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"Demon/Summon Talking"

'Demon/Summon Thinking'


Chapter 1:Black Wings

"W..hy?" stuttered Naruto as he watch as Kakashi pull his now bloody hand from his chest. "Why? Because your the demon that killed sensei" spat Kakashi with disgust in his eyes. "Y..You Traitor" Naruto coughed out as his vision started to go black. He looked over to Sasuke and sakura only to see them smiling as they watch him die. Y..Your a..all trai..tors said Naruto as his world went black. 'Am i dead? is this the end for me?' Thought Naruto as he continued to drift through darkness. 'No i don't want to die yet Help me Please some one any one help me' Thought Naruto. "Help You Ill Help you" Roared a voice In the darkness."who are you' thought Naruto "You Will Know Soon Enough But First Open Your Eyes".Roared the Voice. Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a sewer with water up to his waist and it was riasing . "were am i?"asked Naruto as He started To walk through the sewer. He walked for about 3 Min until he came upon a Room with a giant cage with a small piece op paper with the kanji for seal on it. "Closer" "Come Closer" He heard the voice say. As he got close enough to the cage he saw 2 Giant red eyes looking down at him. "So We Finally Meet Face to Face Naruto" roared the voice. "W..who are y..ou and where am i" stuttered Naruto as he backed away from the cage. "I Am The Great,Powerful and Sexy Kyubii No Kitsune And This Is Your Mind" Roared the newly identified Kyubii."Y..Your the Ky..ubii stuttered Naruto With fear in his eyes only for it to turn to anger "YOU" Yelled "YOUR THE REA- started Naruto only to be cut off by the Kyubii."I Know I Know Im The reason Your life Is A Living Hell I get It And Im Sorry But We Have More Important Things To Talk About"Said Kyubii "Important things like What" asked Naruto. Well For One Your Dying And Because That Damn Yondaime Our Soul Are Intwined So If You Die i Die And I Dont Plan On Dying Anytime Soon"Said Kyubii. "Then what do we do"growled Naruto Through Grind Teeth as he remembered being betrayed by his so call team. " Simple All You Have To Do Is Ripe The Seal In Half" spoke Kyubii " How Do I know that you wont just devour my soul and take over my body" Asked Naruto With Narrowed eyes " because I Give My Word As A Demon Lord. Now Hurry Up we Dont Have Much Time" Roared Kyubii As He watched the wather get higher and higher. "What Will Happen if i do this" Asked Naruto as he neared the seal."You Will Become A Full Blood Demon And Gain All My Knowledge"spoke Kyubii. " WHAT A DEMON NO FUCKING WAY AM I DONIG THAT"Yelled Naruto." FOOL WOULD YOU RATHER DIE LIKE SOME WORTHLESS LOWLIFE" Roared the Kyubii in anger "DAMN I HAVE NO CHOICE"Yelled Naruto As He ripped The Seal In watched As The kyubii's yokai Started To Flow Through the cage and around him. "By The way This Will Hurt"Spoke the Kyubii With a Grin as he watch as naruto doubled over in pain and then everything went black.

Kakashi and the rest of team 7 were finishing there fight with Zabuza and Haku now that the demon was dead When they were hit with a Very strong killing intent and a very strong chakra surge.

"W..what The Hell is tha"t Screamed Gay Emo( I mean Sasuke) As he lost his balance due to the killing intent. 'This Killing Intent Its stronger than HIS' Though Sasuke.

'W..w..w..what's this feeling were is it coming from' though the the Pink haired Who-I mean Sakura as she wet her self.

'This Killing Intent is it Kakashi No it's more sinister and foul'Thought Zabuza.

'Zabuza-sama please be ok'Though Haku as he looks towards zabuza.

'This Killing Intent It cant be i killed it'Thought Kakashi as he looked towards the dead body of Naruto only to see it covered in red and black chakra

Hearing a gasp from Kakashi everyone turned to look at what he was looking and all eyes opened wide because when the chakra cleared there standing in the middle of the bridge was Naruto But that not why they were shock it was because of his appearance his once blonde spike hair was know black tamed shoulder length hair with red tips he no longer had blue eyes but Golden eyes with slits for the pupil he also had fangs poking out of his top lips and sharp claws on his hand and toes but the most surprising thing was the Two Black Wings coming from his Back

Naruto looked towards the group and Smiled A Sinister smile as spread his new wings and said in a Demonic voice "Im Back"

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