After the group of future Weasleys had left Harry turned to the people still there, "Ok, what do you think Ted, its late we can just get everyone to their beds and do the obliviate there and they wake in the morning with a good night's sleep?"

"Sounds good to me Harry, you're the boss." Ted grinned and Harry just rolled his eyes.

The twins walked up to Harry and said, "So you think… you're the big bad Auror now? You think we… will just hop… right into bed… and not even… give you any grief… about our sister or anything?" Harry just rolled his eyes and folded his arms and looked at the twins. The twins had their backs to the group so everyone could see Harry's reactions. The twins continued one talking then the other, "Right so we… have some rules …if you are going… to date Ginny."

Harry grinned at them thinking it's been too long since they talked like that, "I'm already married to Ginny and have been for more than eighteen years and we have three kids, I'm sure I have already broken any rule you may want to apply."

"No." they said, "These are rules… you need to leave… with our younger Harry, don't obliviate these." So they turned to the younger Harry and laid out rules about no snogging, no touching and such. Older Harry was trying not to laugh while the twins had their backs to him. After several minutes they were finished and the younger Harry and Ginny were looking quite put out. Then the twins turned around and saw the look on the older Harry's face.

By this time he had gotten his laughter under control, but just barely. He was able to produce his most menacing glare, the one he normally reserves for the jerks they are out catching as Aurors. Then just to enhance it he let a little bit of magic go, just enough to ruffle his hair. The twins were wide eyed, they turned back to younger Harry and Ginny and said, "Never mind" and they walked briskly inside.

Ted was struggling not to laugh at the two young men, "Harry that was a bit mean don't you think. That was 'The Look'. You generally save that one for the really stupid jerks we go after. "

"Yeah, I know, couldn't resist after all those stories you told." Harry laughed, "I'll let them know I was teasing when we go up to obliviate them."

Charlie chuckled uneasily, "If that was teasing, I would hate to see you really angry." Harry and Ted laughed again. Charlie Continued, "Earlier when Ron called you DA Ted said it wasn't because of an animagus form. And Rose said you were a manimagi. What's all that about?"

Harry grinned, "I started out as a Phoenix animagus. But when you're a magical animal you can take other forms as well. One of my forms is a dragon, what to see it?"

Harry stepped away from the group and changed into his favorite dragon form. Looking away from the group he spit a bit of fire. He then changed back and walked back to the group. All had shocked looks on their faces.

"You'll get a better look later." Harry said, "But so far I have over three hundred forms I can do. Oh I can still do magic in any animal form."

The group walked back to the burrow in awe and inside the kitchen, the twins had been looking out the window and were now looking at Harry with a lot of trepidation.

Younger Harry said while hugging Ginny, "I really hate to think of being away from the Burrow for a year, not getting to see anyone." Ron and Hermione agreed.

"Actually." older Harry said, "Its two years. The kids only know about the first year because it's harder to explain about the second one, it's kind of unbelievable for me still." Everyone, including Ted, look at him, waiting for the explanation, "At the end of the battle I disappear in a flash of fire before anyone can reach me. Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes takes me on... a little trip. I'm gone another year and I make it back just in time for the one year celebration/remembrance day. Ted I'll explain in more detail later. The Weasley adults, Aunt Minnie and Kingsley are the only ones who know."

Younger Harry sat down on a chair mumbling, "Two years." over and over.

"Harry, why is it that all of the weirdest stuff happens to you?" Ron asked, then turned to the older Harry, "Do Hermione and I help him again? And who's Aunt Minnie?"

"Aunt Minnie is Minerva McGonagall and I get help just not from you two." After a few minutes older Harry reached over to Fred and gave him a hug. "Just so you know, you are still missed, we didn't stop living, but you are missed. I'm glad I got to mess with your head one last time."

Fred nodded and said, "Yeah, I see where you get the reputation from, you're downright scary at times mate. I guess we never have to worry about someone hurting Ginny at least."

"Actually no one messes with any of us." Ted spoke up, "Once in my first year some Slytherin boys were giving me a hard time saying my Dad was a mudblood because he was a werewolf. I was about to get into a fight with them when Professor Neville came by a put a stop to it. He asked us what was going on and I told them that they were saying a bad word, he asked what's the word and I told him Harry told me never to say it. He said it's ok to tell him what word, just don't use it. So I told him and he said yeah Harry Potter would be very disturbed by that word. The other two boys asked what does Harry Potter have to do with this, and I said he's my Godfather and he told me that's a terrible word. They never bothered me again."

Harry just shook his head and said, "Ok, Ted, go with Fred and George and put them to bed." The twins looked like they were disgusted by Harry's choice of words but went up to their room anyway.

Ginny had sat on Harry's lap to help sooth him about the two year separation, "Why don't you just take me with you this year then it will only be a one year separation."

"Can't, you have the trace and we had to be able to do magic." Older Harry said.

Ginny was still pouting when Ted got back. Next Ted took Bill and Fleur and Harry took Charlie, Molly and Arthur. When they returned again Harry took Hermione and Ron and Ted took Remus and Tonks, Remus was bunking with Fred and George and Tonks was with Fleur. When they came back for the other Harry and Ginny Ted stepped outside. After Ginny was obliviated and sleeping the two Harry's walked up to Ron's room.

Ron was snoring when the older Harry said, "I wish I could leave you this memory but I can't. Everything will turn out good but you will have to forget it for now."

Harry said, "I'm just glad to know all my dreams come true." With that Harry was asleep. Older Harry walked out of the Burrow and said, "When word gets back to the Aurors about this I wonder what they will think."

"When you're yelling at us about being more careful you always tell a story of something stupid you did. Ted Laughed, "We know you're not perfect and that you will beat yourself up more than anyone else would. With that Harry brought out their time turner, Ted touched it and Harry whispered, "Portus" and with a pop they were gone.

The next morning in 1997 Harry told Ron on the way downstairs, "I have a good feeling today, like everything is going to work out fine."