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Gelphie Disclaimer: This story contains Gelphie (a.k.a. Elphaba and Glinda romance) If you don't like this kind of stuff then don't read.

Rating is T: Mainly for language and violence. Also there are brief sexual themes.

Author's Note: The story is an AU that makes Oz like the Wild West in the 1880s. Remember feedback on the story, or what I can do to improve my writing is always welcome.

The Wicked West

Chapter 1: E. Thropp

Welcome to the wild west of Oz in the year 1887! A merciless place where one could make their fortune or get swallowed up in the vast area. Something as simple as a saloon, in a place called, "The Emerald City," was no exception to the rule. A group of five gunslingers were all playing a round of cards, and it wasn't long before a fight began to break out between two of them.

"Why you're nothing but a cheat! You're a no good cheat, Avaric! I see that hidden ace card up your sleeve!"

"You're a damn fool, Tibbett! It's not an ace card. It's my lucky joker card," Avaric protested.

"You're the joker!" Tibbett shouted, as he flipped over the table in a fit of rage. Both men leaped from their chairs and drew their guns. The other three men who were playing quickly fled to avoid the brawl.

"Easy now boys, there's no need to fly off the handle," the bartender replied, with a shake of his head. Hardly a day went by that a fight didn't break out.

"Stay out of this Oscar!" Avaric snapped.

"I would mind Oscar. He's a wise man," a well defined and intimidating voice came out.

Both men turned to see a lone figure standing in the shadows. As the figure walked into the light their true identity was revealed.

"It's E. Thropp!" Avaric cried out in shock.

's had an intimating manner about her. Her raven hair flowed down just passed her shoulders. She was dressed in all black and her cowboy hat was no exception. The only thing that she wore that wasn't traditional gunslinger attire was a white colored Indian feather that was tied to her left arm. She then flicked her hat to show off her skin, which was a green tint before lowering her hand covered in a black glove, made from buckskin, near her Colt Peacemaker.

"Come on now, boys, put away your guns and clean the mess you made," E. Thropp growled, as her brown eyes bore into them. The two men worked quickly to set the table back up before fleeing at an alarming pace.

"Thank you, E. Thropp, I didn't feel like cleaning up after those guys. Anyway, I heard you are looking for work," Oscar said, as he leaned in close, so no one else could hear him.

"And what if I am?" the green woman asked, as she tipped her black cowboy hat back, and threw a few coins on the table.

"Take a look at this," Oscar pocketed the coins and slid Elphaba a glass of whiskey before handing her a worn piece of paper about the job. The green skinned bounty-hunter quickly snatched it up. "It seems like Galinda Upland, the daughter and heiress of the famous Upland family, has been kidnapped."

"Who's kidnapped her?"

"The Heartless Tin Man," Oscar whispered in a low voice. "But his real name is Boq."

"Isn't that the same outlaw that rips out the hearts of the people he kills?" Elphaba asked, as she drowned her drink.

Oscar nodded. "That's the one. I have even heard rumors that he collects the hearts! Or does he feed them to his dogs? Blast, I can't remember!"

"Sounds like a nice guy," Elphaba answered sarcastically, as she wiped her mouth clean. "But I'm sure I can defeat him with my Colt Peacemaker and Winchester Rifle helping me out. Thanks for the information. I think I'll head out now."

Just then two skimpy dressed women who were obvious part of the brothel, which was also in the saloon, nearly skipped over to the emerald gunslinger's side.

"Oh, E. Thropp you aren't leaving so soon, are you?" one of the women asked, as she seductively pawed at Elphaba's arms to pull her closer, as the second woman rubbed the green woman's shoulders.

"Shenshen, Pfannee, don't distract me. I need to hit the trial before dust," Elphaba muttered as she tried to twist herself away, but the two prostitutes held strong.

"Come on, E. Thropp, you're no doubt determined, but you can see we are too," Pfannee whispered huskily, as she placed one of Elphaba's hands on her hip.

"We're here to entertainment you. Besides, we never did thank you for bringing that son of bitch to justice last week. You remember, don't you? He was beating on one of the girls here at the brothel," Shenshen breath was hot on Elphaba's neck as she spoke. "And with your Colt Peacemaker you put him in his place."

