Author's Note: I haven't posted anything in a while and I've had this in my notebook for a couple of days now so... I hope you like it. It's AU I guess. I wrote this after watching 'Pandorica Opens' and assumed he'd stay in there a little while. Silly Me. Well, I hope you enjoy! I don't own Doctor Who or any of the characters.

Sixteen Days

Unimaginable. Undescribable. Darkness.

You'd think, after all those years, his eyes at least would have adjusted to the darkness. It wasn't darkness. It was just black. Just black.

It took sixteen days for him start crying.

It would take fourteen days for him to forget what the light was like.

It would take twelve days for him to give up screaming.

It would take ten days for his voice to become nothing more than a hoarse whisper.

It would take eight days his eyes to close for decades to come.

It would take six days for his limbs to go numb.

It would take four days for him to realise there was probably no one there.

It would take two days for him to start hallucinating. All he'd see, for two-thousand years to come, was her face. Rose…

But, after only one hundred years he'd realise he didn't know her name anymore.

But on the ninety-ninth day he'd summon all that was left of his voice and whisper five raspy words: "Rose Tyler, I Love You…"