If you are wondering about the summary: yes you get to choose who she ends up with! you will see why each guy loves her, how they see her, and a sweet moment they shared with her. After all seven guys tell me which you want to see her with! the guy with the most votes wins the alchemist of his heart. (purely because i'm not sure which one i want her to end up with. they are all cool in their own way, so you gotta help me!) please enjoy my fanfic and please, feel free to tell me how to improve!

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Atelier Annie

Alchemist of our heart

Chapter 1
Alchemist of Hans' heart

Annie yawned as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She had changed a lot from what she used to be; Lazy with dreams of 'marrying up' and no desire to learn alchemy. Now she was under the teachings of her grandfather, the royal alchemist. Once her training is completed she will be the royal alchemist. But one thing didn't change... she was not a morning person.

"Annie, I know your grandfather is out today but shouldn't you be studying?" Hans asked as he flicked through some official looking papers. Annie groaned and as she lay her head on the table she sat at.

"It's too early."

"Its eleven o'clock. I tried waking you earlier but you would sleep through an earthquake." He replied, straight faced and trying to ignore the practically dead girl that was mumbling words of thanks...thanks for no Pepe dive? He was sure that's what she said. He shook his head as he watched her finally start to perk up, a hot cup of tea in her hands.

"So Hans...What are you up to today?"


"Like what?"

"I have to report some matters to the princess and Julian." Annie made a face, poking her tongue out at his name. Hans found it hard to hold back a smile. After all, the reason Annie so badly wanted to win the contest was so she could 'marry up' to the prince. But Julian won, and the King was desperately making arrangements for him to wed the princess by the end of the year. So Annie had to work.

Hans looked up at Annie's melodic laugh and raised a confused eyebrow "What?"

"You talk to the princess...you will be a stuttering mess!" Hans went red

"I can't help it! It's hard talking to girls!"

"You talk to me quite easily. Are you saying I remind you of a man?" Annie asked with a very unimpressed look on her face. If only she knew the truth...

...Hans found it easy to talk to her since the first day they met because... he instantly felt comfortable around her. At first he though it was because he could see her as a close friend, maybe even a sibling... but no. the more time he spent with her, the more he talked to her he began to realise that

... He loved her...

Even now as he watched her talk he wasn't actually listening, he was watching her absentmindedly twirl her finger in her silky hair. It had grown so long in the last six months, easily reaching her waist and tied in a messy, loose pony tail. He watched as her large, expressive eyes emphasised her feelings. They reminded him of sapphires and easily captivated him and stealing his attention away from anything else he is meant to have his mind on. She may be thought of as a tomboy in her manner of dress but she really was beautiful. She was easy going, happy, friendly...



"YOU DO THINK OF ME AS A GUY! You haven't even tried to deny it!"

'oh damn' he thought as he scratched his head. Annie seemed really upset and yet he didn't know how to calm her. But then a though came to mind... why not just say everything he was just thinking about? Tell her how he felt! If she was still determined to 'marry up' you couldn't get much better then he! A royal official, the young girls that worked in the palace often told him how hansom he was and they had become so close. So close that the other day he decided to work out side as Annie decided to do the same. She fell asleep, her head on his shoulder under the shade of a large tree. They always ate together and once he had sauce on his cheek and his heart raced when she wiped it away for him, licking it from her finger with a smile... oh how he found himself jealous of that finger.

"A-Annie..." he begun to say, he had to say it before he lost all courage.

"ANNIE I L..."

"ANNIE!" a familiar voice called out from down the palace hall ways.

"HEY! That's Kilbert's voice!" Annie spoke in surprise and quickly stood, running out of the room to confirm her suspicions. Hans groaned and let his head drop to the table. What horrible timming. He just wanted to tell her... he was finally going to tell her.