Alchemist of our hearts
final chapter
The alchemist of my love Annie.

Hans sighed as he looked around the room. Finally he had calmed everyone down. As soon as the princess left to check on Annie there were insults and punches thrown. But luckily He had calmed them with a few well chosen words...'what if Annie saw you all acting like this?' everyone stopped and sat against the wall in a line.

Beaux was first to break the ice. His words were heartfelt and didn't send anyone into a rage. 'Annie is beautiful and kind...any of us will be lucky to have her.' Agreement filled the room as nodding heads nodded in unison. After that everyone told their favourite moments they were blessed to share with the alchemist.

Klaus was the one to suggest they don't pressure an answer if Annie didn't want to choose at this point of time. He pointed out that it must be hard on her to be bombarded with all these sudden confessions.

Julian added that they mustn't share any hard feelings toward Annie or the man she wanted to be with. After all did they want her to hate them? Once again the men shared nods and words of agreement.

Kyle fiddled with a wrench as he spoke of how they had to cease any awkwardness... and whoever was chosen had to give photos of Annie in a bikini to all the other men... not surprisingly everyone shook their head as words of disagreement were spread. Pervert was on everyone's mind although truth be told they were all blushing quite happy to focus on the mental image.

Kilbert made everyone promise that if they were to be chosen they must protect Annie with their life and if they were unable to the rest would come to their aid. This thought created an unspoken bond between the men, a strong bond, of friendship perhaps?

Lastly Daniel who had twiddled his thumbs during the fights and the heartfelt words spoke nervously and quietly, 'The person who was chosen wasn't to be a jerk and rub it in the other's faces... he wasn't to be sympathetic as if the others were needy, he was to be a friend.' Everyone agreed to this as well and Hans couldn't help but notice the sadness in Daniels voice. The shy secretary and assistant to him had probably given up on his chances. The tone in his voice made Hans wish that if not he, at least let her chose Daniel.

Now within the silence of Hans' office the seven men sat still. Not looking at each other, no longer talking and all hoping that they were the one she would choose.

All seven sets of ears perked up at the sound of the handle turning. All seven stomachs felt knotted and all seven hearts began to ache. Slowly all attention was focused to the door as a female foot stepped around it...

Seven sighs made the princess stifle a giggle as their disappointment was made well known. Pepe followed the princess in and hit his staff to the ground to gain some attention,

"Annie has decided...but she won't enter the room just yet."

"Who did she choose?" Beaux asked excitingly as he leaped to his feet.

"That's not for us to say." The princess answered with a playful look in her eye. Slowly, one by one, the other six men stood and sadly looked at Pepe and the princess. Kilbert spoke the thoughts that swarmed everyone's mind

"Then what now?"

"I-Is Annie okay?" Hans asked as he looked down at Pepe. Pepe smiled as he tilted back his large green hat,

"She is scared her relationship with the others will crumble and become awkward. But she cares for all of you. She has written letters describing her feelings and will now give them out..."

"She's coming now?" Kyle excitingly asked. Pepe nodded, but silenced everyone by holding up a single finger, one eye shut while the other watched them carefully,

"Here's what's going to happen. Everyone here will close his eyes and hold out a hand. Annie will then come in and place a letter in your hand. Once she's left I will give the word and you may then open your eyes and read your letter. Deal?" once Pepe finished he watched happily as all in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

"Right then. Lets begin!" the princess said with a clap of her hands and obediently all seven men closed their eyes. The princess opened the door and called out quietly,

"Snow white! Your seven dwarfs await you." Her sing song tone made Annie jump a little before realising it was finally time. This was her last chance.

She tried to take a deep relaxing breath but it was more of a panicked gasp than anything else. Deciding that was the best she was capable of doing she turned to the open door, Pepe and the princess standing either side of it with an encouraging smile on their faces... well Pepe looked rather annoyed but Annie knew that he was really just acting annoyed so she would hurry up.

She desperately tried to force her legs to move. They felt like led and took all her effort just to move one step let alone the six steps that got her through the door. As soon as she stepped inside she felt a nudge on her back from Pepe's staff and, looking back at him yet again, she nodded and quietly stepped toward Kyle, the closest to the door.

She held his letter tightly and looked at his hand, it was forever smeared with oil and looked as relaxed as ever, although the smile on his face made her wonder what exactly he was thinking of. She placed the letter in his hand and watched as he began feeling the paper in hopes of guessing what it said. Annie smiled sweetly; he really was clever and unpredictable.

Next along the line was Klaus. He looked cool and collected... or seemed to be but the steady blush that invaded his cheeks made Annie pause. She never would have guessed his feelings if he hadn't told her. Out of all the men lined up before her he was the one she least expected to like her but she looked up at his chiselled features, he looked hopelessly in love. She put the letter in his hand and watched as he flinched slightly at the touch of paper. He gently took it in both hands and clutched it tightly.

