by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Wonder Woman, or it's characters.

Summary: Shinji is brought to Themyscira by Athena to help Wonder Woman and the Amazons and ends up being an adopted member of their island, even as Diana falls in love with him.

Authors Note: I put this story in the Evangelion/Justice League TAS universe because it's the only one with a 'Wonder Woman' filter. Even the Wonder Woman comics, cartoons and TV shows sections don't have a character filter. Sad, isn't it? Technically this is all supposed to take place in the Wonder Woman comics, back in the late 90's. And there will be major changes!


Chapter 1

Athena growled as she stared at the situation before her.

This was not supposed to happen. Somehow Princess Diana has been bound by one of Hercules men. Without her powers, she cannot help Hippolyta, and very soon, the mad son of Zeus will ravage her. She sighed in despair. The amazons call to me for help and protection. I guide them and give them the strength to protect themselves. I even provide means to send an amazon from the future to aid them in their most desperate time. It seems that is not enough. I have to do something! But What?

Suddenly, a flash of light and a gust of wind, and a dimensional hole in time and space opened up, and a woman who was very familiar to Athena stepped through.

"Who are you?' Athena asked.

"For a Goddess of Wisdom, you certainly do not comprehend this situation." Athena said.

"You are me, from another universe."


The first Athena was dressed in a golden gown with her pet owl Bubo sitting on her shoulder. The second Athena, who had come through the portal, was dressed in a silver gown with her own Bubo, who had white and silver feathers while the other Bubo (of the first Athena) had white and golden feathers.

"Why have you come?" the first Athena asked.

"To help you. Or to be more precise, to help the amazons." the second Athena said.

"How can you do this?"

"With a little help... from another dimension." she said as she explained her plan.

After ten minutes, the first Athena gasped.

"I would not have considered that."

"It is possible because Shinji was sent to my universe by accident. What I am proposing is something incidental."

"But would what we be doing be considered the right thing, Athena?"

"I am surprised at you, Athena. This action will save not only one universe, but two. If we act with all haste."

"I am uncertain as to what guarantee we could have with this."

"There is a guarantee, allow me to introduce you to it." Athena said as a woman in a white dress stepped forward from the open portal.

Athena gasped when she saw the woman. Then she smiled.

"Very well. I agree."

(Themyscira, the past)

While the men had the bound and gagged amazon maidens across the island, their mad leader was in the process of having his way with the amazon queen.

"Soon, Hippolyta, you will be the whore of Hercules!" Hercules said as he gripped Hippolyta's throat. "And I shall enjoy ravishing you, right here, in your beloved Athena's temple! Right beneath her very statue!" he said, pointing up to the intricately carved marble statue of Athena holding an owl on her outstretched hand. "Now... Prepare For The Gift Of My Manhood!" he said as he ripped off the last of Hippolyta's dress.

Suddenly, a fearsome explosion and a swirling purple vortex with green swirls directly above the head of Athena's statue caused the pair to look up. They saw a strange orange ball of light fall from the portal and land right in front of them. The ball of light suddenly transformed into a young man wearing a white and blue outfit that almost seemed like it was painted on.

The second Shinji saw Hippolyta and Hercules, he froze, then he got mad.

"What... are you doing?" he asked.

"My own business! Now Begone Boy! I've A Queen To Defile!"

Shinji just looked down at the bound and bloody raven-haired woman who was virtually naked, save for a small scrap of cloth covering her breasts, and started seeing red.

"Get... Away... From... HER!" Shinji growled.

"Or what? You think you are going to stop me? You? I Am Hercules! Son Of Zeus, King Of The Gods! The Mightiest Of Men! The Lion Of Olym..."


Hercules went flying through the air and slammed into the wall next to the entrance of the temple. He slumped to the floor and shook his head, looking up to see the boy, who he figured was about only a hundred pounds or so. He gasped at what he saw.

A boy, less than five feet in height, less than a hundred pounds in weight, had just punched him more than hundred feet from where he had Hippolyta at the base of the statue.

