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Chapter 1: Late Autumn

It was a warm, pleasant autumn day in Sootopolis City. None could deny that the temptation to spend the day outdoors, enjoying the fine weather was almost unbearable to resist. It was so rare for Sootopolis to be blessed with such fine fall weather; most days were rather cool and cloudy. It always gave the city a depressing atmosphere; therefore it was not uncommon to find most residents indoors avoiding the dreary rain that fell from the ash gray clouds above. Today however, it was nearly impossible to find anyone inside. Everyone seemed to be taking part of their workday off to enjoy the sunshine, gardening, or spending time with their Pokemon.

As Wallace stared up at the cloudless sky he sighed in contentment, his light blue hair fluttering gently in the gentle breeze. Sitting on a grassy hillside in front of his house, he basked in the warm glow of the afternoon sun. He closed his cerulean eyes and sighed contently, feeling sleepy and content as the sun warmed the bare pale skin on his shirtless torso. With his inner spirit calmed and relaxed, the young man felt himself beginning to doze off in the warm sunlight. He inhaled deeply and then exhaled; opening his eyes as he slowly woke up from drowsiness.

Wallace turned his gaze to an area, about five metres away from where he was sitting, where his apprentice Ruby was. The eleven year old boy was trying to teach his Milotic, Mimi, how to create a combination of Dragon Pulse and Blizzard. By the way he was motioning with his hands, Wallace guessed that Ruby was attempting to tell Mimi how to use Dragon Pulse then freeze the shock waves with Blizzard. Mimi cocked her head in confusion, not understanding what he intended her to do. With an exasperated sigh, Ruby stopped his motions and walked over to Mimi, petting her on the head before attempting to explain the attack combo again.

Watching his apprentice's efforts, Wallace couldn't help but smile at the young boy's strong will not to give up. It reminded him of himself when he was a boy, always wanting to go on adventures and spend the day playing with his Pokemon. Wallace let out a small chuckle as he recalled how he and his best friend Steven used to play as medieval knights. Pretending to fight dragons, ride horses across the land in their quests, and rescue princesses was their favourite pastime when they were kids, even if it was all make-belief.

"Except for that one time," Wallace reminded himself. The one time he had "rescued" a certain "princess," the same one who he still loved despite what had happened between them. Nothing could ever replace her in his heart, not even his fan girls or any other woman. Like a Leek to a Farfetch'd, she was his most precious treasure in the world. He shuddered when he remembered how he almost lost her during the deadly battle between the Legendary Titans Groudon and Kyorge. It had been three months since then, but the image of her being strangled by Archie's Tentacruel still clutched at his heart like a hand of ice.

As the memories of that horrible day came back into his mind, he remembered that Steven had passed the Champion Cloak to him as well, giving up his position of Champion. Wallace didn't understand why his best friend had given up a position that served as the highest rank in the Pokemon League, and tried to give it back to Steven once the battle was over. He refused to take it back, saying it was really Wallace who deserved that post. This was true, as it was Wallace who had won the battle between them. However, he had declined the position of Champion, stating that he wished to take over the Sootopolis Gym as a Gym Leader after his master, Juan, retired.

Steven knew the real reason, that Wallace was really becoming a Gym Leader so that he could stay close to the woman he loved – Winona, the Fortree Gym Leader. By becoming a Gym Leader, he could be closer to her. Despite them ending their previous relationship, Wallace still loved her. He didn't know how, but somehow he sensed that she still loved him, too. He knew inside that one day he would be together with her again.

Wallace broke his train of thought when he noticed a boy, about eight years old, run up the hill towards him. Ruby obviously noticed the boy as well, as he stopped training Mimi and returned her to her Pokeball before walking towards Wallace as well. The boy slowed in his running as he reached Wallace, huffing and puffing as he caught his breath. "S-s-sorry to disturb you...M-mister Wallace," he gasped out, "B-but there's t-trouble! At the...Cave of Origin!"

Wallace, who had been listening calmly and relaxed, suddenly became tense and leapt to his feet at the mention of the city's sacred cave. "What?" he asked in a concerned, serious tone. Aside from being the Champion, Wallace was also the Guardian to the Cave of Origin. To hear that something had happened to it concerned him deeply, as it was his duty to protect the ancient structure from harm.

"M-my friends and I were playing by the lakeshore nearby, when a huge crumbling noise came from inside the cave! Then something… something went inside! Into the Cave of Origin!" Wallace stared in disbelief. A trespasser? In the Cave in Origin? Wallace knew that only he and people he gave his permission to were allowed into Sootopolis's sacred cave. He didn't remember giving anyone the right to enter the cave recently though, but it angered him that they would vandalize one of Hoenn's ancient shrines.

Wallace looked at Ruby, whose expression mirrored his, then at the boy. "Did you see who it was? Do you know what they looked like?" he asked in a serious tone. The boy looked at him fearfully, "N-no. We couldn't see their face through the cloud of dust." Wallace nodded slowly at the boy's words, "Show me where you were when this occurred."

The boy nodded back quickly, and took off in the direction he came. With a quick glance at each other, Wallace and Ruby followed him down the hill towards the lake

Sootopolis City was quite a big city despite first appearances, and it was actually quite easy to get lost if you didn't know your way around town. But this wasn't a problem for Wallace; he had grown up in this city his whole life. He knew the quickest ways around Sootopolis and just about everybody knew him. As he and Ruby followed the nervous boy down the many streets and districts, Wallace wondered if his former mentor knew about the incident.

"Does Juan know?" he called out, climbing down a stone ledge.

"No, we went to the Gym, but he wasn't there."

Wallace blinked in confusion before remembering that Juan was at Lilycove participating in a contest today. Juan was a Top Coordinator in Pokemon Contests; therefore he would set out to take part in them whenever possible. He had passed these Contest skills, along with methods of battling, onto Wallace when he mentored him. But besides being his mentor, Juan was also like a father to Wallace. Wallace was originally an orphan; his parents had died not long after he was born, but he had no idea who they were or what they were like. He had asked the orphanage before, but they never told him anything, they had always avoided his gaze and remained silent. Juan didn't know either, but he took Wallace in as a son.

The three of them continued on for almost ten minutes. Suddenly, the boy halted in his tracks in front of the shore of the enormous lake in Sootopolis's center. Wallace stumbled as Ruby, who had been running behind them the whole time, crashed into him from behind. "Is this where you saw someone enter the Cave of Origin?" Wallace asked, once he had regained his footing. The boy nodded in reply "Yeah, my friends and I were playing volleyball with my Sandshrew when we saw them."

