This is for the ' Promts' by OrangeAnimals. It's just a drabble, because I've gotta get up early tomorrow and it's already really late here. Also, this could be considered a friendship fic, but only if you want to seeit that way.

Title: Just A Dream

Author: Luna-Lily-Panda-chan (but you can call me lily ;D)

Rating: K+

Pairing: Finn/Kurt

Disclaimer: On my homepage

Warnings: none

Summary: Finn woke abruptly, not quiet sure why until he heard a sob from the other side of the room.

On with the story….

Just A Dream

Finn woke abruptly, not quiet sure why until he heard a sob from the other side of the room. He tentivly got up, being careful not to scare the younger teen in the room.

"Kurt?" he called softly.

Receiving no reply he got closer. In the dark he could just make out tear tracks on his roommates pale cheeks. Realizing, albeit belatedly, that the young sopranos eyes were closed. Finn gently shook him.

"Kurt, wake up dude," he whispered, "Kurt!"

Kurt suddenly bolted upright, a look of panic and fear etched on his face. He looked aroud the room before his eyes finally setteld on Finn. Kurt launched himself at the larger teen, sobbing inaduibly.

"F-Finn," he sobbed.

"Yeah, I'm here, it's okay Kurt, I'm here."

After a few minutes Kurt finally calmed down, wiping the tears fro his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry."

Finn smiled at him, "It's fine. What happened though? Cuz you usually don't, like, start randomly crying and stuff"

The young soprano looked away embarrassed, "it's nothing, just a-a bad dream," he stuttered out.

"Do you wanna, like, tell me about it?" At Kurt's hesitant look he added, "I promise I won't laugh or anything."

Kurt reluctantly gave in and started telling Finn about his nightmare. It started out as any other dream, Kurt was in Glee practicing the new number for Regionals. That was all normal, it wasn't until the rehearsal was over it got bad. Kurt and Finn went to school in Finn's truck, meaning Finn would be driving and that was never a good thing. On their way home they got into a car accident, the whole thing was blurry, but Kurt was relatively unhurt, unfortunatly though, Finn was.

Kurt got out his phone and called for an ambulance. He kept begging Finn to wake up, but he wouldn't, no matter what he did. Kurt called and screamed for help, but no-one came. The ambulance didn't show up and all Kurt could do was sit there and watch Finn die.

By the end of his story Kurt was crying again. Finn held him safely in his arms, also on the verge of tears.

"It's okay Kurt, I'm here see. I'm not dead, it was just a dream," Finn soothed, "I'm not gonna leave you. I won't leave, I'm here."

Kurt looked unsure but nodded, looking up into Finn's eyes. Slowly, he raised his head to softy place his lips on Finn's, but as quickly as it started it was over.

"I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't ha-" Kurt started to apologize.

"Uh, no it's okay," there was an awkward silence until Finn nervously mumbled, "well, if you're alright now, I'll go-"

"Please stay with me," Kurt blurted out, he blushed but didn't take back what he said.

"Umm I dunno-"

"Please Finn, just for tonight, I promise. Please"

"Uhh, I s'pose, just for tonight..."

Kurt smiled up at him, "Thanks Finn."

Finn got in the bed next to Kurt, who gave him more room to fit in and settled down. Kurt remained on the far side of the, as not to make the other uncomfortable.

"What are you doing all the way over there?" Finn asked, "Come here."

Kurt moved into Finn's arms fit securely. Finn tightened his hold on the small brunette, pulling him closer to his chest.

As he was drifting off Finn muttered into Kurt's hair "G'Night Kurt, love you."

Kurt blushed again and smiled, snuggling into Finn's hold, " Good night Finn. I love you too."

I hope you liked it =D


Lilyth xx