Green eyes stared wide with fear as the owner watched their dad get beat in front of them. The owner flinched as their dad, yelled out in pain.

"We'll be back to finish you off, Carlos. Or should I say Kyle" spoke a rough voice. The one named Kyle coughed and climbed to his feet, slowly. He watched as the people who were just beating him, drive off. The owner of the green eyes, ran from their hiding spot, behind a bush. The kid hugged their father's legs.

"Daddy are you okay?"

"Yes I am Evan. Come on. Lets get out of here" spoke Kyle as he ruffled his eleven year old son's black hair. Evan's green eyes were full of concern. He nodded and followed his dad to the car. After being buckled up, Kyle drove off to the nearest naval base. Evan climbed out of the car and ran toward a man that was standing on the deck of a boat.

"Tommy!" shouted Evan as the man named Tommy caught the boy in his arms and spun around with him. Evan laughed as Tommy placed the boy down on the ground.

"Hey Kyle. What happened to you?" questioned, Tommy with a concered look on his face. Kyle just shook his head, his slightly shaggy black hair, falling over his blue eyes.

"No worries, Tommy" Kyle spoke. Tommy just nodded.

"Come on you two the pool game is about to start" Tommy grinned. The two followed after him.


After the pool game the three were out getting a bite to eat. The three were laughing and joking around. Kyle looked up and waved at an older man, with salt and pepper colored hair and blue eyes.

"About time you joined us you old coot" joked Kyle. The sound of a slap could be heard. Kyle groaned and grabbed the back of his head. Evan and Tommy laughed and smiled.

"Are you going to introduce me or do I have to?" questioned a voice. Kyle grinned and nodded.

"Gibbs this is my son Evan and my navy brother, Lieutenant Thomas Brandy. Evan is the one I was talking about when I asked if you would be his guradian if something ever happened to me"

Gibbs shook their hands and nodded at Kyle.

"Evan, Tommy this is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs"

"Alright lets cut to chase, shall we Kyle?"

Kyle nodded as Gibbs stood up and the two walked away from the other two.

"..." Kyle drew in a deep breath and nodded. "Alright. I've been working undercover as a solider in a mob boss ordeal. They went to the DiNozzo's house and shot and killed Antonio and Kylie. I voulenterred to get rid of the kids. That way I knew they would live"

"What's the boss's name?"

"Jonny Fernadez"

Gibbs was about to open his mouth but stopped when he saw a car, driving by with about three or four guns pointed out the windows and towards Kyle. Gibbs turned and dove, shoving Kyle to the ground as the bullets flew about. Tommy and Evan dove under their table.

The sound of squealing tires filled the air. Evan crawled out from under the table and ran toward his dad.

"Dad!" shouted Evan as Gibbs knelt by Kyle's body while calling for an ambulance. Evan stared down at his dad.

"Be brave, son. I love you"

"I love you too dad..."

When the ambulance pulled up and the paramedics ran toward the body, Gibbs grabbed Evan and pulled him back. Evan managed to wiggle out of the man's arms and kneel next to his dad.

"Stay back son" spoke one of the paramedics as they gently pushed Evan back.

"Dad!" screamed Evan as the paramedics rushed him toward the ambulance.