What does Elaine see in Guybrush?

This takes place at the end of the first Monkey Island game.

Guybrush and Elaine stood outside Stan's office watching LeChuck explode in the sky. After going through a long tiring journey, Guybrush had finally been reunited with Elaine.

"I love you" said Elaine to Guybrush back at Elaine's house.

"I have a question." Said Guybrush. "Why?"

"Why what?" replied Elaine.

"What may I ask do you see in me? I poisoned your dogs or at least put them to sleep, and seeing as how they're still sleeping, I think they got put into a coma. I broke into your house, damaged the rooms along with putting a hole in your wall and stole your idol. We've hardly had any conversations in the past and we barely know each other!"

"Well….." struggled Elaine.

"I'm not done." Interrupted Guybrush. "I barely have any qualifications except for holding my breath for ten minutes. Don't ask me how I can do it, I'll only say it had something to do with sharing a room with somebody who had bad wind for one night, and don't ask me why there only exists one death in the whole game where I can drown underwater with that damn idol tied to my leg. Plus I want to be a pirate, a heartless sea robber."

"You tried to rescue me." Smiled Elaine. "You have some heart."

"The way you were." Frowned Guybrush. "You looked like you could rescue yourself. I'm done talking Elaine, what do you see in me?"

"Sigh…..O.K Guybrush you really wanna know?"


"Because I'm lonely, Guybrush, being Governor has left me little time to find love."

"I see."

"Plus my friends make fun of me for being a virgin. I bet them that if I didn't lost my virginity in just under a month. I'd give them each 100 pieces of eight."

"Whoa! Elaine! But you said you had a husband!"

"I made him up, so you too wouldn't get a chance to make fun of me, I may be a governor but even I can do immature things. So are you coming to bed or not?"

Guybrush smiled. "Just let me take my pantaloons off."