With that said, he turned and pointed to his left where the ancient cave stood. The normally empty clearing in front of it was now covered with bits of rock and debris. Wallace clenched his fist in anger that someone would vandalize Sootopolis's sacred shrine. "Master, do you think the person who went into the Cave of Origin is still in there?" Ruby asked. Wallace turned to his apprentice, grabbing one of his Pokeballs off his belt. "Only one way to find out!"

"Francoise!" he called out, releasing his Sealeo. The seal-like Pokemon clapped his fins upon begin released, before turning to look at his trainer. Wallace knelt down to Francoise's eye level. "Francoise, I need you tell me if you smell anything unusual here."

"Seal!" the seal Pokemon nodded and began sniffing the ground. Wallace grinned at his Pokemon. Though they may not look it, Sealeo are excellent at detecting scents and smells. Ruby look at his master curiously, "Master, couldn't you have used Tiger?" Wallace looked at him, arching one eyebrow. "Oh yeah, I forgot…" Ruby said, feeling rather stupid for asking. Tiger was Wallace's Vaporeon. He was a strong battler, but Wallace hardly ever used him due to him having an unfortunate hyperactive disorder. No matter where he was, he would always go ballistic and crazy at the sight of other people or Pokemon.

"Exactly. Besides, I left him at home, anyways." Wallace said, knowing that home was the only place Tiger was able to behave at. "Remember the last time I tried to use him for something like this?"

"Oh right! I remember that! We chased him all over Sootopolis for at least two hours straight! Still it wasn't as funny as the time you let Steven walk him."

"I wasn't there, what happened?"

"Steven tied the leash to his wrist, going 'See you escape this one! Ha! Ha! Ha!', then Tiger took off chasing a car dragging Steven behind him. Then he jumped off one of the ledges on the upper district and landed on someone's roof. Except for Steven, he landed into a tree."


"Yeah, I chased them for about half an hour. It was really funny, but you had to be there to see it."

"So that's how Steven broke his wrist that day-"

"Seal! Seal!"

Wallace and Ruby turned around to see Francoise sniffing the ground by the cave entrance, his face concerned. He sniffed the ground again, and then the air, his eyes closed in concentration. "Seal!" he barked, opening his eyes. Using his flippers to drag himself forward, Françoise went towards the mouth of the cave. Pausing at the entrance, he looked at Wallace and Ruby while pointing into the cave with his flipper.

"Master, look! He's found the scent!" Ruby yelled, running towards the waiting Sealeo. Wallace paused before following him, turning to the boy who had led him here. "Thank you. We'll take it from here, but let me know the next time you see someone trespassing." The boy nodded before running off back to the district. Wallace watched for a moment, before walking over to Ruby and Francoise.

Ruby stared into the cave, the entrance yawning open like an Exploud's maw. "Do you think the trespasser is still in there?" Wallace looked down at Françoise, who was growling slightly. "I think so," he said, answering his apprentice's question. Wallace turned his gazed back towards the cave. There was no telling what or who they would face inside.

"Come on," he said to Ruby and Francoise, and the three of them proceeded in the depths of the Cave of Origin.

The Cave of Origin was a shrine dedicated to the Legendary Titans of Hoenn, Groudon of the Land and Kyorge of the Sea. Looking at it from the outside it appeared to be a small, man-made temple built over centuries ago by ancient architects. Inside, however, the cave expanded in a vast labyrinth. Its many passageways and rooms made it easy for someone to become lost. This wasn't a problem for Wallace, as he knew every passageway in the shrine.

As he, Ruby and Francoise began to proceed down the passage from the entrance, the door to the Cave suddenly came closing down, leaving them standing in the pitch black darkness. "Waah! Who turned out the lights?" Ruby yelped. Wallace's head whipped around towards the entrance. The whole cave was empty of light, not a ray or speck could be found in the dark depths of the ancient shrine.

"Oh great…" Wallace muttered in annoyance. It appeared the trespasser had blown out all the torches that lit the entire shrine. In doing so, they had not only eliminated all light and obscured vision to the lowest point, but also made themselves virtually invisible. Wallace jumped slightly when he felt his arm brush something in the darkness. In a flash, whatever he touched let out a yelp of panic and pain throbbed in his bad arm as he felt the thing strike him on the shoulder blade. As he stumbled back, clutching his stinging shoulder, his eyes watering, he heard his attacker gasp.

"Oh, Master! Was that you? I'm really sorry! I thought you the intruder!" Ruby yelped out in panic. Wallace winced slightly as he touched his shoulder, but the pain was numbing. "It's okay… It's not that bad, I think…" He touched his shoulder, causing it to begin stinging once again. He grimaced slightly. That was going to be a bruise…

"I'm really sorry."

"Never mind, it's fine…" Wallace said, knowing his apprentice didn't mean to attack him. The stinging had gone down now, but Wallace decided to avoid contact with his right shoulder for the next few days. Coincidently, the one arm of his that had to get injured was the same one he broke during the Titans' battle. Figures he had to injure it so soon after getting his cast removed. "Let bygones be bygones."

They stood silently in the darkness, unsure of which direction they were facing. "What do we do now?" Ruby asked, his voice filled with nervousness. Wallace blinked slightly, having not considered a solution to the original problem of their obscured vision. Then the answer hit him hard like a ton of bricks to the head. Grabbing another pokeball from his belt, he called out his only female Pokemon.


The heart-shaped fish fluttered in air slightly as she was released from her pokeball. Without hesitating, she floated up beside Wallace to await her trainer's commands. "Use Flash!" Wallace commanded, and the Luvdisc suddenly began glowing with a bright white light. "AARRGH! MY EYES!" Wallace heard Ruby yell, as they both covered their eyes when the bright light blinded them. Keeping his eyes shut, Wallace wished he had thought about how bright light can temporary blind you if you have been in the dark for a period of time. He blinked open his eyes slightly, feeling them water. Slowly, but surely, his sight returned to him, and he glanced around the lit area of the corridor.

Ruby was leaning against the opposite wall, his eyes also open, and his cheeks stained with tears. Francoise was positioned in the middle of the passage way, his normally short, smooth fur was standing on end, making him look like an overgrown puff ball. He growled in annoyance, and shook himself in a dignified sort of way. Elizabeth was floating around, looking at everyone with confusion on her face. "Can you please warn me if you're going to do that?" Ruby asked, wiping sweat off of his forehead.