"Yeah, you put him in his place alright...a grave that is. Now come upstairs and let us thank you," Pfannee added, with a flirtatious grin, as she began to lead the green woman up towards the brothel rooms.

"You two ladies better not spend all night with the emerald bounty-hunter!" the Madam, or boss of brothel, Madam Morrible shouted. "We got paying customers waiting you know!"

"We know," Shenshen answered, as she practically waved Morrible off. Oscar only watched as the three women disappeared upstairs. He knew it was going to be awhile before Elphaba hit the trail.


A couple of hours later Elphaba came down from upstairs. A sly grin played upon E. Thropp's lips as she fixed her belt, gave a satisfied grin to Oscar, and exited the saloon where her horse waited.

The chocolate brown mare gave a snort when she saw her master. It was like she was almost asking what took her so long?

"Sorry, I'm late, Broomstick, but Pfannee and Shenshen, at the brothel, made me offer I couldn't refuse," Elphaba ended with a cackle, as she mounted the horse and made a quick clicking sound. Within seconds the green skinned gunslinger was headed off towards the Upland Ranch.

After awhile of some hard traveling, E. Thropp arrived at the Upland ranch. Wordlessly, Elphaba dismounted Broomstick and walked up to the large ranch. Not too far from that was a mansion of enormous size.

Elphaba made sure her hat was covering her face when she knocked on the door. Within seconds the door flew open and a high-class gentleman stood before her. He was dressed in fine clothes that were covered with oddly colored blue stones. His hair was slicked back with some sort of grease and even though it looked nice enough, the smell from the grease was less than appealing

"What do you want?" the man demanded with a distasteful scowl.

"I'm here about the bounty-hunter job to bring the Tin Man to justice, and save the Upland daughter," Elphaba growled in an aggressive tone.

The man nodded and let Elphaba inside. He then shouted, "Master Highmuster! Lady Larena! Someone has answered the ad!"

Elphaba was lead into an impressive living room. It was covered with beautiful designed pieces of art, well crafted statues, imported furniture, and expressive heirlooms. The green woman was brought before a well dressed man and woman. She assumed these two must be Mr. and Mrs. Upland.

"This bounty-hunter thinks he can take on the Tin Man," the gentleman, who had led her to the Uplands, told Highmuster.

"What makes you think you can find the Tin Man and bring him to justice?" Highmuster asked, barely looking up from his work.

"Because I'm the best," Elphaba replied, as she lifted her head to show off her green face as well as her commanding stare.

Mr. Upland wasn't expecting a female voice much less an emerald skin. "Wait, a second, don't I know you?" he asked, as he nearly jumped to his feet and pointed at the emerald gunslinger.

"My name is Elphaba but most know me as E. Thropp."

"E. Thropp? You want the great Uplands to hire you? You're a wicked, brutal, bounty-hunter! You're no saint!" Fiyero growled.

"And I'm no devil either," Elphaba answered before spiting on the man's boots. "And who the hell are you anyway?"

"I'm Lady Galinda's fiancé," Fiyero spat.

The green woman gave out a snort as Larena asked her husband, "Why can't we just hire a nice level-headed sheriff to save our, precious, Galinda?"

"Because sheriffs don't know how to deal with outlaws of this caliber," Elphaba answered in a powerful tone.

"You're pretty much an outlaw yourself," Highmuster snapped, as he looked the emerald bounty-hunter up and down before his top lip curled in disgust.

Elphaba shrugged her shoulders. "I guess you can call me that. Listen, Mister, if you don't like my appearance and my reputation, then I'll go. I won't let myself be insulted by some two-faced weasel like yourself."

"Who do you think you are?" Highmuster growled, as he puffed out his chest to look more intimating.

"I think I'm the only one with the balls to go after the Tin Man and save your daughter," Elphaba replied, her voice soaking with confidence. Highmuster took a few steps back like an out of line child who had put in his place. Elphaba cackled softy at seeing this.

"As much as I hate to admit it, E. Thropp is right. She's the only one who's willing to go after the Tin Man," Highmuster let out an angry sigh before adding, "Alright, you got the job, please, we just want our daughter back safe and sound."

Elphaba gave her hat a quick flick, nodded her head, and headed towards the exit. The green gunslinger then turned around, one last time to the Uplands, and before she left said, "You know why they call me E. Thropp? It's because my enemies know if they cross Thropp they'll drop...dead."