It was still one week before Bill and Fleur's wedding. Everyone including Harry was cleaning something. Mr. Weasley was in his shed trying to stay out of the way. Harry , Fred and George were degnoming the garden again. Ron was cleaning the attic, although he didn't know why, 'nobody is going into the attic' he was thinking. Hermione and Ginny were helping Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen. Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Remus and Tonks were just entering the wards when there was a loud pop.

They saw a large group of people lying on the grass. It was a group of mostly red heads. Everyone outside moved in the direction of the group with their wands out, everyone inside came running out. As they got closer they could hear some mumbling. The group of Weasleys kept Harry and Ginny toward the back because they weren't supposed to do any magic at home yet as they were still underage.

Finally one person sat up in the group, he looked to be in his late teens, and said "Oh, that has to be the worst portkey in history. Do me a favor James, next time your Dad wants to make an emergency portkey tell him we would rather stay than go through that again." Murmurs of agreement were heard throughout the group.

Mr. Weasley took over at that point and said "Excuse me what are you doing here."

A blond girl in the group had sat up and she said, "Sorry Grandpa, Uncle Ron and Uncle Harry saw someone in Diagon Alley that they have been after for a while. Uncle Harry made a portkey and sent us back here to stay out of the way. It took longer than normal to travel but I think we are all intact." The girl then started calling a list of names and got answers of "here" or "I'm fine's" from the group around her.

At the word 'Grandpa' Mr. Weasley had turned to look at his wife with a questioning, confused look. As she continued her statement he turned to look at Ron and Harry with the same look.

"Ok, everyone is here, accounted for and all in one piece." she said.

As the rest of the group started to sit up and then stand they noticed it was indeed a group of children. But knowing the tricks of the death eaters they still had their wands trained on the group. The new group was dusting off and started looking around, as each person focused on the Weasleys their mouths dropped open.

"Uh… Ted, " one of the red head boys said.

"What James " was the answer from a boy in the back who was checking one of the younger children.

"Something is wrong."

Again he answered "What James."

The red head said "Everyone has their wands pointed at us and there is a woman with hair like yours."

"What do you mean hair like mine" the boy paused to asked.

"Colorful, like yours" the red head answered.

Finally the boy named Ted from the back of the group looked up and promptly fell on his backside. The blond girl looked up, stood straight and moved to the front of the group. She looked at Fleur and in French said "When I was four you told me that when you saw Dad, Bill, for the first time it was at the tri-wizard tournament on family day. You immediately fell in love and decided to move to England to find him and marry him. You also told me no one else knows that."

Fleur lowered her wand and walked to the girl, threw her arms around her and gave her a hug. After a few moments she asked, "Who are you all?"

The blond laughed and said "We are the combined Weasley, Potter, Lupin clan."

Tonks lowered her own wand and asked "Lupin? I mean, who are you exactly, where are you from and why are you here?" With that question everyone of the new group started talking at once and no one could understand a thing.

"SHUT UP" yelled Ginny who had moved to the front and was met with a few sorrys and then silence. Ginny continued, "Ok, you blond in the front, who is obviously related to Fleur, start explaining."

The blond said, "My name is Victoire Weasley, daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley, we are from… what year is it here?"

Ginny said "1997."

"Thanks Aunt Ginny, we are from nineteen and a half years in the future. We had been Christmas shopping in Diagon Alley, Uncle Harry made this portkey to send us back to the Burrow in our time. Evidentially something went wrong."

Everyone in both groups nodded. Then Remus said, "Maybe you shouldn't say anything more about the future, it could cause us to change something."

Ted replied, "No problem, when Harry figures out what happened he'll be here to sort it all out and we'll obliviate you when we all go to leave."

Ginny smiled as a thought came to her mind and she asked Victoire, "You said Uncle Harry, did you mean Harry Potter?" Victoire nodded and smiled back as Ginny continued, "Is that an honorary title or are you actually related to him?"

Victoire smiled her largest as she said "Related."

Ron chuckled as he saw his brothers confused faces, finally Fred said, "How can he be related to you, he would have to be married to Ginny."

"Brilliant deduction Fred." Ron said sarcastically, "Did you think of that all on your own or did you have George's help."

"But Harry isn't interested in Ginny, is he?" Everyone in the Weasley group turned around to look at Harry who was busy staring at Ginny with a small smile on his face.

"So this means we win the war." Ginny finally said.

Everyone looked at Victoire as she said, "Yes we win."

Cheers rose from the group of Weasleys, and everyone was patting Harry on the back, several of the new group were confused by these actions. So Victoire interrupted to make more introductions, starting with her own siblings then Percy's kids, George's, Ron's and then Ginny and Harry's. Harry, Ron and Hermione had moved up to stand by Ginny.

When Ron's kids were introduced he looked at Hermione with a huge grin on his face. When Percy's children asked where he was Mr. Weasley said he was working on a special project and wouldn't be home for a couple of days, it was obvious that in their time Percy was again part of the family. Harry and Ginny were holding hands and had huge smiles on their faces when their three children were introduced.

Fred looked at George and said, "I can't believe you get married and I don't. I thought we would do everything together." George just shrugged he couldn't imagine do anything without Fred. None of the new group said anything several wouldn't even look at the twins. Fred said, "At least you name your kid after me." Then it hit him in a blink and Fred understood, "I don't make it do I."