Wallace held up a hand in apology, "Sorry." But Ruby was looking at Francoise, who had started to growl in a more threatening way into the distance. Suddenly, in the distance, a light flashed briefly in the darkness. Startled, Francoise let out yips of panic and hastily backed straight into Ruby, causing the boy to fall onto his backside. He could hear Ruby muttering something under his breath, all of which he was certain were swearwords, but his attention was directed elsewhere. Wallace stared off into the depths of the passage where the flash of light had originated. He was certain that whatever had caused the flash had to be the trespasser. He sensed Ruby approaching him, and motioned with his hand for him to remain silent. Ruby nodded in understanding, and he and his master began descending down to the inner chambers of the Cave of Origin.

Being the Guardian to the Cave, Wallace knew every nook and cranny inside the ancient shrine. Together, he and Ruby searched the entire cavern for the intruder. However, hours went by and though they investigated everywhere, there was no one to be found besides them inside the cave. Finally, after an exhausting search that got them nowhere, Wallace and his apprentice ended up back in the main chamber of the ancient temple.

"We've been looking for hours now! Where the heck are they?" Ruby panted, trying to catch his breath. Wallace leaned against the stone wall, wiping off the sweat on his face. "I have no idea..." he said flatly. This was becoming more and more confusing and impossible to understand. Wallace knew that the only way to exit the shrine was through the entrance, and he knew that the door would remain locked until he decided to open it. Whoever had trespassed had not left the cave before they came in, so it was most likely that they were still in the cave. The question was where…

Wallace was pondering this in his thoughts, trying to come up with a reasonable answer. Then, out of nowhere, a light like the one they had seen before flashed from inside a passageway to Wallace's left. He blinked and his head whipped around to the source of the light. The light flashed again, like a Volbeat's tail at night, and Wallace's eyes widened in astonishment. Maybe the intruder was closer than they had thought…

Wallace felt something brush against his arm and looked down to see his Pokemon and Ruby standing beside him, their eyes shining with fear. "Do you think that's them?" Ruby asked quietly. His master nodded slowly and motion for them to follow him. In silence, the group proceeded through the passage towards the source of the light. Every flash become brighter and brighter as they neared. Suddenly, Wallace saw the flash appear to the right of him.

He halted in his tracks, and felt Ruby bump into him once again. "Why'd you stop for?" he asked his mentor, by Wallace paid him no attention. He stared at the wall where the light had been flashing seconds ago. It seemed different somehow…

"Elizabeth," he signalled to his Luvdisc. The fish Pokemon nodded and increase the power of her HM move, causing her already glowing body to become even brighter. At once, the whole passage was became illuminated with light and Wallace yelled out in shock as he stared at what he thought was the wall.

Right in front of him was a huge opening in the wall that lead into another corridor. Wallace stared in amazement and confusion into the distance of the unknown corridor. For as long as he had been the Guardian to the Cave of Origin, nothing had ever been mentioned about a corridor such as this existing in the cave. It was almost as if it had appeared out of nowhere. Or perhaps it was merely invisible to the naked eye. But as he continued to stare at it, Wallace knew this had not been here before.

A familiar flash came from inside the mysterious corridor, breaking his thoughts. He blinked his eyes as the bright light obscured his sight for a moment, and then looked on with determination. Ruby, sensing his Master surprise and concern, looked into the distant passage. "Where do you think that leads?"

"I have no idea," Wallace said, walking toward the opening, "I have a feeling we'll find out soon enough." With said, they began descending the passage way. But they had taken only a few steps when Elizabeth's Flash wore off. The Luvdisc panted in exhaustion from using up all of its energy to light the cave. Wallace smiled kindly at his tired Pokemon, and returned her to her pokeball. Now left once more in the darkness, Wallace decided it would be better to follow the flashes of light instead of wandering in the darkness and feeling their way around. Informing Ruby and Francoise of his decision, they began proceeding through the passageway, following in the direction of every flash they saw.

A good fifteen minutes went by before they reached the end of the tunnel. Wallace had begun to wonder if this passageway would ever end, when a large flash of light appeared before him. Shielding his eyes, he waited for the light to fade. When it didn't, he frowned and opened his eyes and gasped in shock and awe. In front of them was an enormous, dead-end chamber, illuminated by a soft white light. The walls on the left and right of Wallace were covered in strange drawings and unreadable hieroglyphics. Wallace stared in amazement as his hand moved over the ancient pictures painted on the wall. There had been a secret chamber here, one of which no one knew the likes of? "Look at this place!" Ruby exclaimed. He was over at the wall opposite to Wallace, gazing at the ancient writings and paintings with curiosity only children seem have. "Oh!" the young boy suddenly exclaimed. Wallace turned as saw his student staring ahead, awestruck. "Master, look straight ahead! To where the light is!" he said, pointing towards the farthermost wall. Wallace blinked in confusion, and turned around to once more be amazed.

On the wall, directly in the center, was a large, glowing symbol. The whole thing illuminated the entire chamber, flashing every few moments or so. But its shape was what caught Wallace's eye the most. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before: a large circle with two triangles sticking out the sides near the top. Inside the large circle was a smaller circle, connected to an odd set of lines, similar to the ones on Kyorge's fins. Below the symbol, a stone ledge that looked as if it had risen from the ground stood in place.

As he walked towards it, he saw that there were five pedestals standing on the surface, forming a circle. Peering at one of them, he saw that the surface of the top was indented, as though something was meant to be placed there. In fact, all of the stone stands had indents in them too. Wallace frowned at this, wondering what this could all mean. Nothing came to mind, however, this was far more confusing than he thought it originally was.

Turning to face the symbol, he had to squint his eyes against the bright glare of the light. Looking closer, he saw that a white fluid seemed to flow though the lines of the symbols, like blood running through veins. The flashing got brighter, and then the symbol suddenly began to admit a high pitch shrill noise. Wallace clasped his hands over his ears, shutting his eyes against the blinding glare of the symbol's light. The floor of the room shook with great force, and bits and pieces of rock began to fall from the ceiling.

Horrified, Wallace opened his eyes and began frantically looking around for his apprentice and his Pokemon. "RUBY?" he yelled over the noise, his eyes scanning the area as rocks flew around him. A small fearful yelp sounded behind him, and he turned around to find the eleven- year old boy with his Sealeo cowering against the wall. Rushing over to them, Wallace knew that they had to get out here now, or they would be caved in. "Ruby! Are you all right?" he asked the terrified boy. Ruby starred back at his master. "What's happening?" he asked fearfully, panic in his red eyes. Instead of answering immediately, Wallace swiftly pulled out his Sealeo's pokeball. "Return, Francoise!" he said hastily, and the seal Pokemon vanished into red light as it was called back. Turning his attention back to Ruby, Wallace had to yell over the rumble of the falling rocks, "We have to get out of here, NOW!"

