I was at the house playing chess with Stefan when his cell rang. Elena was in tears, she had just found John dead with the fingers of his right hand cut off. Stefan and I shared a look and run to our cars. We drove to Elena's house and saw the mess in the kitchen. Stefan run to him and tried to find out what had happened and I went upstairs to get water to clean up the mess. Passing Jeremy's room I heard his heart failing and got in. I could smell a vamp's blood around I realized what the moron had done. Suicide to change because of the stupid advice I gave him. I gave him CPR to get his heart beating again and told Elena to get him to a hospital. Stefan broke the kitchen door and got the sheriff telling her John was dead because of a burglar apparently.

We all got to the hospital where I grabbed Elena's arm and asked her why she kissed me. She refused she did and I could see in her eyes she was telling the truth. She walked off to find Stefan.

Then if she wasn't then who? The answer hit me like a ton of bricks. Katherine! She was here; she used me to get access to the house and what? Killed John Gilbert? Then what she left? I was so angry that I had to bite my tongue to keep it under control until I got out and changed in a crow. I circled the hospital a couple times till I got in under control again. I changed back and went inside to find out that Caroline was in a coma for now, Jeremy had his stomach pumped and would be ok and Stefan was pissed off that I kissed Elena. We got in a fight and in the end I told him that I didn't kiss Elena, it was Katherine who kissed me after I tried and failed to tell Jeremy about Anna and get him to move on and forgive his sister. How I opened my heart to Elena (Katherine) and how she simply used me to get in, kill John and left. He got this broody, sorry pathetic expression that I hate and I at that moment I decided I would leave. There was nothing here for me anymore and to simply stay and watch the happy couple was not an option. I may not me in love with Elena, she is the only person I consider a friend actually but her resemblance to Katherine is not something I can deal with right now. Someday I will be back. At that I transformed to my faithful crow shape and flew aimlessly.

I flew lost in thought, had dinner in Texas, I flew again. Slept for a while under the stars in a cornfield. I flew again after breakfast. In the early afternoon I saw I was near Seattle. I remember Zack had a buddy that lived around here. I guess I could stay a day or two. I opened a phone book and found the name. Charles Swan, Police Chief in a small town called Forks, about 3 hours away.

I bought a car and drove to Forks after a quick dinner. I followed the GPS directions and pulled in the driveway of a small 2 story white house. A pretty girl was sitting in the swing on the yard and talked to me when I rang again and again.

'She's ballsy' I thought smiling; I could use her as dessert tonight I thought. Her scent was delicious. A mix of flowers, Jasmine and cream, freesia and a hint of strawberries in. Her eyes were deep brown with a hint of red, 'she has been crying', long wavy chocolate brown hair, full lips, slender and full where she had to be. Me likey.

A few moments after us bantering a cruiser pulled in. I recognized the man, of course it had been almost 15 years since I last saw him with Zack but he was recognizable. The girl went inside. Charlie turned to me

"What are you doing here Damon?"

"Needed a change of scenery."


"Yes, really."

"I already know what happened with Zack, Stefan called me. If you want to stay here there are two conditions. One: no killing, two: don't touch my daughter in any way. She's been through enough already. Deal?"

'Who said I have to kill?' I thought, 'I just enjoy it'.


His daughter came back outside to tell us dinner was ready. Charlie nodded and introduced us. Her name was Isabella but she preferred Bella. They headed inside and after a meaningful look he invited me in.

We ate dinner together and Bella told her father that she broke up with her boyfriend because he and his family moved away. 'She's leaving something out' a voice in my head told me. Her tone and facial expression showed me it wasn't a mutual decision and my mind traveled to my time with Katherine. I shook my head to clear it and finished my dinner. Charlie showed me my room - the attic, it needed work but I wouldn't stay here long. Just until I found myself again. The asshole Stefan thought I was. I always just thought I am just lonely, bored and pissed off... I'm very divisive, exceptionally smart and, unfortunately for Stefan and everyone else, very, very powerful. I would have to tone it down a bit thought.

Later that night I was laying in my bed listening to the soft weeping of the girl on the floor below me, and her cries in her sleep to a guy named Edward not to leave her, 'she'd do anything'. I shook my head. For some reason I wanted to help her to get better. When her hand touched mine earlier I felt as if electrical current passed through me. I only felt that once before, with Katherine and it wasn't so strong ever then. I would start my mission to help her get better tomorrow. After all I needed a distraction myself.