Beauty is the beast

Inui Chapter :

Inui leaved the building, it had been several days since he had last been home. He was always absorbed by his work after all, and all his pet/bugs were in the laboratory where he worked.

He walked along the street when something caught his eyes, in the boutique vitrine a very lacy dress red and white was shown. He wondered what Katsuragi Suzu was doing. When was the last time he had news from her ? Well, what day were we today ? He thought. Inui looked more carefuly around, the ground had a thin layer of snow, the street were decorated with lights and guirlandes, a picture of Santa was on a wall. Inui had to guess i twas Christmas, it mean that the new year was nearly here, he should send greetings cards. He would send one for Wanibuchi and Eimi, and like every year he would send one to Suzu.

Nuinui, he thought beginning to walk again, I'm Nuinui…