"We will need to send some skilled knights, the Purists maybe? To the place itself. We cannot expect to triumph with just normal soldiers," said Schenizel thoughtfully as he looked at the analysis of the rebels' headquarters spread out across the map. Lelouch, seated opposite his brother, nodded in response to his brother's statement. Drumming his fingers absentmindedly on the arm of his chair, he concentrated on the music blasting in his left ear rather than the distracting flipping sounds of papers around him.

My heart is cold, I didn't know love.(1)


"Hmm?" he mumbled back, focusing his attention on the drumbeats and the powerful vocals of the vocalist rather than listen to the question posed to him. His attention was cut off when the earplug was rudely ripped out of his ear, causing complete silence to fall on the prince's ears. Glaring at Cornelia, who held his MP3 player away from him and the earbuds as well, Lelouch shifted in his chair, aware of his siblings staring at him.

"Lelouch, you have not been paying attention to our discussion about dealing with the EU," stated Schenizel smoothly as Lelouch's eyes followed his MP3 player into Cornelia's pocket. Sensing that his younger brother was still not paying attention to him, Schenizel snapped his fingers in front of Lelouch's face, drawing his attention to him. Lelouch looked back to his brother, an irritated expression on his face as he settled back into his chair.

"What?" snapped the irritated prince as he looked from face to face. Schenizel heaved an exsperated sigh before setting the papers in front of Lelouch, who looked across them with a trained eye before snapping his gaze back to the 2nd Prince.

"I was listening-"

"No you weren't!" snapped Cornelia. Lelouch switched his glare to her immediately.

"At least pause the music before you rip the earbuds out of my ears!" threw Lelouch back as Cornelia's expression equaled his own. Nunnally and Euphemia, sensing the brewing of a fight, immediately put themselves in between their quarreling siblings.

"Big sister, please stop-"

"Big brother, it's not go-"

"Just stop bitching, the two of you. You're acting like spoilt kids," intervened Schenizel evenly. Cornelia and Lelouch shut up obediently, glaring at each other hatefully. It was really kind of amusing, and somehow annoying at the same time.

"I know you weren't listening Lelouch, I know," sighed Schenizel, taking the papers back from Lelouch.

"I want to send a few Knights of Round to the E.U. base there to investigate," stated Schenizel. Everyone's eyes turned to him. Cornelia's features were of utter disbelief while Euphemia gasped in shock. Lelouch stared at his brother, speechless. They were not the only ones; the entire royal family was gazing at the Second Prince with mixed expressions. It remained that way before Carine finally spoke.

"You're going to risk...our final line of protection?"

"They are the Knights of Round," said Schenizel quietly.

"I object," interjected Cornelia, standing up furiously to glare at her older brother. The so-called Witch of Britannia slammed her cletched fists on the table, surprising everyone, even Schenizel who raised a questioning eyebrow to her actions.

"They are our last attempt, they are the most skilled Knightmare pilots out there. We only send them out when there is no hope left. Now does this situation look hopeless to you?" spat Cornelia, her fists trembling on the table. Lelouch took this chance to sneak his MP3 player from her pocket, but merely tucked it inside his jacket. Schenizel's expression remained passive.

"It's for the best. We need someone who can blend in there skilfully and protect him or herself when needed to, and right now the only candidate I can think of it-" he was cut off by Lelouch throwing the files on the table at him, which ended crashing off the table. Now, even Cornelia was taken aback by this unusually violent action from Lelouch, who did not usually take out his anger physically. The prince's eyes were wide with rage, his thin form trembling with the brunt of his emotions.

"You mean Kallen, don't you?" he whispered, his voice dangerous and soft. The two siblings glared at each other across the table; this time Schenizel didn't bother hiding his feelings anymore, he glared openly at his own brother. After holding the gaze for 5 minutes, which seemed like hell to everyone present at the meeting, Lelouch picked up the expandable file that he had brought in with him and pulled out a stack of papers detailed with attack strategies. He threw them across to Schenizel before taking his jacket off his chair.

"That's what I have thought up for the solution. Now if you please excuse me, I'll be going," snapped the Demon Prince as he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and started tapping on the touch screen, walking to the door as he did so. The entire room stared at him, bewildered at his actions.

"If you are thinking of telling Kallen, let me tell you that she already knows, and has agreed."