He and Ruby began running for the exit when a huge tremor threw them to the ground. Landing on his side, Wallace winced as he felt his bruised shoulder throb. He had to shield his eyes against the white glare that had become too intense to withstand. Suddenly, pain flashed across the palm of his left hand, as though a hot wire was being pressed into his skin with sheer force. Wallace let out a yell of agony that could not be heard over the uproar, and the earthquake became worse. The chamber shook like a Tauros in fury; rocks rolled down the walls, cracks appeared on the walls and floor. Shutting his eyes tightly, Wallace gritted his teeth and prepared for the end. Suddenly everything slowed to a stop, the shrill sound died down, and the light began to fade. As he gasped for breath, Wallace's vision faded as unconsciousness swept over him like a tidal wave, and he hit the floor of the cave silently as he lost consciousness.

As Wallace began to regain consciousness, he heard someone's voice calling out to him. "Master? Master! Are you alright?" Ruby's voice rang out, as the boy kneeled beside his mentor, trying to wake him up. Wallace groaned slightly. His head was pounding, and his muscles were aching. Blinking his eyes open, he saw Ruby staring down at him with a half panicked look on his face.

"Master! Are you okay?"

" I think so..." he said, sitting up. Wallace was shocked at how weak his voice sounded. Not only his voice, but his whole body felt weak. He was shivering slightly and completely drenched in sweat. Placing a hand on the wall for support, he stood up. But as soon as he stood, his legs began to give out on him. He gasped in shock, and he felt whatever energy he had left drain from his body immediately. Stumbling, he felt himself being to collapse when something caught his arm. Looking down, he saw Ruby placing his left arm around his shoulder for support. Giving a nod of thanks, Wallace placed his other hand on the wall to support him. He breathed heavily, trying to regain his energy.

"Master, you're bleeding!"

"Huh?" Wallace blinked and looked down at his stinging left hand. Sure enough, his palm was cover in a thick red blood. He grimaced as he saw the blood run down through his fingers. Ruby stared at his Master, and it was then Wallace realized he was trembling in fear. He could not blame the boy, after what had just happened Wallace would have been surprised if the boy wasn't shaken at all.

His hand began to sting even more, and Wallace gritted his teeth against the pain. "Are you alright?" Ruby asked. Wallace nodded weakly, taking an unsteady step forward. "Yeah, I'm fine... Let's just get out of here..." Ruby grabbed one of his pokeballs, and released Coco, his Delcatty. With a shake of her head, the cat Pokemon lit up the tuff of fur on the end of her tail like a flashlight. Meowing, she began to lead them out the now dark chamber. Together, the three made their through the darkened halls of the shrine. Wallace struggled to stay upright, leaning against Ruby or the wall for support.

As the walked on, Wallace felt some of his strength returning to him. By the time they had exited the Cave of Origin, he could almost stand upright. But every time he let go of Ruby, he felt his legs giving out and had to grab hold of something to prevent himself from collapsing. Standing in front of the entrance, Wallace blinked and looked up to sky. It was dusk, and the sun had already set, giving the evening sky a reddish-purple hue.

"Um… Master, wasn't the League meeting supposed to be tonight?" Ruby asked nervously.

Wallace eyes widened and he swore silently to himself. "Damn it! I forgot about the meeting." The monthly League meeting was a gathering between the Gymleaders, Elite 4 members, and the Champion that took place once each month in Fortree City, at a hotel located close to the Fortree gym. It was during that time each League member would exchange news with the others, and everyone was expected to come unless an emergency or a certain situation arose that prevent them from attending. As he, Wallace, was the League Champion, the highest position of them all, it was his priority to attend the meeting.

While he pondered whether he was late or not, he and Ruby made their way up towards his home. Not wanting to attract attention, they took a shortcut through one of the alleyways, the both of them hidden by the walls of the surrounding buildings. Fortunately, not many people were out at this time of day, so the only things that caught a glimpse of them were a few stray Pokemon. Finally, the duo came off the empty street and onto the path that led to Wallace's home.

"I hope we're not late for the meeting, or Roxanne is never going to shut up about it." Wallace said, grinning at his student. Ruby laughed, "Ha! Since when has Roxanne not complained about anything?" The two laughed slightly as they made their way up the path. As the two neared the house, a tree next to the path shook a little and a small creature perched itself on the top branches, but the young man and his student gave no notice to it what so ever. But if they had turned around and looked at it, they would have seen the creatures watching them.

The creature stared at them through its two amber eyes. It twitched its twin tails, the gem on each of them glowing in a bright red hue like the one on its forehead. Slowly, it's mouth formed into a grin and silently it flew off towards the house, its two drooping ears on each side of its head blowing in the breeze. Landing on the window, it stood on its two stubby feet and watched the boy and his master approach the house. As its gaze reverted to Wallace, its grin widened even more, as it watched him and Ruby in utter silence.

By the time they had reached the front door, Wallace had enough strength to walk without any support at all, though he still felt rather tired and weak. Fumbling in his pocket, Wallace knew that unless they hurried, he was going to get an earful from Roxanne about not being on time. Pulling out the keys, he unlocked the door.

"There… What the h- Oh Damn!" was all Wallace could let out as a large, slobbering Vaporeon came bounding from inside the house and barrelled him over, knocking the wind out of him as it licked his face multiple times before jumping off and running after a panicking Ruby, who did not want to get slobbered on. Groaning slightly as he picked himself slowly off the ground, Wallace looked at Tiger as he tried to wipe the drool off his face. The hyper-active Vaporeon was busying himself with licking Ruby's face, the young boy protesting loudly. Wallace had to smile as he watched Ruby sulk over his now soaked clothes, Tiger happily trotting towards his master. Reaching down, he petted the drooling Pokemon on his head.

Ruby muttered something about having to change his clothes as he passed Wallace and Tiger. Chuckling a little, Wallace walking into the house with Tiger at his heels. The main hallway had light sky blue walls and white tile on the floor. Doorways leading off to other areas in the house stood on each side on the corridor, and at the end of the hallway, a staircase stood leading up to the second floor. Upstairs was almost the exact same as downstairs, except the walls were slightly a slightly darker shade of blue and aquamarine carpet covered the floors.

Strolling down the second floor hallway, Wallace glanced at the clock hanging on the wall to the left of him. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the clock read five o'clock. The meeting wasn't until 9:00 later that night, but everyone was expected to arrive at the hotel around 7:00pm sharp. Considering how much time it took to drive to Fortree, Wallace reckoned he and Ruby had only an hour to prepare. Most of the doors on the second where open, except for one. This room was the one normally occupied by Ruby.

