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Into the life of a Chibi

By: Prince Tyler Briefs AND Taiora DaiKari

"I'm bored."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not." Wildwing sighed and flipped over onto his stomach so he could face his five-year-old brother better. Nosedive looked at him, hanging upside down over the edge of his bunk bed.

"If you fall off I'll laugh."

"So will I." Wildwing grinned. It was impossible to win an argument with that kid. From downstairs the smell of baking cookies drifted, and Wing could see the mischievous glint forming in Nosedive's eyes.

"You'll get burned again."

"I don't care."

"Is a cookie really worth it?"

"You better believe it!" Wildwing sighed and a honking noise came from outside. Startled, Nosedive fell over the edge. As he promised Wildwing laughed and helped his brother to his feet before walking to the window.

"What is it Wing?"

"It's one of those big moving vans. Looks like it pulled in across the street."

"Lemme see!" Before Wing could answer Dive had climbed up his legs, onto his back, and was sitting on his shoulders. "Oh wow! That's a big truck!"

"Yeah I know. That is before you're hands were covering my eyes." Nosedive moved his fingers and peered down at his brother.

"You're no fun Wildwing."

"Yeah well you're to much fun Nosedive." Nosedive gave a mock gasp and fell into his brother's arms.
"To much fun? No such thing!" Wildwing snickered once more and set Dive on the ground.

"Lets go see if they have any kids."


"'Cause I can only stand you for so long." Nosedive made a face as Wildwing nonchalantly walked down the stairs.

"Mom! We're going to go see if the new neighbors have any kids!"

"Okay Wildwing. Hey! Why don't you run this batch of cookies over for me to?" At the word cookies a small form rushed part of the way down the stairs, tripped, and fell the rest. Wildwing giggled and took the plate from his mother.

"Alright mom." The blonde duck smiled and ruffled Wildwing's hair affectionately before looking sternly at the pair of large green eyes peering eagerly out from behind Wildwing's leg.

"Don't even think about it Nosedive."

"Aw mom...."

"Don't aw mom me young man. I'll make you your own special batch later okay?" Nosedive let out a whoop and Wildwing broke into an ear-to-ear grin.

"Come on squirt, we better deliver these cookies while they're still hot. Remember, 20 minutes or less or it's free."

"Okay...and I'm not a squirt!" The pair strolled across the somewhat icy street and to the van. Two slightly over weight movers were lifting a couch while a tall and strapping young tan duck watched. Nosedive hid behind Wildwing's leg as Wing approached him.

"Um excuse me sir?" The duck looked down at them and smiled.

"Hey you two! You some of our new neighbors?" Wildwing nodded before continuing.

"Do you own this house?"

"Wa, who me? Nah. But my parents do. I'm Nathaniel Thunderbeak. What's you're name?"

"Wildwing Flashblade. And this bundle of yellow is my baby brother Nosedive." Nosedive waved a small hand and Nathaniel waved back.

"I've got a kid brother to, his name is Canard. He looks about your age. You ten Wildwing?"


"Cool! Canard will be happy to have some new friends. Why don't you, your cookies, and your bundle of yellow go around back and find him?"

"Sure." Wildwing set off quickly, Nosedive clinging tightly to his pant leg. As they disappeared around the corner Nathaniel gave a small wave, which Nosedive returned.

"He's nice."

"Yeah, seems so." All of the sudden he came face to face with a large squirt gun. "What the heck?!" Another tan duck, about the same height as Wildwing but not as broad shouldered, glared at them from behind the gun.

"Who are you? Who sent you? What do you want?"

"Um...I'm Wildwing and this is my kid brother Nosedive. We were sent by a Nathaniel Thunderbeak to find a Canard Thunderbeak." The kid sighed and lowered the gun.

"Nathan would send you back here to find me."

"So...You're Canard?"

"Canard Thunderbeak, Best Sharpshooter this side of the house." Nosedive, who'd taken refuge behind Wildwing at the sight of the gun, snickered. Canard looked down at him.

"What are you laughing at short stack?"

"Hey! I'm not THAT short!" Wildwing shook his head. He could already see making friends with this kid was going to be difficult.

"We've got cookies." Canard eyed them suspiciously.

"What kind?"

"Chocolate chip and Peanut butter!" Nosedive piped up, obviously hopping Canard wouldn't like them. To his disappointment Canard grinned.

"Alright my favorite! Why don't you come over here and share them with me Wildwing?" Wildwing pretended not to notice the absence of an invitation for his brother, or Nosedive's rather indignant glare.

"Sure okay." The ten year olds went at sat down in the shade of a rather large oak tree, Nosedive tagging along.

"Liking the neighborhood so far Canard?" Canard gave a snort.

"Yeah, what I've seen of it. My dad won't let me out of the back yard. Says `It's to dangerous to let a kid you're age go wandering around the big city.'" Wildwing gave a short laugh.

"Believe me, this isn't the big city."

"I didn't think so. But he'll let Nathaniel go where ever he wants." Wildwing raised an eyebrow at how angrily Canard had spat his brother's name, but said nothing about it. After all, not all siblings got a long as well as he and Nosedive. Dive, meanwhile, was busy trying to sneak some cookies. All he got for his efforts was a smack on the hands from Canard, who seemed to be pretending he didn't exist.

"You into Hockey Wildwing?"

"Sure. I'm going to be a goalie someday. The best goalie since Drake DuCaine." Canard gave a snort that was a cross between laughter and disgust.

"You really believe all that junk about the legendary Drake DuCaine?" Wildwing said nothing but Nosedive stood up furiously.

"It is not junk! Drake DuCaine was the best guy ever! He saved the world from total destruction and he had this totally awesome mask and..." Nosedive fell silent when he saw the furious look Canard gave him.

"Look kid, when I want your opinion I'll ask for it!" Nosedive opened his beak to say something more but Wildwing grabbed cookie and pressed it into Nosedive's hand.

"Hey Nosedive I think mom's calling you. Maybe you better go home." Nosedive left his beak open for a minute, staring at his brother in shock. Then he shut it quickly and looking hurt, indignant, and abandoned turned and left.


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~TD and Prince Tyler Briefs