Title: Open Your Eyes

Genre: romance, hurt/comfort, drama

Rating: T+ for language and suggested themes (might go up in several chapters)

Pairings: Johan AndersenXJudai Yuki (spiritshipping); insanely mild Jun ManjoumeXJudai Yuki (rivalshipping)

Summary: Johan Andersen and his boyfriend Judai Yuki have been dating for a little over a year, and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. While Johan is extremely excited about this, Judai seems rather nervous. Doubting Johan's true feelings of "love", as he claims, for Judai, Jun Manjoume calls Judai over to his dorm room just before the time when Judai and Johan planned on having sex. This leads to something that Judai wishes he could take back, if he could even remember what had really happened...

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Chapter One: Sex

"Hey, Slacker!"

Judai Yuki, the top duelist in the whole Osiris Red dorm, the one who people thought would rule the Obelisk Blue dorm if he ever tried to go for it, glanced over at the sound of his name being called by his classmate, rival, and friend, Jun Manjoume.

Manjoume was sitting on a seat a few feet from the brunette.

He was wearing his usual outfit, consisting of a slightly tattered black jacket with grey trimmings and sharp edges. His pitch black/gray hair that was sectioned in two layers, his black eyes positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. His gray-green eyes seemed to be very serious, which was strange, since Manjoume usually looked at Judai with mock anger or annoyance.

Judai felt strangely uncomfortable seeing Manjoume like that.

It was strange, since Manjoume was one of his friends. Judai never felt uncomfortable around his friends. But just something about his eyes made him look a bit... dangerous.

He was leaning as far back as his chair would allow, one of his arms draped over the back. His serious gray eyes were locked on Judai's face, and he was rocking back and forth, careful not to let the chair collapse underneath him. His lips were pulled into a thin line, and there was an aura of doubt surrounding him. Judai didn't know what had caused it.

"What's up, Manjoume?" Judai asked.

Manjoume tilted his head a bit to the side, keeping his stern eyes locked on Judai's face. He was silent for a little while.

The silence made Judai a bit uneasy. His stomach knotted up, and he felt like he was going to vomit. He hadn't been feeling sick prior to this, but he couldn't help it now. Something was wrong.

"There's a party going on at the Obelisk dorms tonight," Manjoume said suddenly. "You going?"

Judai allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief.

Though he had no idea what Manjoume was going to ask before, he felt better knowing that Manjoume just wanted to know if his friend was going to the party at the Obelisk dorms.

"No," Judai answered. "I'm not going tonight."

"Hmph." Manjoume shrugged his shoulders a bit. "I'm not either."

This spiked Judai's curiosity. "Eh?" he asked. As long as Judai had known him- almost three or four years- Manjoume had always been one for a good party. And the Obelisks threw the best parties. "You're not going, Manjoume?" he asked. Manjoume shook his head. "Why not? You love parties like this!"

"Just not feeling in the mood today," Manjoume said. "I have something to do."

"Does it have to do with the Ojamas?" Judai asked.

He could practically see the vein twitch on Manjoume's forehead at the mention of the Duel spirits. Though Manjoume had gotten use to them, he still didn't like them a lot.

"Let's just say they would rather hang out in the dorm than party," Manjoume said.

Judai laughed a little at this. He was able to tell that Manjoume detested the idea of staying in the dorms with his Ojamas, but if they were going to bother him all night, he'd rather have them bother him somewhere where he could yell at them all he wanted without people thinking that he was going crazy.

Manjoume cast an off-hand glance at Judai from the corner of his eye. "Why aren't you going?"

This stopped Judai from laughing.

His jaw snapped shut, and he knew that his face must have turned bright red. He could feel the heat resonating. The amused look on Manjoume's face let Judai know that Manjoume had seen the blush.

"W-well, uh," Judai swallowed the lump in his throat. "Johan and I, uh... we have, um, plans! Yeah, plans, tonight."

Manjoume raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

Still blushing, Judai turned his attention towards his Obelisk Blue boyfriend. Ever since Johan and Judai had started dating nearly two years ago, they had been separated from each other in class- thanks to Chronos. Chronos claimed that this was to avoid PDA, which was a major issue when couples were in the same class and sitting next to one another.

Johan was sitting as far away from Judai's chair as Chronos could get him.

