How can you get back a heart that has completely lost you? Why is fate so cruel? Is this really a love...that can never be?

Lelouch looked up through dark shades at his two children playing on the field. His son Alvin raced around with his twin sister after him. The two of them had just arrived in Japan and they were thrilled with what they saw. Lelouch sighed as he closed his book and relaxed his hands, placing them under his chin.

"You seem tired."

Lelouch looked up as a familiar redhead stood to attention beside him. He looked up her and smiled irrevently. "You know me just too well, don't you, Q-1?" The Japanese ace scowled slightly before directing her gaze back to the two children back on the field. Andrea was now pulling up small flowers while Alvin hovered protectively.

"Why isn't Her Highness Princess Shirley here?" asked Kallen Stadfeld, reverting back to formality for no reason. Lelouch frowned at her words.

"Kallen, there's no need for formality. And why are you standing to attention? This is your house after all," asked the raven-haired man asked. Kallen stared at the children before turning to him. There was the fire in her eyes that he hadn't seen since he reclaimed his right to the throne.

"You wouldn't come here without Shirley without a reason, Lelouch," she whispered. Lelouch didn't answer her directly. Instead, he smiled and stood up. Clapping his hands, he called, "Al, Andrea, its time to eat. You two don't want to miss Jeremiah's cooking, wouldn't you?" The two children scooted to his side immediately and hugged his legs. Alvin looked up and saw the redhead looking at the three of them intently.

"Papa, who is that girl? Isn't she a Knight of Rounds? I've seen her picture on the list before," Alvin asked his father innocently as he detached himself to stand in front of the Japanese Red Lotus. Andrea attempted to twist her head around to see what her brother was looking at, but only succeeded in coming face to face with her father's gentle hands. Lelouch lifted her up into his arms and set here down in front of Kallen, where she looked up into the face of the Japanese ace.

"She's the reason why I'm here," Lelouch replied to his son softly before looking Kallen with an expression so tender which the children had never seen him use on their mother before. Kallen looked at him curiously, meeting his eyes before averting her gaze, a faint blush spreading across her face. However, she did well to hide it, having done it continuously during her days as a Black Knight and a student at Ashford.

"Your Highness, dinner will be served in the dining room shortly, so please make your way there. May I please excuse myself so that I can make myself presentable?" Kallen asked with a bow and with her head down. The children were in awe of her quiet voice, obedient yet strong at the same time. Lelouch sighed before extending his hand to her.

"Of course you can. This is your house, is it not? And please skip the formalities, Kallen. Really, there's no need to be so formal with me, Q-1," Lelouch told her, his voice growing softer with every word. Kallen hesitated before straightening up.

"Very well then, if you insist, Lelouch," she said, emphasizing on his name, before ignoring his outstretched hand. Swiftly, she turned her back on them and exited gracefully through the back doors. Lelouch watched her back thoughfully, his lips turning up at the corners slightly. Alvin nudged his sister, who was staring open-mouthed at Kallen's retreating back, ignoring her brother's excited nudges. Then, she turned to her father with a questioning look on her face.

"Dad, did you say that she is your Q-1? Was she the one, your ace that fought for you in the rebellion and protected you to the very end?" Lelouch looked at his daughter before answering, "Yes, she is the one." For a moment, he looked very lonely indeed. Then, he walked towards the ebony wood doors, his children followed him. Both wondering why their father was behaving like this.

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