In the event of a sudden loss of innocence a blindfold will automatically extend from the ceiling. Pull firmly towards you in order to cover your eyes, and pretend like nothing's fucking wrong. Help yourself before helping others—you'll need it.

Afterwards, they lie still in the dark room, exhaustion making it a necessity for the moment. Sprawled on the tiny bed, their backs ignore each other. She smokes, filling the room with a fuggy white haze, looking at nothing. He stares at the ceiling and slides his fingers up and down the sharp blade that he keeps close even when his clothes are scattered somewhere in the shadows of her apartment. Outside, the world rolls over, scratches its armpit, and begins a new day. Inside everything is still and old.

She turns to him, eventually, after her cigarette burns out. The bedsheets moan under her body as she shifts on them. Her whisper places itself like a reluctant scratch in his ear.

"I knew with that pretty face of yours you couldn't possibly still be a virgin…"

He's mildly amused by this, and flicks his black eyes towards hers for a second. Her eyes are noisy sighs in the semi-darkness.

"What makes you think I'm not?"

She contemplates, staring at the side of his head as if it'll disclose an answer.

"You don't fuck like a virgin."

He smiles, grinding his teeth on the dark like a bone-colored knife, and turns his face away from her, back to his study of her stained ceiling.

"I wasn't."

She lights another cigarette, the flick of the lighter a vicious shot in to the stomach of silence, and the white smoke is peace, bleeding.

"Good. I wasn't either."

The sun rises outside, but even its bright fingers flinch away from this nest of darkness, and so the room remains shadowy long after the rest of the world is bathing in light. Church bells toll, dully clanging cries to mark the funeral procession of another piece of childhood, diving out the window and vanishing into the light. The smell of sin is unbearable, but the children of darkness don't mind. They were born with it on their skin, and so have grown accustomed.