Despite his actual home being in Littleroot, Ruby tended to stay with Wallace more than he did there because he and his father didn't have…well… the best relationship with each other. From behind the door, he could hear his student rummaging through his things and muttering to himself. Wallace continued down the hall until he reached the door to the bathroom.

Turning the handle on the door, Wallace opened the bathroom door and walked in, closing it behind him. The bathroom walls were a sea-foam green, as was the tiled floor. Oak counters stood on one side of the room next to the toilet, their smooth, white marble countertops unmarred by scratches. On the other side, a snowy white bathtub stood against the wall.

After discarding his clothes, Wallace stood in the bathtub, the shower curtain pulled across for privacy. Standing still with the warm water running down his body, Wallace began to clean the wound on his hand. As the blood washed away from the wound, Wallace's eyes widened in astonishment. The cut, on the palm of his hand, was the exact shape as the symbol that had been on the wall in the chamber. He stared at it, shocked at how neatly it had been cut into in his skin perfectly. Running his other hand absent-mindedly through his cerulean hair, he gazed at the peculiar wound for a few more moments before a knock on the bathroom broke his thoughts.

"Occupied" he said flatly, turning his attention away from the wound on his hand. However, another knock was issued at the door. Turning his head to the door this time, he replied a bit louder, "I said occupied!" He reached for the shampoo bottle, slightly annoyed. Thinking it was Ruby, he told himself to teach the boy about patience later. Washing the shampoo out of his hair, he was greatly annoyed when he heard the knocking again. "Ruby, for God's sake, I am in the shower! Just wait for a few moments!" he nearly yelled out, slapping a handful of conditioner on his hair. Swearing quietly under his breath, he busied himself with wiping globs of conditioner off his face. In the process, he failed to notice the sound of the door opening and closing as someone entered the bathroom. Rinsing out the conditioner, Wallace ran his hands through his hair, unaware that he was not alone.

"Do you honestly take that long in the shower?"

Wallace jumped and had to prevent himself from falling as a familiar voice spoke from out side the shower curtain. He swore as he straightened himself up, hearing the speaker laughing. "STEVEN!" he roared, completely annoyed now. His best friend snorted with laugher. Wallace growled slightly, "Do you mind? I happen to be in the shower here!"

"Relax, it's not like I'm going to take a peek at you, am I?"

"Yes, but I, unlike you, happen to like my privacy!"

"Whatever! Now, on an entirely different subject, I actually came here to see why you aren't at the hotel yet. Roxanne is driving everyone crazy; asking where people are, why they aren't here, etc. etc.!"

Wallace frowned at his friend. "But it's not even 7:00 yet! Why is she worried about it now?" He could see the outline of Steven shrug outside the shower. "Since when has Roxanne not complained about anything?" he spoke, mirroring Ruby's words from before. "Also, it was getting a bit hectic there, so I simply said that I would see what was taking you so long, thought I made a side trip on the way…"

Wallace smirked. He had a pretty good idea where his friend had gone. "Let me guess, a bar or liquor store?" he asked tauntingly, watching Steven suddenly become tense. "How did you know?" he demanded. Wallace sighed has he caught a whiff of Steven's breath. "Steven I can smell the alcohol in your breath from here! It not hard to figure out where you've been after smelling that for not even half a second!"

Steven gave no reply, and instead tossed a toilet roll into the shower. "What the hell, Steven? That's not funny!" he roared as heard Steven snort with laughter while he picked up the now soggy roll of toilet paper. He tossed out of the shower, satisfied when he heard it hit Steven in the face. Turning off the shower, he let the excess water run off his body before addressing Steven. "Right, can you get out of the bathroom now?"

"Right-o, I'll be doing that!" his friend said, racing out of the bathroom and slamming the door loudly behind him. "Sorry about that!" Steven said from outside the bathroom. Pulling back the shower curtain and grabbing his robe that hung on the door, Wallace hastily threw it on himself while using a towel to dry his hair. Reaching into the medicine cabinet, Wallace rummaged around before pulling out a roll of gauze bandages. He wrapped them around his wounded hand; occasionally stopping to make sure blood wasn't seeping through.

Satisfied with his work, he removed the towel from his hair and grabbed his hair brush sitting on the countertop. Carefully, he brushed his hair until it obtained its unique style and shine. Finishing up any necessaries included with his grooming, he flicked off the light as he exited the bathroom. Heading down the hallway, he recognised Steven's voice coming from downstairs. Shaking his head, he turned left into his room.

Retrieving his favourite purple pants from his closet, Wallace paced about the room while putting them on. He reached back into his closet to pull out his blue and white chemise shirt, along with his white boots. Fully dressed, he paused to check himself in the mirror above his dresser before adding the finishing touches. Picking up his white beret that was sitting on the dresser, Wallace tucked his hair back as he placed it on his head, leaving a small portion of his bangs hanging out the front.

He grabbed a duffle bag, which he had packed earlier that day, off his bed and switched off the light as he walk out of his room. Strolling down the hall, he could he hear Steven calling his name from downstairs. "You took your time, you moron!" he yelled out when he saw Wallace standing in the living room doorway. Judging by how slurred his speech was, Wallace guessed that his friend's drinking had gotten the better of him. Completely drunk, Steven stumbled around the room, almost knocking several things over in his path. Becoming nervous, Wallace looked around the room and found Ruby sitting on the couch playing with a handheld game system. The boy fiddled with the device, occasionally glancing up to make sure Steven wasn't nearby.

"Right, let's go" he said, motioning for Steven and Ruby to follow him to the garage, where his air car was. On a normal circumstance, Steven would travel around from place to place on his Metagross. However seeing as he was completely inebriated from drinking, Wallace decided it would be safer to drive him rather than have him risk people's lives with his careless flying. "Right, now Steven, you sit in the back with Ruby."

"What? C'mon, I ride shot gun!"

"Yes, but I don't want another Halloween incident again, if you don't mind!"

"Okay! Number one, we weren't driving, we were in a bus! Number two, I vomited out the window instead of on you and Ruby if I remember!" Steven said shortly, raising his hands in defence. Wallace glared at him. "We still got some on us anyways! It was disgusting!"

