This is the second chapter to the sequel of You're Really Not Kidding. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out but I had to get back into the anime.

Somewhere inside the village of Kirigakure.

Amaifuyu watched as the mark moved slowly around the market looking at different types of fruit as he trailed slowly behind his mark. He was waiting for the right second to send his kunai into the mans heart so he can get on with his mission and kill his target.

About two minutes later he finally found his time to strike. Stealthily drawing his arm back to throw the kunai into the mans heart he looked out of the corner of his eye at his partner Hakushi knowing he was supposed to deliver the deadly blow.


Turning his vision back to his target and his eyes widened in shock as he watched his target fell to the ground dead. Looking back at Hakushi he saw the same look on his partners face. He then watched as an unknown female ninja jumped down from a building and grabbed his target and then fled into another building before the people around her could even think about what had happen.

Running up to Hakushi he said "Should we go after her ,we need the marks sash to finish the mission?"

"Yeah lets go after her which building did she go into?"

"Fourth on the left I think."

Entering the building Hakushi looked around trying to find the other ninja.

"There she is!" Amaifuyu shouted.

As soon as he shouted the female ninja turned from where she had been going through the mans belongings. Quickly whipping out a long katana she got into a fighting stance.

"What the hell do you want?"

"You took our fucking target!" Amaifuyu yelled.

"I found him and took him down first he's my tar-" "Ritala stop just take the stuff you need from the man and let them have him. We don't really need him."

Hakushi snapped his head towards the sound finally noticing the other ninja this one being another female who was sitting on a beam smoking a long black pipe.

"B-But Kuroi I got to hi-"

"I don't care who got to him first you don't need his body you just want his money. They actually need him for something. Let them have him."

"Fine" The ninja named Ritala grumbled and turned around to pick up the bag she had filled up before slinging said bag over her shoulder. She then jumped onto the beam where Kuroi was and jumped out the window beside it.

"Have fun with your catch today boys!" Kuroi said as she waved and jumped out the window after her partner.

"What a weird bunch." Hakushi sighed as he went over and plucked the sash from around the dead mans waist.

"Yeah girls are so weird but at least we got the sash right?" Amaifuyu exclaimed as he trotted over to his lover and partner in crime.

"That's true but I think we should find out where those girls went they sounded kind of interesting." Hakushi murmured as he walked over to the building exit to look for the two ninjas.

15 minutes later_

"God where the fuck are those two?" Amaifuyu yelled as he looked at Hakushi. "They only had like two fucking seconds to get away from us and now their gone!"

"Their they are!" Yelled Hakushi as he pointed to a shop window .

Amaifuyu immediately started dragging his partner over to where the two ninja's sat eating. But halfway to the shop entrance Hakushi stopped and pulled him back.

"What are you doing?"

"Im taking us to the shop to talk to those girls!" Amaifuyu said as he stole an exasperated look at Hakushi.

"No your not, we cant just stroll in there and say 'Hey how are you doing we just followed you here after you were nice enough to let use have the guy you killed' that's not exactly a good plan!"

"I thought it was a good plan and if you aren't coming then ill do it myself" Then he turned and stomped his way into the shop and right up to the two girls leaving his lover standing in the dust.

7 minutes later_

Amaifuyu walked back out of the shop with his head held high and the two ninjas behind him. Walking up to Hakushi he said " Their coming with use on our journey!"

"What?" Hakushi said looking dumbfounded

"He said 'We're coming with you' you dolt!" Ritala exclaimed with her hands on her hips looking condescendingly at Hakushi.


"OW WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" Ritala screamed as she turned to look at Kuroi

"There was no need to call Hakushi-san a dolt, Rita their being nice letting us go with them on their journey they didn't have to let us" Kuroi said with glare.

"Well we better get going I were going to make it to the next village in time for our latest mission." Hakushi said as he started walking in the opposite direction to the exit of the village.