Next was Beuax. He looked too serious but then again when he had his mind on something he always sported this look. Annie smiled as she looked at his outstretched hand, his arm so straight she was sure it must be aching. As the letter dropped into his hand a smile softened his features as his hand grasped the letter almost in a victorious way. Annie almost let out a giggle, happy to see his confidence shinning through as usual.

Daniel cringed as Annie stepped to him. His small, ink covered hand trembled as his eyes shut tighter than ever. Annie smiled gently as she pushed some loose hair away from his eyes. Daniel relaxed slightly at her soft touch and as her hand left, his trembling had calmed. As he felt the paper touch his finger tips he slowly took the letter and held it to his heart as he whispered "Thank you...even if it's not me, I appreciate you thought about it." His whisper was so quiet only Annie could hear it. A few tears of joy, wet her lashes as she moved on to Kilbert.

Kilbert looked angry but Annie well knew he was actually nervous. So tall he was that, like always, the petite Annie was craning her neck up to look into his handsome face. She loved the fact he was so broad and tall. His large hand was out before her and as she put the letter in it she noticed it was sweaty from nerves. He may be big and scary to most but to Annie he was a big pussy cat.

As she approached Julian she could not help but recall what was happening when she walked into the room only a few hours earlier. He was cancelling his engagement to the princess for hopes of being with her... The princess was beautiful, playful, wise, kind; she was everything Annie imagined a man would dream of. Did he really love her more than the princess?

He was wearing his same arrogant look but the image of his pleading eyes as those three words came tumbling out of his lips. She gave him his letter and watched as his closed eyes softened slightly.

Finally she was before Hans. How long had she worked under the same roof as him? Did he love her all that time? His expression was flustered and a heavy blush decorated his cheeks. Annie clutched the piece of paper in her hand as she looked down at his...

Pepe and the princess smiled, eyes closed as they listened to Annie's hurried footsteps leave the room. "Okay. You may read them." Pepe said as he closed the door with his staff.

The men's eyes flew open as their hands unfolded the paper, some harshly others gently others slowly and with shaky hands... all frowned as they read the letters.

"Not me." Kyle said as his eyes darted over the paper again and again.

The others echoed his reply and began to look confused when no joyful 'IT'S ME!' was shouted in the room.

"So it wasn't any of us?" Beuax questioned Pepe. Pepe shook his head not wanting to say a thing, but the princess had other plans...

"Actually I don't see Hans anywhere." A cheeky smile crossed her lips as the faces on all the men dropped. All the male bonding and agreement shared between them over the past few hours were forgotten as they all fled the room. Last out was Julian but the princess snatched his hand, stopping him in his tracks. He turned to her with a confused look and the princess smiled sweetly.

" something I want to tell you." She had smiled unconsciously when she had read that top letter, the one addressed to Julian, and Pepe saw it clearly. Without even being asked he left the two alone in the room and followed the other guys.

Hans stood in the palace garden in shock as he looked at Annie's hand. It was holding so tightly onto his own as they ran through the rose maze that his already flustered face felt like it was burning and his heart was fluttering like a hummingbirds wings. What was happening? Why didn't he get a letter? She was still clutching some paper in her hand, was his so bad that she had to tell him in private?

Finally they came to a stop and Hans remained silent and baffled as Annie giggled and panted.

"PHEW! I haven't run like that since our days on the island!" Annie happily announced as she finally turned to face him.

"Wh-what's...Why did you drag me out of the room?" Hans stammered over his words as he looked behind them, wondering if Pepe or the princess had followed them for some reason.

"Because... I only wrote six letters."

"But you have a letter right there."

"This is the one Daniel gave me." Annie said as she opened up the piece of paper and showed him. Hans' shoulders relaxed as the last question on his mind...or rather the first...tumbled from his mouth,

"Why?" Annie smiled gently as she tucked some hair behind her ear. The sun was high above them at this point and highlighted all of her beautiful features. This of course didn't help in calming Hans heart.

"Because... I wanted to tell the one I love how I felt in person." Her words reached Hans' ears and seemed to travel down to his heart.

"Y..." before he could even form the word he was silenced by the sight of Annie with one eye closed and a finger to her lips. She lowered her hand and smiled broadly as she spoke,

"I love you Hans. I have for years." Hans just stood there dumbfounded as he took in the sight of Annie, surrounded by deep red roses and bathed in sunlight. Slowly he felt his hand move until the soft touch of her skin sent tingles up his arm. His hand cradled her cheek gently as he leaned in closer. Annie met him half way, her lips gently making contact with his in a moment they never wanted to forget.

They wondered if every kiss would be this magical.
Would every kiss be this soft,
this delicious...?

"ANNIE!" five other male voices caught them by surprise and instantly broke their passionate kiss.

"So much for accepting your choice." Hans mumbled before taking Annie's hand and gleefully running through the maze of roses with her close behind. Their giggles filled the air as they endeavoured to create more distance between them and the others.

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