My hands trembled as I took the small potion in my hand. It was a soft pink colour, nice to look at really and the label ensured it would taste just like strawberries, but I didn`t give a damn about the taste. It could be as ghastly as Skele-Gro for all I cared. I just wanted to know the truth.

Taking a deep breath a swallowed the liquid in one go. One minute, that was all I would have to wait. I had given countless women this very same potion and watched them grow ecstatic with the results, or sometimes they ended in tears.

I never thought I would be the one taking it, at least, this soon. I had always imagined I would be fully prepared for it, taking it at Mungos rather than hiding away in the bathroom as if I had committed some criminal offence.

"Hermione, are you ready yet?" I felt rather annoyed as Harry's voice filtered through the dark wooden door. I somehow felt that it was his fault that all of this was happening. If he could have just kept it in his pants and not seduced me with his wiles I would definitely not be in this position.

Stupid git and his ruddy green eyes.

"Just a minute Harry," I replied, trying to keep my tone even so as not to betray my inner turmoil. I could hear him grumbling as he walked away from the bathroom and I could barely reign in my smart retort. If he wanted to know what being late was like, all he had to do was ask me.

I watched as the final second passed and slowly, hesitating only slightly, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Green. What did that mean again?

My heart dropped into the hollow of my stomach as it finally came to me. Pregnant, I was pregnant!

I had deluded myself into believing it was simply the stomach flu that had been going around as of late, but clearly I was completely wrong. I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn't look any different.

My wildly curly hair still hung, untameable around my face and my dark brown eyes, like chocolate were dull under the fluorescent lighting. I was still the same woman I had been when I went to sleep, so why did I suddenly feel so madly different?

I would have to tell everyone. Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Luna, Ginny…would they be disappointed in me? Harry and I weren't married yet, was this wrong? If only Lavender was here. She would have understood completely what I was going through.

But it had been years, years and I hadn't heard a word. I was all alone in this, except I had Harry.


How would he take all of this? Would he be pleased or would he run to the hills, completely terrified of the implications?

The green slowly faded from my tongue as I stood, feeling hopelessly lost in the small bathroom of my apartment. Where was I supposed to go from here?