The Obelisk Blue student, the top duelist in North Academy, was talking to one of his classmates, another Obelisk, who was sitting beside him. It looked like they were having a similar conversation as Manjoume and Judai were having.

Halfway during their conversation, Johan's emerald eyes flickered over towards Judai.

Their eyes met for a brief moment, and Judai thought his heart would stop beating. He couldn't look away, even if looking at Johan like this was making him even more embarrassed.

Then Johan winked at his boyfriend and turned back to the Obelisk student that he had been talking to.

Judai blushed and looked down at his desk. He wasn't usually the type to get so embarrassed, but for today, and especially because of what was going to happen tonight, he had a very good reason for it.

"Plans?" Manjoume asked, a bit skeptically.

"Y-yeah," Judai murmured, refusing to look up. "Johan and I have... plans."

"Gonna watch a movie or something?" Manjoume asked casually, leaning back into his chair and looking up at the ceiling. "I hear there are a few good ones out right now. Fubuki and Kaiser suggested a few good ones you might wanna look at." He looked over to Judai. "Or are you two going to practice your dueling?"

Judai nodded as lightly as possible. "Yeah, movie," he murmured.

He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat again when he was certain that Manjoume wasn't looking in his direction.

He felt bad lying to his friend, but he couldn't tell him the truth. It was too embarrassing to even think about, let alone tell someone. Especially Manjoume! It wasn't that Judai didn't trust him or anything. It was just that Judai had known Manjoume for such a long time, and he wasn't going to ever tell Manjoume anything about things like what was going to happen tonight.

The brunette looked back at Johan for a brief moment- thankful that he was looking away- and then looked back down at the table, his cheeks still bright crimson with embarrassment.

He and Johan were going to have sex tonight.

Since they had been dating so long, and since they wanted to prove how much they loved each other, Judai and Johan had talked about it and it was decided that they would have sex for the first time ever this evening.

Johan was ecstatic when Judai came to him last night and murmured to him that they should take their relationship to the next level. Judai could remember exactly what had happened, probably because it had happened yesterday. Judai remembered how embarrassed he had been when he walked down the path from the Osiris Red dorms to the Obelisk Blue late at night, around midnight.

He had walked up to Johan's dorm room and gently knocked on the door.

Johan had opened the door a few moments later. He hadn't been sleeping, so Judai wasn't worried that he was going to wake him up. He had been studying for the test that they were going to have in the morning.

While he was surprised to see Judai, he had been happy as well.

"Judai! What brings you here so late?"

"Um, J-Johan? C-can I talk to you for a moment?"

Johan had been confused, but he had allowed Judai into his dorm without any further questions. Judai walked over to Johan's bed and sat down, refusing to look into his boyfriend's eyes.

Johan had placed his hand on Judai's cheek and made Judai look up into his eyes.

"Judai, what's wrong? You're never nervous like this."

When the bluenette had asked this, Judai had gulped after that and forced himself not to look at Johan.

His boyfriend sounded worried.

"J-Johan, I-I..."

Judai knew in that moment that Johan must have thought that Judai was going to break up with him. The fear that had etched its way across his face was proof enough of that. Judai had taken a few moments to compose himself, but it was very hard. Johan was staring down at him, his eyes confused, his expression worried.

Eventually, Judai had swallowed his fears and looked deep into his boyfriend's eyes.

"J-Johan, I-I think w-we should take our r-relationship to the next l-level..."

As Judai had expected, Johan had become extremely happy. He embraced Judai and told him how happy he was. They had talked about it for a bit to make sure that Judai was completely ready for it before Judai returned to his dorm room after a make-out session. Judai could tell by the strong and passionate way that Johan kissed him that he was happy and excited for what was going to occur tomorrow. They had decided on tomorrow night, which was now tonight.

While Johan was excited about it, Judai was nervous.

It wasn't because he didn't love Johan, that wasn't it at all! Judai loved Johan more than life itself. And he was excited about the fact that they were going to be having sex with each other for the first time since they confessed their love for each other and started going out.

Judai bit down on his lower lip to keep himself calm.

I-I'm excited about having sex with Johan, really I am, he thought to himself. B-but what if I'm no good. What if having sex with each other makes our relationship different?

Judai exhaled and tried to forget about it. He tried to focus on the lesson that was being taught to the class.

Unknown to Judai, Manjoume was staring at him with the same intensity and look of doubt that he had when he first talked to him. He had seen the blush on Judai's cheeks, and he knew something was up.