"Alright, alright, fine!" Steven snapped, climbing into the back of the air car after Ruby. Sighing to himself, Wallace sat in the driver's seat. He started the car, glancing at the rear view mirror to make sure the garage door was fully open before proceeding to back out. Outside was dark and a steady rainfall was coming down. Putting the car into hover, Wallace let it rise a few feet before flying out of Sootopolis and towards Fortree City. Driving steadily through the darkened sky, Wallace listened to the rain pattering on the roof of the car. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, hoping to heck that this wasn't a thunderstorm. As much as they enthused him, he didn't fancy being shot down by a bolt of lightening. Turning his eyes to the rear-view mirror, he caught a glimpse of Ruby playing his game in the back and Steven muttering something to himself. Looking back ahead of him, Wallace saw the familiar glow of other cars and trucks driving along the highway. He lowered the air car on an oncoming ramp, and was soon driving through a wave of traffic.

"By the way Wallace," Steven spoke up from the back seat, "I have been meaning to ask, what happened to your hand there?" Wallace, who had thought it would be just criticism on his driving, was caught off guard by Steven's remark, and nearly rammed into the car in front of him out of distraction. Trying to turn his concentration back on driving, his mind raced with panic, as he heard Ruby swear quietly in surprise. "Uh… I cut myself…" he said, hoping that Steven wouldn't catch the note of panic in his voice. "Oh, hurt yourself again?" his friend said teasingly, "Trying to impress you-know-who again?"

Wallace felt his temperature rise in embarrassment. "No, I was not. Besides, I haven't even seen Winona today," he replied shortly, not wanting to dwell on the topic of his injury as he was still very tired from the incident earlier. Fortunately, Steven didn't press on, and instead began amusing himself with annoying other drivers with obscene hand gestures, much to Wallace's disgust. Drivers and passengers shout out unheard insults, some trying to hit Steven's window with garbage.

"Do you mind? I'd rather not get into an accident because of you creating road rage!" Wallace snapped, causing Steven to jump in his seat slightly. His friend sighed in a bored manner. "How much longer?" he asked. Wallace stared at the clock on the dashboard. "About half an hour more, not long," he simply stated. But instead of responding, Steven had fallen asleep and was snoring quietly. Ruby had also been resting, as Wallace observed them both briefly through the rear-view mirror.

The rest of the drive, Wallace pondered whether or not he should or should not tell the other League members about the mysterious chamber in the Cave of Origin. He came to the conclusion not to, seeing as he hadn't told Steven about it already. To be honest, he wanted to investigate it more before bringing it up, seeing as he and Ruby were probably the only ones who knew of its existence. By now, they had gotten off they highway and were traveling along a forest road which lead into Hoenn's most beautiful city. Coniferous and deciduous trees surrounded them as they drove deep into the forest, the dirt road slightly uneven with potholes and tree roots. The bumpy ride had woken Ruby, and the boy blinked tiredly as he took in their surrounding.

Before long, the dark forest had become lit with lanterns as they group entered Fortree city. Tree houses could be seen high and low, along many roped bridges that hung above the ground. Wallace had no trouble finding the hotel in the center of the city. He knew the area better than most people would, because besides it being the place where the League meeting were held, it also happened to be Winona's hometown. When they were together, she would always bring him to the city and they would climb the tallest tree and watch the sunset with each other. The memory still brought a smile to Wallace's lips, despite how long it had been since then. Parking the car, he reached over the back of his seat and, with a mischievous grin, flicked Steven on the nose. Steven yelped out in shock and nearly went through the car roof in surprise. He swore loudly as Wallace and Ruby laughed hysterically while getting out of the car. Slamming his door shut, Wallace began to sprint after Ruby and Steven, who had already began running to avoid the downpour. Inside the hotel lobby, Wallace could see the familiar faces of his colleagues and friends, some bustling about and some chatting to one another. Most were too busy or too deep into thought to notice him, but some, like Wattson and Flannery, waved and greeted him pleasantly. Nodding back in acknowledgement, Wallace's eyes began scanning the room for one particular individual.

"So, it's about time you showed up!"

Wallace nearly jumped out of his skin as a voice sounded behind him. Clutching his chest, he whipped around to see Roxanne standing behind with an annoyed expression on her face. "Roxanne, don't do that!" he said breathlessly. Ignoring what he just said, she tapped her foot impatiently as she began to lecture him. "What in Groudon's name took you so long? We have been waiting here for over three hours waiting for you!" she snapped. Wallace sighed and suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at her. "I was tending to a situation that required my assistance." Roxanne was not impressed, but then again she hardly ever was. "Like what? A contestant needed last-minute for a contest?" Wallace ignored her sarcastic usage of his position as a Coordinator, and calmly stated, "No, it was something that needed more urgent attention."

"Speaking of which, what happened to your hand?" his colleague asked, pointing to his injury. An alarm rang his Wallace's head as he tried to come up with an excuse. "Cut myself," he said, relieved that his fear did not sound in his voice. "On what?" Roxanne questioned, not satisfied with his answer. "It not of your concern," Wallace replied, hoping that his colleague would not press on anymore. Thankfully, she only nodded and pointed to the front desk on the other side of the lobby. "Fine, well the front desk is over there. Check yourself in, and be ready at 8:25. The meeting is starting a bit earlier than expected." She said bossily, before heading off down the hallway. Wallace stared in confusion. Since when had the meeting changed? He didn't remember getting a memo about the time changing.

Shrugging his shoulders, he decided not to worry about and instead wandered over to the check-in counter. As he neared, he saw a familiar someone standing at the counter, and joy filled him as he recognized the figure of Winona, Fortree's Gymleader. She had her back turned to him, and was in a conversation with the check in clerk. The clerk noticed him standing there and she nodded to him, causing Winona to look over and notice him as well. "Oh, hi Wallace! I was wondering when you'd come!" she smiled politely at him, but that didn't stop a small blush from appearing on her cheeks. Wallace grinned down softly at her, causing her to blush even more. "Sorry I'm late, or that's how Roxanne puts it," he chuckled. Winona waved off the apology, "Don't worry! You're not late at all, Roxanne is just overreacting again. You should check into you room, now. The meeting will start in about an hour's time." With that said, she nodded to the clerk, who looked up from checking the guestbook. Wallace nodded in acknowledgement, and the clerk looked through the names listed in the guestbook. "Ah, here you are," she said while reaching into a drawer, "Your room number is 227, second floor, to your left." She handed him a key, before turning away to help the next person in line. Wallace picked up key, and suddenly felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He began to shake slightly, and his breathing became shuttered.

"Wallace, are you alright?"

Wallace blinked as the dizziness faded away. His breathing returned to normal, but he was still trembling a little. Looking down beside him, he saw Winona starring up him in a concerned manner. He nodded slowly at her, "Yeah, I'm fine… I just felt dizzy for a moment". But this only made Winona worry more. "Dizziness? Wallace, you're not sick are you?"

Wallace shook his head. "No, I was fine earlier on…"

"Then what was that just now? Are you sure you're not coming down with something?"