He looked over and gasped when he saw, or thought he saw, the see-through image of a gigantic face of some kind of purple monster with a horn sticking out of it's head, right behind the boy. This head was attached to a large body that seemed to be emerging from the ground. He could only guess at how big this creature really was.

Then again, he couldn't be sure of what he was seeing, since his eyes were still a little blurry from that first punch. However, his vision was good enough to see a human-shaped bull charging towards him with glowing red eyes.


Diana raced up the steps of the temple, desperation in her eyes.

Athena let me not be too late to save my mother! She thought.


"By Hera!" she gasped as a pair of human figures exploded out of the temple through the stone wall and slammed into the nearest house.

Confused, Diana continued to race up the steps and saw her mother standing up from the ground and race towards her.

"MOTHER!" she shouted.

"W-What did you say?" Hippolyta gasped.

"I'll explain later." she said, breaking her mother's bonds. "What happened? Did Hercules rape you?"

"No. He... he was interrupted." Hippolyta said, rubbing her wrists.

"Thank Athena!"

"It... was not Athena who saved me." she said, looking back at the statue, the glowing purple portal now having vanished. "Although... perhaps I do owe her some gratitude."

"I don't understand."


"What is happening?" Diana asked.

"Something unexpected. Some one... a boy I think... appeared in the temple and... is fighting Hercules. We... we must find them!" Hippolyta said.

"Them? A Boy?" Diana gasped in confusion as she followed her mother down the steps.

Grabbing a robe to clothe her nearly naked mother in, Diana followed the sounds of battle and soon found the mad demigod on the receiving end of several vicious punches and kicks.

Diana didn't blink as she watched as this young unidentified man who stood about 6 feet in height, a good 200 in weight., a strong and ripped body, and the tattered remains of white and blue cloth hanging off his body, was laying into the Son of Zeus with punches of superhuman force.

Hercules wasn't able to lay a single hand on the younger man.

It was to Diana's momentary dismay that she saw dozens of Hercules men emerge from the various houses to watch the spectacle before them. It was momentary because none moved to help their leader, as they saw him taking a worse beating than anything they had previously endured. The amazons used this distraction to free themselves of their bonds, grab the nearest weapons and turn on their captors.

Shinji laid into Hercules again and again, over and over, fist after fist connected with Hercules face, leaving blood on the ground and all over his body. Shinji grabbed Hercules by his neck and hoisted him up, throwing several fierce rising blows to his chest and stomach. The force from the blows were sufficient to injure Hercules, from his stomach to his ribs, breaking them all. But it was the final punch to his face that launched Hercules into the air.

He came down hard on the ground, groaning in pain as Shinji was upon him in a second.

The amazons and Hercules men were gathering around the fight, which was becoming more of a one-sided beating. Hercules had lost several teeth, his face was purple and puffy, his eyes were swollen shut, his nose, mouth and several cuts on his face were oozing blood, and chunks of his beard had already been ripped out.

He was half conscious and sounded like he was weeping, even as Shinji picked him up with both hands, lifted him over his head, right before he dropped him down, hard, upon his knee.

A loud CRACK! was heard, right before a piercing and terrible scream that came out of Hercules own mouth. A scream that shook everyone man and woman present to their very bones.

Shinji dropped the Son of Zeus onto the ground and looked around at those who had come out to watch the oddly spectacular battle. Many were in shock. Seeing a man, defeat the mighty Hercules, and so brutally too. This was mostly shocking, because of what happened next.

"You Men!" Hippolyta shouted, getting everyone's, including the amazons, attention. "Your great leader, Hercules, has been defeated. Beaten to within an inch of his pitiful life, by this young man. This stranger, who came to my aid in a desperate time of need, After Your Leader Was On The Verge Of Ravaging Me For His Own Pleasure!" she shouted in utter disdain and anger. "You have tricked us. Betrayed us. Set to rape and defile the amazons of this island! Let it be known, from this day forth, That No Man Shall Ever Be Allowed To Set Foot On This Island, If His Heart Be Filled With Sin and Malice!"