He stole a glance at Johan, who didn't seem at all flustered or embarrassed, like Judai was.

For some reason, he couldn't help but be angry.

Though Manjoume knew that Judai was never going to tell him about it, even if he did ask, he knew what Judai and Johan were most likely going to do this evening.

And for reasons that he would never understand, it bothered Manjoume to see that Judai was so flustered and embarrassed about it, and at the same time, Johan was going about his day as if nothing of importance was going to happen.

Andersen, Manjoume thought. Do you truly love Judai as much as you claim you do?

As soon as class had ended, Johan and Judai had met up.

They had stared into each other's eyes for a long time, and then they went to the cafeteria without a word. Their hands laced around one another and that was the most contact that they had.

The two boyfriends ate in silence, barely looked at each other.

Or rather, Johan was looking at Judai and Judai wasn't looking at Johan.

This worried the bluenette, but he didn't say anything about it. He just reached down and took Judai's hand, holding it as tightly as he could. Judai felt some reassurance from this.

As soon as dinner ended, the two boys were approached by Jim Crocodile Cook and Austin O'Brien. Jim had a huge smile on his lips, and O'Brien looked as if he could care less. Most likely, Jim had annoyed the Hell out of him during one of their classes. Johan tried not laugh as they slid into the chairs at the table he and Judai were sitting at.

"What's up, Jim? O'Brien?" Johan asked.

"We wanted to come and see if you two were gonna come to the dance tonight," Jim said.

Judai blushed a bit, but he tried to hide it. Even worse than having Manjoume find out was having Jim find out. Jim would probably make a bunch of sexual jokes, and Judai was already embarrassed and nervous enough.

Johan gave the Aussie a smile. "Sorry, not tonight, Jim."

As expected, a wicked smile crossed Jim's lips.

He eyed Judai's flustered expression- which the brunette was still trying to get rid of- and then eyed the ecstatic smile on Johan's face. He gave a small laugh and gave Johan and Judai a thumbs up.

"Well, everyone else will be at the party, so the Obelisk dorms probably aren't the best place," he said. "People will hear."

Judai blushed a deeper shade of crimson.

O'Brien saw this and nodded slowly. "From what I hear, the Osiris dorms are gonna be practically empty all night," he said. "Not that there are that many Osirises in there already. But that would probably be safer."

Judai squeaked and looked down.

Johan clutched his boyfriend's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Judai looked up into Johan's emerald eyes, and somehow, he felt a little bit better. Johan's reassuring smile was enough to get the blush off his face. Judai nodded and straightened up. He refused to look at Jim, however, since the Aussie was still smirking at him and Johan.

Night fell faster than Judai had imagined and dinner ended just as quickly.

His heart was racing- practically thundering- as he and Johan walked to the Obelisk dorms in silence so that Johan could grab an extra change of clothes. Judai sat on the bed while Johan fished through his clothes and pulled out a black T shirt, another pair of black and purple jeans, and a pair of pitch black boxers.

He turned and smiled at his boyfriend on the bed.

"I'm going a little crazy with the black this weekend, aren't I, Judai?" he asked with a laugh.

Judai couldn't help but laugh as well.

He had almost forgotten that tomorrow was Saturday. No classes. And if Judai knew the few people in the Osiris dorms, they would be at the big party until late in the morning. Johan and Judai were going to have the entire Osiris Red dorm all to themselves.

Once Johan had finished grabbing his change of clothes, he took Judai's hand a pulled him off the bed- it creaked under the weight shift.

He and Judai stared into each other's eyes for a few moments in total silence. Judai's heart was racing, Johan could hear it. Judai blushed at the unreadable expression on his boyfriend's face. Johan's eyes were dark and they were searching Judai's face. Judai just continued to blush and he tried to cover it up by looking down, trying to break eye-contact between him and his boyfriend.

Johan smiled at him after a moment and led him back to the Osiris dorms.

Again, they walked in silence.

Judai's heart was racing once again. It beat so fast that Judai feared it would pop from his ribs. He almost choked a few times when he couldn't get enough air, but he held it in. He didn't want Johan to know how nervous he was.

Once in the dorms, Johan set his bag of clothes down near the computer.