Lelouch stopped dead in his tracks at Schenizel's words. Everyone knew that Schenizel had just dug his own grave and there was no way that he could back out of this one. The atmosphere in the room was so thick that a knife would have cut through it.

Without warning, Lelouch whipped around and grabbed Schenizel, yanking his older brother up by the front of his shirt. Gasps sounded throughout the room and Lelouch pressed his face closer to Schenizel, both of them seething with fury, glaring into each other eyes.

"You don't control her," he seethed, his hands trembling with anger and the effort of holding up his brother, who was much heavier than him. Schenizel glared back at him head on, his teeth grinding as his violet eyes met his brother's identical ones.

"You don't control her either. Don't forget, Lelouch, you are married," hissed the 2nd Prince venomously. That was the killing blow for Lelouch as he threw Schenizel back into his chair, yelled some vuglarities at him before storming out of the room. The entire royal family was silent, with Nunnally, Euphemia and Odysseus staring worriedly at the door that Lelouch had slammed shut. Schenizel sat up and adjusted his shirt, his expression still of vengence.

"Let's postpone this meeting."

Lelouch stormed down the hall to the Knights of Round private quarters as he desperately tried to control his fury. When he arrived in the common room that all twelve knights shared, the Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein looked up at him from a thick book.

"Looking for Kallen?"

"No. Suzaku," Lelouch desperately tried to control his bursting feelings. Bismarck merely pursed his lips in surprise. sensing the prince's chaotic feelings.

"Fourth room on the right," came a quiet voice. Lelouch turned to see the Knight of Five, Nonette Engram standing in the doorway that he had just entered. She made a slight bow at him before walking off to one of the side rooms, shedding her coat as she did so. Bismarck shrugged before raising his book, entitled "Angels and Demons"(2) to cover his face, showing that he didn't want to talk. Lelouch murmured his thanks to Nonette, who was busy replacing her soiled boots with clean slippers, nodded at Bismarck before walking to the right corridor. Stopping in front of the door with the name "Suzaku Kururugi" on it, he took a deep breath before knocking.


A surprised Suzaku greeted Lelouch at the door before standing aside to let him come it. Plopping down on Suzaku's bed, the ebony-haired prince glared up at the plain ceiling. Suzaku moved cautiously to the side, seating himself in the chair at his study table that had a detailed map of the E.U. continents. He had obviously been studying it before Lelouch had knocked on his door.

"So, what happened?"

"Did you know that Kallen is going to be sent to infiltrate the E.U. base?" asked Lelouch emotionlessly as he stared up at the ceiling. Suzaku remained silent. Lelouch sat up on the bed and looked over at his best friend, who was staring at the floor of his bedroom.

"Yes," murmured Suzaku. Looking up at Lelouch, he sighed heavily. "I tried to stop her, or just even stall her from answering, but she immediately promised Schenizel," Suzaku shook his head. Lelouch remained silent, closing his eyes as he took a deep breath.

"Where is she?"

"Probably at her private apartment," shrugged Suzaku, picking up his cell phone and flipping it open. Snapping it shut after finding no new updates, he threw in onto the bed and stood up. Patting Lelouch on the shoulder, he bowed his head.

"Get her back."

Lelouch's eyes widened at his best friend's words, but he nodded. Standing up, he gave Suzaku a "man hug" before walking out of the room, pulling out his phone to call his chaffeur. Plugging in the earbuds as he waited for him, Lelouch turned on the MP3 player, annoyed that Cornelia had not paused the music that was put on shuffle. However, he stilled when he heard the lyrics sung by the powerful female voice.

Sometimes whenI feel like crying, I remember our beautiful relationship;
Please don't suffer anymore, and please don't cry~(3)

The prince's lips curved up in a smile. He would not let her suffer anymore; they would continue the beautiful relationship they had originally. It didn't matter, he wouldn't have to get a divorce; he just had to get her back and see her safe and sound. That was more than he could ever wish for.

He wouldn't let her cry anymore.


(1) Translated lyrics from F.T. Island's "Love Love Love" *I love that song!*
(2) Kinda random, sounds like the kind of books the Knights of Round would read. *I love Dan Brown too!, especially "The Da Vinci Code*
(3) Translated lyrics from Park Bom's "Don't Cry". *I'm not a 2NE1 fan, but I love this song!*

Sorry I took so long for this chappie! Again, reviews are loved and appreciated, so do please give me your opinion on the progression of the story!