She turned to the men who were still in the village.

"Take your great leader... And Never Return!" she hissed.

The men gathered up Hercules, and quickly departed to their ship, even as the amazons turned to Shinji.

"And what of that man, my queen?" a blond haired amazon asked.

But before anyone could say anything, Shinji seemed to snap out of the furious daze he was in... and looked down to see that his hands were covered in blood.

"Wha... what did I... what..." he started babbling, tears filling his eyes, even as his whole body started to shake and quiver, his heart beat faster and faster... until his legs finally took flight.


"I still do not understand why you have come to this time." Hippolyta said to Diana as they rode their horses across the sands of the island.

"To help you." Diana replied. "Though... it seemed as if I was too late to do anything of any great importance."

"You helped save several of your sisters from being defiled by those men." the queen stated.

"But my mission was to come and save you!"

For the last two hours the pair had been riding across the island in search of the young man who had saved Hippolyta and nearly killed Hercules. Though to kill him would have been difficult, since he was immortal and all. Regardless, it would be a long time before he actually got back up on his feet. It was during this riding time that Diana explained her situation to the woman who would eventually be her mother in future.

Needless to say, Hippolyta was shocked, mostly by what her daughter would accomplish in future. She paused her thoughts as she noticed several wide-spread footprints in the dirt.

"There!" she said.

"I see it." Diana said as she stared at the wide-spread, heavy indentation, kicked up dirt, and turned her horse towards the direction.

They followed the tracks and eventually came to a secluded waterfall where they found the young man just kneeling by the waters edge. They dismounted their horses and walked over to him. They were naturally shocked to find out he was trying to wash his hands with dirt and rocks. His hands were nearly peeled off at trying to get the blood off his hands. To say nothing of the rest of his body.

"Are you... alright?" Hippolyta asked tentatively as she approached the young man.

"I can't get rid of it." Shinji asked, continuing to scrub.

"Rid of what?" Diana asked.

"The blood! I can't get rid of the blood!" he said as he drove his hands into the water.

It was then that Diana noticed the tears coming from his eyes.

He beats Hercules into a coma, but cries at the blood that is staining his hands. Diana thought. There is more to this young man. He is strong... but fragile.

"I can't... I can't... I don't want... why can't I get rid of this?" he said as he continued scrubbing.

"Diana, grab him. He'll wear his hands to the bone at this rate." Hippolyta said as they got on both sides of Shinji and grabbed his arms, pulling him away from the water.

"No! I have to get this blood off! I have to... I have to..." he said, struggling in their grip.

"By The Gods He's Strong!" Diana gasped, struggling against him.

"He would have to be to do what he did to Hercules!" Hippolyta said as the pair pulled Shinji from the lake and embraced him tightly, trying to calm him down.

This didn't last long, as he suddenly stopped struggling and started crying. A pain shot through her heart, causing Diana to move to Shinji and hold him tightly. She had seen too many tears in her life not to tell real from fake.

It was during all this, that Athena appeared before them, a glow of inner light rolling off of her and her owl.

"Athena!" Hippolyta gasped.

"Greetings, Hippolyta. I see that my gift has averted your strife." Athena said.

"You did send him." she exclaimed.

"Yes. And now he will need you." the goddess said as she produced a crystal ball about the size of a baseball and handed it to the amazon queen. "This, will help you to understand how to help him."

With that the goddess vanished as Hippolyta stared at the crystal ball. While Diana comforted the young man, the crystal ball in Hippolyta's hand began to glow, filling her mind with the terrible tragedies Shinji's life.