The dark green curtains were kept closed, as Judai wanted them to be. He didn't want there to be any chances of anyone-besides Johan, that is- seeing what was going to happen. Judai moved across the pale pink carpets to the bunk-beds, suddenly thankful that Shou and Hayato were not bunking with him in the same room anymore.

Johan smiled and went over to the bed, where he placed his hand down on it. Judai wondered if he was testing to see how hard it was. He had slept in the bed with Judai - fully clothed- once before, so he should know how hard it was.

Judai looked down at the pink carpet before him.

He wasn't aware that he was shaking at first. He tried to keep himself calm by thinking of how great this was going to be. But none of that helped to calm him down.

His mind kept on wandering to his fears.

Judai feared that he wasn't going to be good at doing this and that Johan was going to get tired of him. He feared that he wasn't going to be what Johan wanted and that this would cause them to break up.

Johan turned to Judai and smiled, breaking the brunette from his train of thought.

"Judai, do you want to take a shower first?" he asked.

Judai shook his head to clear his mind of his thoughts. He looked back up at his smiling boyfriend, and he felt his heart thump. "I-I'm sorry, Johan, what did you say?" he asked. "I wasn't paying attention."

Johan chuckled and continued to smile. "Do you want to take a shower first?"

"Y-yeah, I guess," Judai mumbled.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Johan asked, a sly smile on his face.

The crimson blush returned to Judai's face and he took a slight step back. "N-no, that's all right, Johan. I-I can go down by myself," he said, trying to make it sound as casual as possible.

Johan gave his boyfriend a reassuring smile. "All right."

Judai sighed. He knew exactly why Johan was being so understanding about letting Judai go by himself.

Usually, whenever Judai would go to take a shower, Johan would joke and ask to tag along. Judai would blush and usually throw either his deck box or his pillow at him. Johan and Judai had never showered together, not yet anyway. This was Judai's last chance to go and take a shower alone, without Johan.

Because after tonight, there would be nothing keeping them from each other.

They were going to break whatever kept them apart, whatever silent law that said they couldn't do certain things. As soon as they had sex with one another, they would be promoted from "boyfriends" to "lovers".

Judai took a change of clothes and walked downstairs to the showers.

Unlike Johan's dorm room, the Osiris dorms didn't have bathrooms with showers in the dorm rooms. The only shower they had was down at the lowest level of the dorms.

Judai walked inside and closed the door tightly behind him.

He stripped down and turned on the water as quickly as possible. He wanted to just get in and get out. The longer he prolonged this, the more nervous he was going to be when it actually happened.

The warm water actually did manage to help calm him down.

Judai took in a few deep breaths and refused to look anywhere but at the floor. I know I'll feel much better after Johan and I... God, I can't even think the word let alone say it. What's wrong with me? This is Johan! I love him, so why am I so worried? There must be something wrong with me, he thought, trying to keep himself calm.

There were several reasons that Judai was afraid to do this.

1. The pain.

Judai had heard from a few people- trust me, in Duel Academy, it was hard notto hear stories about sex- talking about how bad it hurt at first. It wasn't exactly something Judai was looking forward to. He had heard that it was pleasurable as soon as the pain vanished, but it was the pain that Judai was worried about.

2. He was nervous.

Of course he would be nervous. Though Judai would never admit it to anyone besides his friends- since others would laugh- he was still a virgin, and he didn't know that much about sex. It was something new to him. Anyone would be nervous about giving up their virginity for the first time. It was something that everyone must have felt at some point.

I wonder if Johan's nervous about this at all, Judai thought. He doesn't seem to be.

3. Judai didn't want anything to ruin their relationship.

Sure, Judai wanted to have sex with Johan. They were in love, so Judai wanted to prove it. But there were some people in Duel Academy who were totally in love with each other until they had sex. Then they broke up a week later because the other wasn't satisfactory to their sexual type or their desires, and Judai didn't want that to happen to him and Johan.

But then again, there were reasons that he wanted to do it as well.

1. He had heard that it felt good, once the pain had died down, of course.

2. He had often dreamed of what it would be like to do it with Johan. It was something that he had wondered about, and it made him happy to know what it would really be like.

3. He was in love with Johan.

That was the basic and number one reason. He loved Johan, and if giving Johan his body- when he promised that he would only give himself up to the one that he truly loved- was a way of showing him that, then Judai would gladly do it.

Judai sighed and turned off the water as soon as he finished taking his shower. He had been in there for a total of about twenty minutes. Johan must have been wondering what he was doing by now.

