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Kansas Moon


She could hear them coming, the sound of their bodies going against the wind, their low growls and hiss's.

The enemy was finally coming. And it would be there within moments.

Kansas stood beside Marko on the left side cavern, near the opening of the cave. Violet and Paul where stationed at the other side of the cave while David and Dwayne where below it on a ledge.

Her red eyes watched for any movement, while absently, she took Marko's hand in hers and laced their fingers together.

She looked over at him her eyes silently telling him just how deeply she loved him.

He answered by leaning over and resting his lips against hers, They where closer than ever now that they where mated.

Kansas grinned at him before she heard her mother let loose a snarl.

"Here goes nothing" Kansas thought as she set her self in a crouch letting go of Marko's hand regretfully.

The first vampires to come into view where five males and two females, followed by a number of ten other vampires.

With an order from David they attacked the opposing side.

Kansas launched herself at a big blonde male and clawed at him, her strikes quicker than his which ended in her managing to rip his head off.

The young vampire barley had time to turn her head when she was attacked from behind by a dark haired female.

The brunette tackled her to the ground, her nails slicing through Kansas's chest and shoulder's before grasping her head planning on snapping the girl's neck.

With a snarl Kansas grabbed at the female, digging into her back with her claws desperately trying to loosen her from her back. The brunette hissed in pain as Kansas finally moved so she could bite the other vampire.

She ripped into the female's forearm causing the woman to jerk her arm away freeing Kansas slightly; Kansas brought her arms up and grabbed the female's long hair and jerking bringing the woman's head forward with a snap that would kill a human.

Kansas grasped the vampires head with both hands before jerking hard dislocating her spine. (Can you really do that?) The female became immobilized as Kansas flipped the vampire off her back and ripped her head off.

Kansas turned and grabbed a young one by the back of the neck and bit into him ripping out his throat with a growl.

She looked around and found her mother fighting hand to hand while using her powers to move objects like boulders to smash into other vampires.

The Lost Boys where winning, she found as she turned and saw David and Dwayne fighting not far from each other and Paul near Violet. Marko was somewhere to her right.

Kansas got into another fighting crouch as another vampire came at her with a stake, dodging him quickly she turned and back handed him as the wood cut the side of her shoulder. With a growl she spun around and landed him a side-kick to the stomach knocking him on his back…the stake out of his hands. Grabbing the stake she leapt on him stabbing him in the chest, much to her surprise and horror he went on fire.

With a screech, Kansas jumped away from him. Her hand the only thing burnt thankfully.

That was when she felt the pain.

The pain of one of her pack dieing; the pain ripping through her chest like no other.

Turning she looked and found something that made her blood run cold and empty…..Marko.

He was lying near the side of the cliff; a body of another vampire beside him….the end of a wooden stake protruding from his chest, blood ran from the wound and from his mouth.

With a soul racking screech Kansas flew over to him.

Red tears flowing freely from her eyes. "MARKO! Marko please! PLEASE! Don't leave me! PLEASE!" she screamed as she knelt beside him her arms gently lifting him up so he leaned against the rock wall.

His green/blue eyes looked into her now brown eyes with pain.

"I love you…" he muttered, conciseness going in and out of him.

Kansas whimpered, "Don't say that!"

he smirked at her that ended with a grimaces, "why?"

Kansas sucked in a breath, "Because that means you're leaving me!"

Marko turned his hooded green/blue eyes towards her and with much effort lifted his hand up to rest on her cheek. "I'll never leave you Love,"

Kansas chocked on a sob before leaning down to kiss him. "I love you," she whispered her forehead resting on his.

"And I love you," …..Then he was gone.

Kansas sat back from him sobs racking her body before she screamed.

"Marko!" she whimpered hugging him to her chest as more tears fell from her eyes.

The pain she felt now was sharp, cutting into her heart like a serenaded knife.

She didn't want to live anymore, she wanted to die…

"That could be arranged," said a amused voice above her.

Turning her head, her eyes met the ones of none other than Adam.

The starter of this war.

Kansas felt her face change as she pulled her lips back a low, feral growl rumbling from her chest as she gently laid Marko's upper body down and stood her eyes that of Satan. Rage flowing through her veins.

"What? Your mate die on ya?" Adam teased, his teeth pulled back in a mocking smile.

That's when Kansas attacked with all her might, clawing at her face and ripping into his neck, he dislocated her arm earning a satisfying yowl from her.

But the satisfaction was short lived when she bit deeper in his neck then grabbed his spinal cord and ripped it out along with his skull killing him instantly.

She maimed his body, brutally skinning him with her bare hands, before dismembering his legs and arms.

She was going to do more when a hand rested on her shoulder.

Turning she met David's steely blue eyes who looked at her with a mixture of pain and remorse.

"Stop," he whispered, kneeling down beside her.

Kansas's frame shook as she stuttered, "He's gone," then she started to sob as David pulled her into his arms rubbing her back as she cried, his own tears falling silently.


They buried Marko in the small clearing where he took Kansas that one time when she was human.

Soon though, they all had to go back to the cave as the sun rose.

Kansas felt dead inside even though technically she already was.

She felt empty and there was nothing else in the world that could make her feel whole again.

She really did want to die, but she knew the others wouldn't let her, especially Violet.

So she waited as the others fell asleep when the sun arose.

She dropped down from the hanging bar and walked out into the main cave making her way to the entrance.

She whispered goodbye to her family when she reached the end of the cave's tunnel, the sunlight shining on the rock a few inches in front of her.

With a deep breath she took a step forward and was washed in the light.

She felt little pain, as she burned, her eyes soon seeing white.

Then as she turned to ash, Kansas's brown eyes met green and Marko smiled at her, taking her hand in his and leading her towards a beautiful light.

No she felt no more pain….she felt bliss.

The end.


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