"I don't know," Wallace answered honestly. Winona looked him, worry written all over face. Then she nodded her head, and said to him, "Let me know if you feel unwell at any time, alright?" Wallace nodded to her, and she smiled at him before turning away and walking down the corridor. Picking up his duffle bag, Wallace turned around and began scouring the room for his apprentice, spotting him near the fireplace. "Come on, I've found our room," Wallace said, walking over to him. "Hang on a minute. I'm just waiting for someone…" Ruby replied. He looked anxious and, at the same time, excited. Wallace blinked in wonder at the boy's behaviour. Suddenly, something orange and blue tackled Ruby from behind. Startled, Wallace whirled around to see his apprentice laughing on the ground as he wrestled playfully with the thing that had knocked him down.

"RUBY!" it yelled out happily in a high, feminine voice.

They stopped play fighting and Wallace saw that it was a little girl. She was rather small than average, had straight brown hair that reached down to her mid-back. She wore a bright orange T-shirt, sky blue jeans, a bright blue woollen winter hat, and an oddly thick blue and white scarf around her neck. But the thing that was the most noticeable about her appearance was her eyes. They were golden amber yellow in colour. Ruby gently pushed the girl off him and stood up; straighten his hat and brushing himself off. "Master, this is my little sister, Amberite," he said, grinning at the girl beside him. "Hi!" she said cheerfully, bouncing a little, "Ruby told me all about you! Wow, he is right, you are awesome!"

Wallace smiled, though slightly embarrassed. He could tell Ruby was too, seeing how he suddenly began to look at random object in the room. Amberite looked straight at Wallace, with at serious look on her face. "Does Ruby drive you crazy?" she asked sternly. Wallace stared in surprise at her. Though they didn't look alike, Amberite had her father's personality without a doubt. "No, he's fine," he said calmly, "Not a problem at all." Amberite grinned and turned around, yelling out, "Hey, Dad! You were wrong!" Norman, Ruby's father, nodded back to his daughter, who was skipping around happily. "I think Ruby's the coolest, but Dad calls him a royal pain in the-"

"Whoa, okay there! No need to tell him that!" Ruby hastily interrupted, covering his sister's mouth with his hand, blushing in embarrassment. His sister pried his hand away, and smirked at the two males. "You wanna see my Pokemon? He's really cool!" she said eagerly. Ruby shrugged, "Sure, why not?" Then, with two fingers, she gently tapped her scarf. Wallace's confusion swiftly turned into surprise and shock as the "scarf" began to unravel itself. Staring, he realized that what he had thought to be a neck accessory was really a small Dratini. The little dragon-type uncoiled itself from its trainer's neck and slithered onto her head. It stared around the room with wide, doe-like eyes.

"Amberite!" Norman called out to his daughter.

"Gotta go, bye Ruby and Ruby's master!" she said quickly before running off after her father at top speed. Wallace, suddenly realizing the time, tapped Ruby's shoulder. "Come on, let's head up before the meeting begins," he told his apprentice. With that said, the two began to proceed up the staircase towards the second floor.

"I didn't know you had a little sister," Wallace said as they climbed the spiralling stairwell. "Yeah. Most people here don't" Ruby replied, adjusting the strap on his backpack, "She originally couldn't come with us to Hoenn because she was in the hospital." Wallace looked down at his discipline, alarmed. "Hospital?" he asked. Ruby nodded. "She has this disease that affects her breathing and immune system. When we lived back in Johto, Amberite was really weak and was always in the hospital. They had to put her on an oxygen supply because she could barely breathe. Heck, she could hardly even sit up. The doctors thought she would recover, but she kept getting worse and worse. But for a short while, she seemed to be getting better. Then, when we were about to move to Hoenn, Amberite suddenly became very sick. The Goldenrod Hospital couldn't do anything to help her anymore, so she was transferred to the Hospital in Olivine City. My grandmother lives in Olivine, so she looked after Amberite while they treated her. Because of the better medical care there, my sister's health has improved a lot. They released her about a month ago, and she was able to finally come and live here. My mom says the air here is much cleaner than in Johto, so Amberite doesn't have to spend her time in a hospital a lot."

By this time, they had reached the second floor of the hotel. Standing in front of the door to their room, Wallace had to adjust the position of the duffle bag in order for him to use the room key. The inside, the walls were made of pine hardwood, and the floor was a soft tan carpet. Two relatively sized beds, made of what Wallace guessed was solid oak, stood alongside one of the walls. A television stood on the opposite side of the room, next towards the bathroom. Across from the door was a large window, from which one could see the sun rise in the morning over the tops of the forest trees. In truth, the room looked like a well-furnished tree house.

Placing his bag on the bed farthest from the window, Wallace suddenly felt himself shiver, as though a cold wind had swept over him. Startled, he looked towards the window to see if it was open, only to find that it was closed shut. Even so, he knew he hadn't imagined it. He wondered if he was coming down with something, but brushed the thought away, telling himself that it was only exhaustion and that this would pass by tomorrow morning. Coming out of his train of thought, Wallace saw Ruby staring at him with a look of confusion on his face.

"You okay, Master?" he asked.

Wallace nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. Come, we need to head down before Roxanne sends her Graveler after us." The two laughed lightly as they walked out of the room. As they headed down the stairs, Wallace began to feel a little dizzy and shaky. Occasionally, he thought he heard someone talking in hushed voices. But when he turned his head, all he saw was some trainer's Zizagoon or Seedot, freely exploring the hotel. Once in the hotel lobby, everyone was to gather in a group and wait for the others. By the looks of it, Wallace guessed he was one of the last to arrive, seeing as Brawly and Sidney weren't there either.

Roxanne did a roll call.

"Is everyone here?"


"Good, now for roll call…"

Everyone groaned.


"Right here, pretty lady!"

"Whatever… Wattson?"


"Shut up Wattson, that joke is really annoying… Flannery?"

"Yup, here!"

"Okay… Norman?"

"Right here."



"Tate, Liza?"





At this point, Wallace's weariness got the better of him. His eyes closed, and he began to dozed off, only to be awoken by Roxanne's loud voice calling his name.