"Everything will be fine, my Shinji." Yui said.
"Mother!" Shinji cried.
"I'm sorry for your loss." Fuyutsuki said.
"Father, Don't Leave Me! I'll Be Good!" Shinji shouted at his departing father, who didn't look back.
"Worthless excuse for a child." a random man said.
"He's just like his father." a random woman said.
"They say his mother died in a lab accident because of his dad." a random child said.
"You're nothing but a liar, kid!" a police officer said.
"How could you be such a terrible person, Shinji?" a random woman asked.
"You know you're not as cute as I'd thought you'd be." Misato teased.
"He's exactly like this father." Misato said, with SHinji right in front of her.
"This is the Evangelion Unit 01. Shinji Ikari, you will pilot it." Ritsuko stated.
"All he has to do is sit in it. We don't expect much more than that." Ritsuko said.
"Just get in Shinji." Misato ordered.
"Why Am I Here?" Shinji asked. "Because I have a use for you now." Gendo answered.
"Ugh! This stuff tastes like blood!" Shinji coughted inside the LCL filled plug. "Stop whining! You're a boy you know!" Misato shouted
"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Shinji screamed as the Third Angel broke his arm.
"My sister got hurt because of you!" Toji said. Punch!
"We don't need someone with a poor attitude around here!" Misato declared from his holding cell.
"Have you no faith in your fathers work?" Rei said. Slap!
"!" Shinji shouted as the Fifth Angel shot him in the chest, boiling him in his own LCL.

Shinji burned his hands on the superheated handle to rescue the blue haired girl.
"He isn't much to look at, is he?" Asuka said to Shinji.
"God! You're such an idiot!" Asuka shouted at Shinji.
"Baka Hentai!" Asuka shouted.
"You'll never even be half the man Kaji is." Asuka declared.
"I don't even know why you even try Shinji! I'm the only one they need to win this war!" Asuka said.
"Mein Gott! You're such a loser!" Asuka insulted SHinji yet again.
"Stand back and let the professionals handle this!" Asuka shouted.
"You're supposed to be the man! So start cranking!" Asuka demanded outside the emergency entrace.
"You should be honored to be seen with me." Asuka said.
"You better not be looking, baka! Or I swear I'll cut it off!" naked Asuka said in the tunnel.
"Why don't you show us how it's done, Mr. I-Got-The -Higher-Synch-Ratio?" Asuka dared.

The crystal stopped glowing and Hippolyta dropped it. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she looked over at the young man.

"Mother? What's wrong?" Diana asked.

"I-I-I saw it." she gasped. "His life. All the terrible things done to him as a child. And from women as well. I felt his pain and his anguish, how he was thrown into conflict without knowing anything. Not even how to fight. I saw the loss of his mother, the abandonment by his father, how he was teased and ridiculed by those he called friend, guardian, and teammate. I... I have never seen such a painful life." she said half-sobbing.

Hippolyta handed the crystal ball to a slightly confused Diana as she pulled Shinji to her, gently holding him as he had fallen asleep from all his crying.

A full minute passed before Diana dropped the crystal ball, tears in her eyes as well.

"He has been alone. No one to care for him. To teach him. To make him strong enough to fight such a war. His friends use him, his guardian is an irresponsible drunk, his teammates either ignore or insult him, and his father wants nothing to do with him. And yet... and yet this child... this young man... has only ever done what he was asked... forced... to do. He fights for others, yet has no reason to do so. I sense nothing but kindness from him. Compassion and... a desire to be loved." Diana stated.

"I sensed that too, Diana. He cares for other people. He fights for them. Even though he cares not for himself. That is why he is horrified at the blood on his own hands. He wishes to harm no one. And we... must help him." Hippolyta stated.

"Agreed. But how, mother?" Diana asked.

"We will... I will adopt him." the amazon queen said.


Authors Notes:

This story was something that I came up with at the suggestion of a friend. I don't plan on having Shinji return to the Eva universe, but that was of little consequence considering all that I am going to have Shinji do. This will be a Shinji/Wonder Woman pairing, and it will be a lemon, and it will eventually have the Justice League featured. (Flash and Batman are going to be so disappointed) I will have other characters portrayed here, and with some interesting results. And feedback is welcomed. I already have an idea set up for what I want to happen, but you can drop me a suggestion of anything you might want to see. There will be omakes in later chapters. For now, enjoy.