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"Tony" Virginia 'Pepper' Potts said in the utmost voice of professionalism, one hand balanced firmly on her hip, the other tightly clutching her blackberry.

She tapped her heel clad foot once...twice..."Tony!" she hissed, her teeth pressed together, her anger at being ignored by her boss slowly mounting.

She should've been used to it, but that still didn't stop her from wanting to throw her beloved blackberry at his head.

The foot tapping continued, one tap, two tap, three tap, "Tony!" she smiled sweetly, the subtle venomous undertone an indication of warning.

Her patience was slipping, fast.

"TONY!" her shrill cry made the almighty Ironman jump, his attention suddenly coming to rest on her face, her expression blank, "Will you please stop staring at my breasts?"

He seemed to consider his answer for a moment, knowing that from her tone of voice he was to choose his words carefully.

He gave her a simple shrug and let his eyes wonder back down to her chest, "Not my fault it's cold..." he said, a small yet perverted smile gracing his lips as he looked back up to her face, her nipples protruding nicely from under her blouse.

He lied; it totally was his fault that it was cold.

He held back a laugh as Pepper stormed out of the workshop and up the stairs, probably to hunt down the biggest woolly jumper she could find.

What a terrible shame it was that he'd thrown them all out that morning.

A terrible shame, for her anyway.

Today was going to be fun!

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