"Huh?" he said, startled. Blinking himself awake, he realized that everyone was staring at him; some with utter confusion, and others with amusement. "Oh, here…" he said, embarrassed. Brawly sniggered, and Wallace threw him a sharp glare. Roxanne took note of the attendance, which everyone found to be a waste of time. "Come ON! I'm starving!" Sidney complained. Roxanne glared daggers at him, and shut the attendance notebook with a loud snap. Turning on her heel, she stormed off into the dining hall. Almost immediately, Brawly went in after. Everyone knew what would come next; a one-shot flirt with Roxanne, followed by slap-in-the-face shoot down. Which was what exactly happened, proof being the shocked and annoyed exclamation from Roxanne along with the sound of a slap. Then they saw Brawly scurrying away across the hall, rubbing the left side of his face. A few people sniggered with laughter as they entered the hall. Wallace walked through the dining hall, and seated himself at a table with Ruby, Tate, Juan, and Steven. While they ate, Wallace and the others listened to the conversations going around. Two tables down, Brawly was telling Sidney and Wattson that he would be heading Sinnoh in a week's time to visit some friends of his. At another table, Glacia was having a discussion with Drake about straggies to use when battling opponents.

"Hey, Juan! Have you found a girlfriend yet, or are you still 'looking'?" Brawly yelled out to Wallace's former mentor. The dark-grey haired man looked away while replying, "None of your business". But Brawly only grinned wider at the older male's embarrassment. "That a no then, right? Don't worry, maybe someday you'll find someone. Maybe", he said teasingly.

Juan face went red with embarrassment, and Wallace yelled, "Shut up, Brawly!" Brawly shrugged his shoulders, stating that he was only joking, and went back to his meal. Juan gave Wallace a grateful glance, and continued eating. Just then, Flannery's voice caught his ears.

"-and I'm going to use that open field I have behind my Gym as a Rapidash ranch!" she said, gushing happily. Steven snorted into his soup. "A ranch, what next?" he chortled.

"Where are you getting the Rapidash from?" Winona asked curiously.

"An old friend of grandpa's own a farm that breeds Rapidash. This year, they've been breeding like crazy, so now he has too many of them to look after. He's giving me some to keep because he knows I am skilled with Fire Pokemon. And I have a lot of spare time on my hands, so this is a good way to spend it." Flannery replied happily.

"Can I come and ride one sometime?" Winona's student, Sapphire, asked enthusiastically. The 11 year old girl was almost literally bouncing in her chair in excitement. Liza was as equally hopeful, "Can I try, too?"

"Sure!" Flannery laughed.

The two girls squealed with delight and began talking, but Wallace wasn't paying attention to the conversation anymore. Instead, he was focusing his gaze on Winona, sitting next to Flannery. The lavender haired woman was too busy eating to notice him gazing at her, but if she did notice, she ignored it. Wallace knew that it was better for her to not notice rather than get annoyed with him. He was so deep into thought that he didn't even notice Steven asking him something. The way her hair flowed with the wind, the sweet melody of her voice, her beautiful eyes, all of which made her captivating. But he knew that true beauty lies inside the heart, and he knew hers well. Kind, gentle, sweet, caring, strong, and brave. That's what he loved about her the most. He continued to ponder until Steven broke his thoughts.

"Hello? Are you awake? The meeting's going to start, what are you waiting for?"

"Huh-What? Oh, yeah, right… I'm coming..." Wallace said, startled. He stood up from his chair, and a strange sensation came over him. His whole body felt cold, as thought he was frozen in ice. The dining hall suddenly got louder with voices similar to the ones Wallace had heard before, and he swung his head around to see if more people had entered. None had, but before he could do anything, his vision suddenly became disoriented. Wallace let out a yelp of shock and tripped as he backed into a chair. He fell on his back, and his vision and senses returned to normal. Blinking, he saw Ruby and Steven running over to him. "Are you alright?" Ruby asked fearfully. "Yeah, I'm okay…" Wallace replied slowly. "What the hell just happened back there?" Steven questioned him, being serious. "Nothing, I just tripped…" he said quietly. He stood up, and began to walk out of the dining hall, only to have Steven stop him. "Are you sure you're alright?" he asked, a concerned look on his face. "I'm fine!" Wallace said, tiredly. But in fact, he felt awful. His head was beginning to throb and he felt nauseated. Trying to keep him focused on the meeting, he and Steven proceeded into the conference room. Ruby, along with Sapphire and Amberite, were to wait outside until the end. Sitting in his selected seat, Wallace found it getting harder and harder to maintain his focus. However, he somehow managed to stay awake and listen to the other's reports.

"-and that's all I have to report on about Dewford." Brawly said, finishing his report on his hometown's ongoing events. As usual, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Clearing is thoart in an unnecessary manner, Wattson stood up and began to dicuss his work on New Mauvile, an underground amusement part for kids.

"We had some problems with the system again but everything's fine, once we found the GENERAL problem with the GENERATOR! WAHAHAHA!" he laughed at his corny joke, while almost everyone else groaned. Wallace wished that his colleague would put a cap on the jokes for once. His headache had become a full-blown migraine, pounding relentlessly. He groaned slighty, placing his hands on his forehead. Wattson, not noticing everyone's boredom, continued to let rip jokes in the middle of sentences, much to some people's annoyance. The only ones who did laugh were Flannery and Brawly, though they did so politely. When Wattson finished, they whole room literally let out a sigh of relief. "Thank Wattson for that very…informative speech… Now, Roxanne, what do you have to report on?" Winona said, addressing her colleague. Roxanne stood up, and began a very long lecture about the dangers of using the move Explosion in a building. "Why, did you do that?" Flannery said, laughing. Roxanne glared at her, continuing in a stern tone. This had to be the most boring part of the meeting. "Jeez, she couldn't've just given us an explanation on not to run around with a bomb in our hands." Steven said yawning. Beside him, Wallace didn't answer. He had never felt this horrible in his life; his head felt like it was splitting in two, his body ached, and he felt extremely nauseated. He couldn't even stay awake anymore; within mintues he was half asleep. Roxanne's voice awoke him, "WALLACE! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?"

Wallace jumped in surprise, and saw that everyone was now staring at him. It wasn't normal for him to fall asleep during a meeting, no matter how tired he was. He nodded slowly, trying to speak. "…go on…" he managed muttered weakly. He didn't know if he could make through the rest of meeting now. Everyone was silently muttering to each other. "Heh… Can't blame him for falling asleep, Roxanne's report is as boring as hell…" he heard Sidney say to Wattson. Roxanne knocked him on the head with her clipboard and took off from where she left off. "Now as I was saying…"

Wallace couldn't pay attention any longer. His head suddenly seared with pain, as did his body. His sight began to blurr and his hearing began to fade. His breathing became rapid, and then his strength finally gave out. He fell forward and hit his head on the table, hearing the smack in his ears. His vision faded as he slipped from his chair and fell to to floor. He heard someone scream out his name, but couldn't distinguish who. Wallace hit the floor, and lost conicousness completely…

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