He took in a deep breath and threw on his blue and white long-sleeve sweatshirt and his pair of blue pants.

Taking one last look at himself in the mirror, Judai grabbed his dirt clothes and went out the door. He turned off the lights and closed the door as he went up the stairs to his dorm room. His heart started racing again, but it was a bit more under control. He had come to terms with why he was going to do this tonight, and he was ready for it.

Judai opened the door and was greeted instantly by Johan wrapping his arms around the brunette's waist and drawing him close.

"Judai!" Johan smiled. "What took you so long?"

Judai blushed and laughed nervously. "Sorry about that, Johan." He forced another laugh to try and hide his increasing nervousness. "The water was a bit cold, so I had to wait for it to warm up."

Johan smiled. "Well, I guess I'll go take one then."


Judai made his way over to the bunk-beds and sat down on the edge. He used his towel to try and dry his hair again, since it was still dripping wet and was getting his clothes soaked again.

He pulled the towel back when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him into an embrace.

The towel was still in his line of sight, but Judai didn't need to see to know that it was Johan holding him. His heart gave another thump, and he swallowed the lump that appeared in his throat for the fourth time that day.

Johan drew back and moved the towel so he could stare into Judai's eyes. Judai noticed that his expression was calm and reassuring.

"You're really nervous, aren't you?" he asked.

Judai looked away and refused to look into Johan's eyes. He was aware that he must have been shaking again. He could feel himself trembling in Johan's arms, and this just made him more embarrassed.

Johan smiled and pressed his lips gently against his boyfriend's forehead.

Judai looked up as soon as Johan drew back. He almost melted under the passionate and loving look in his boyfriend's eyes. Johan leaned down and pressed his lips against his boyfriend's forehead again. He drew back enough to speak, but he kept his lips in contact with Judai's forehead, the violent shivering from the brunette calming at this action.

"It'll be all right," Johan murmured. "I'll be very gentle with you, Judai."

The brunette looked up and when he saw Johan smiling down at him, he knew that Johan was serious. There was nothing to be afraid of. This was going to be amazing, Judai could sense it.

Johan gave him one last reassuring smile and grabbed his change of clothes so he could go and take a shower.

Once he left the dorm, Judai found himself able to breathe once again. His heart was racing, but he felt better. He was certain that this was going to be the best choice he had ever made in his entire life.

His thoughts were interrupted when the phone near his bed rang.

Judai looked at it with a confused expression. Who would be calling me this late at night?

Judai reached over and picked up the phone. He stared at it for a moment, and then decided that it would be only fair for him to answer it. He had already picked it up, so it would be rude to just hang up now.


/Slacker, is that you?/

"Eh?" Judai blinked in confusion. "Manjoume?"

/Yeah it's me. Hey, listen, Judai. I have a question to ask you. Do you think you can come over here for a minute?/

Judai blinked in confusion once again and looked down at the phone, though Manjoume couldn't see it. "A question?" he repeated. Manjoume made a small grunt, confirming it. "Why can't you just ask me it over the phone?"

/It's something that I have to show you. It'll just take a minute./

Judai looked down at the ground, mulling it over. What was the harm? It was just Manjoume, after all. And he had a question, probably about a card or something, so it would be okay.

Johan would be in the shower for a little while, so he wouldn't even notice that Judai had gone off.

The brunette exhaled and nodded. "Yeah, sure, I'll come over in a minute."

/See you./

Manjoume hung up right after.

Judai exhaled and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. He decided that if he was going to go and help out Manjoume, he should write a note. It was only going to take a few minutes, Manjoume said, but just in case, Judai didn't want Johan to worry about what had become of him if he came out of the shower and couldn't find Judai.

The brunette put the pen down and sighed.

"Sorry, Johan, but it will only take a minute, and I'll be back as soon as I can," he said aloud. And maybe this is a good time for me to be able to calm down before Johan and I have sex. Oh my God, I actually thought the word without blushing. Things are looking up!

The brunette set the note where Johan could find it.

He looked to the door and left as quickly as he could so that he could come back to Johan soon.

As he walked by the bathroom door, he could hear the water from the shower, and it made him smile. He would come back soon, and then he and Johan would prove their love for each other.

As he walked down the path to where Manjoume's dorm was, Judai didn't realize what dangers were surrounding him.

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