so. "This is so not fair...I mean, I was off by more than two months! I know I wasn't going to win two months ago, but really, why was it you? Why couldn't it have been Tara who won? At least she would have gotten me something with the money..."

Buffy and Giles were still both frozen in shock, but at that comment, Buffy finally managed to speak.

"Actually...we've been together for two months."

At that statement, Xander went silent with shock, and Willow voiced her relief. "Thank goddess! I've been trying to save up for some new spell-books, and now with the money I win, I should be able to afford it."

Xander reached for his own wallet, slightly upset at the turn of events, but gave the red-head the money anyway.

Anya watched with amusement and then spoke up. "I'll give you your money Willow when I get my paycheck." She then continued to do what she'd been doing previously, pricing the newest items that had come in.

Giles managed to clear his throat, but only two words came out.

"Betting pool?"

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