Title: Open Your Eyes

Genre: romance, hurt/comfort, drama

Rating: T+ for language and suggested themes (might go up in several chapters)

Pairings: Johan AndersenXJudai Yuki (spiritshipping); insanely mild Jun ManjoumeXJudai Yuki (rivalshipping)

Summary: AU. Johan Andersen and his boyfriend Judai Yuki have been dating for a little over a year, and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. While Johan is extremely excited about this, Judai seems rather nervous. Doubting Johan's true feelings of "love", as he claims, for Judai, Jun Manjoume calls Judai over to his dorm room just before the time when Judai and Johan planned on having sex. This leads to something that Judai wishes he could take back, if he could even remember what had really happened...

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Chapter Five: Back to Normal or Not?

For the rest of the week, Judai was back to normal.

...Or not.

He was basically the same, dueling people, laughing the way he always did whenever he thought something was funny, falling asleep in class if he thought that Chronos wasn't looking.

But there was something different about him, every one of his friends could tell.

He seemed a bit on edge whenever Jun Manjoume came by.

Johan noticed this when Manjoume walked by them in the cafeteria while Judai was telling a joke. The moment Jun passed by, Judai went silent, lowered his head, and murmured something to say that he'd forgotten how the joke had gone. This worried Johan, but he wasn't going to press Judai for an answer.

Manjoume dropped his tray beside Judai's and slid next to him. "Morning."

Judai tensed, head down. "Hey."

Asuka noticed the tension between the two instantly, eyes narrowing. "What's up?" she demanded. "You've been like this for a week, Judai. Every time Manjoume comes here, you get depressed."

Judai glanced away. "I don't want to talk about it."

Manjoume stared at Judai with a strange expression.

It was as if he knew something dark and personal that Judai was hiding from the rest of the group. Johan didn't like it. Judai was flinching under the stare, and for an instant, though he was never a violent person, Johan would've given anything to punch Manjoume in the mouth.

Two weeks later, it got worse.

Judai moved to a different table whenever Manjoume came around. Some days, he avoided lunch and breakfast all together and only came for dinner, sitting as far away from the group as possible.

When Johan did raise the question, Judai would shrug and insist that he had no idea what Johan was talking about.

It went on like this for a while, and, not wanting to start a fight, Johan would let it be. But it always bothered him, not knowing what was making his boyfriend so upset. Part of him blamed himself. He wondered if what they were going to attempt a week ago was what was making Judai act the way he did, but why would he act that way around Manjoume? A million theories stuck in his head, a million he didn't want to even think about because he knew Judai would never do those things.

Things were getting bad for Manjoume, as well.

Guilt had been eating away at the inside of him, and he knew that guilt was well deserved.

Watching Judai slowly dying inside every day was hard enough when the brunette was at the table, but watching him move to another table and not even tell his own boyfriend what was bothering him, that just kept chewing at him.

I have to tell someone what I did, he thought one day. Can't tell Andersen. No, he'll murder me.

Manjoume's attention turned to Jim. The Aussie might have acted like a ditz at times, but he was one of the wisest people in the Academy, and one of the most trustworthy. If anyone would listen and understand, it would be Jim. Manjoume sighed, threw his tray into the garbage, and approached the Aussie with a carefully guarded expression.

"Hey, Cook!" he called.

Jim whipped around, blinking his visible teal eye. "What?"

"Come here a minute, will you?"

Jim excused himself from the table, now minus three people (Manjoume, Judai, and Johan, the latter of the three both sitting at a table on the other side of the cafeteria), and followed Manjoume into the hallway.

Manjoume swallowed the lump that forced itself into his throat.

He's gonna kill me, he thought.

But he had to tell someone.

"Are you saying you didn't have sex with Judai?"

Manjoume shrugged and leaned against the wall of the Obelisk Dorm bathrooms. Jim stood a mere ten feet from him, red in the face. Manjoume had pulled him aside and told him about his plan.

Wanting someone to know of his plan so that in case someone found out, they could explain for him, he told Jim that a week before, he had called Judai over, drugged him with something he believed was called cantarella or something weird like that, and then set him up to make it seem like they'd had sex.

The moment he told Jim, however, the Aussie had punched the living shit out of him, shouting all kinds of colorful and creative profanities that Manjoume was sure were illegal somewhere in the world.

He just sat back and took them; he deserved whatever Jim gave him.

But he didn't regret what he'd done.

"Nope, Judai's still as pure as when he came into my room," he answered.

"Then why make him think you had sex with him?" Jim shouted, grabbing the front of Manjoume's black jacket. "He's falling to pieces! Is that what you wanted to have happen?"

Manjoume frowned. "Of course not."

That statement only succeeded in pissing Jim off more. "Then why the-"

"A long, long time ago, I use to have a crush on Judai," Manjoume revealed, shrugging as if it were no big deal. "But I saw that he wanted Johan more, so I stepped back and forgot my feelings for him. But that doesn't mean I don't think of Judai like my little brother. My annoying, extremely likeable little brother. And if he and Andersen are going to be sleeping together, I want to know that Andersen will stay with Judai no matter what. Call me selfish if you want, but I don't regret a damn thing. If Andersen leaves Judai, it won't be because of what I pretended to do. It'll be because he can't stand the idea of someone else having taken Judai's virginity."

Jim settled back, still shaking with rage. "So it's a test to see if Johan truly loves him, no matter what?"

"Yup," Manjoume nodded.

Jim sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Geez, you are one twisted kid." He sighed again. "Fine. I won't tell them. But if it looks like things are getting bad because of you, I'm stepping in. Got it?"

"Got it," Manjoume said.

Jim leaned against the wall. "I'm serious," he warned. "Judai's falling to pieces. I suggest you tell them the truth as soon as you can, okay? I'm sure Johan'll be pissed at you, but maybe he'll forgive you, he's not usually a very violent person."

"When it comes to protecting Judai," Manjoume laughed, "he's worse than O'Brien in the aggressive factor."

Jim shuddered. "You got me there, mate."

"So, you won't say anything to them?" Manjoume raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

Jim made a cross across his chest and raised his right hand. "Cross me heart, mate," he said, narrowing his visible eye. "But I suggest you tell them as soon as you can. I'll give you three days to confess, and if Judai's still a wreck after that and you haven't told him, then I'll do it, and I'll let Johan do anything he wants to you."

Manjoume shrugged. "Fair enough."

"Good." Jim turned and left, muttered something under his breath.

Manjoume leaned back against the wall and stared. He felt like a weight had been dropped, but another had been added. Three days to confess to Judai that he hadn't had sex with him and that it was all just a test to see how Johan truly felt about the brunette. But what if Judai told Johan before Manjoume had a chance to explain and things went bad?

"Well," Manjoume said with a shake of the head, "that was the plan, after all. Now I just have a deadline."

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