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I was finally released from Xavier's lab. It felt good to be back on my feet.

I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I remembered Magneto's torture, Duncan's murder, my almost death.

I also remember the kiss between Ink and me. I truly loved him and he truly loved me.

As I walked out of the lab, I was greeted by my friends. Kitty, Dust and Rogue jumped on me and giggled. Ink, Nightcrawler and Rockslide stood nearby, laughing.

"We were so worried about you Stella!" cried Dust.

"Yeah! We all just watched you lose control and we couldn't do anything to stop it!" said Rogue sullenly.

"Wait guys! We can't call her Stella anymore." said Kitty.

"What? Why not?" I asked, puzzled.

"I have found you a code name. I would like to introduce you to…Wisp!" exclaimed Kitty.

I thought about it for a moment. Wisp meant something frail, slight or fleeting, like a wisp of a smile.

Stella Lawliet aka Wisp. It sounded good. I nodded my head towards Kitty and she jumped up and squealed.

"YAY! I knew you would like it!" Kitty yelled.

"It's good to have you back…Wisp!" said Nightcrawler with a grin on his face.

"It's good to be back guys." I said, happily.

Ink walked towards me and smiled. I looked up at him and grinned.

"So Wisp…" he started, "I would be honored if you would go on a date with me sometime."

"I am honored that you asked. And yes. I would love to go on a date with you." I said happily.

He grinned from ear to ear and kissed me again.

"AAAAAWWWWW!" said everyone.

I rolled my eyes but I let the kiss continue. I never thought me and Ink would ever kiss, but it was happening now and I enjoyed it.

"Wow. So many weird things have happened this year. You came and lost control of your powers. Ink became a decent person. Duncan was reveled as traitor. I just realized that I'm blue…" said Nightcrawler.

We all rolled our eyes.

"Anyhow, the school year is almost over and it's been so exciting! Do you think next year will be this exciting?" he asked us.

We all shrugged our shoulders.

"I guess we'll found out, won't we?" I said.

"Well whatever the year brings us, as long as we're together nothing can really go wrong." Said Ink.

Magneto paced back and forth in his recently destroyed hideout. "This is not the end of Magneto. No. There are more powerful and better mutants than that Stella girl.

This was just a setback.

Those mutants at Xavier's school are no match for me. This is definitely not the end. It is only the beginning."

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