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Everyone has a gift that is something that they are good at, it could be sketching or even playing music with an instrument. But there are some gifts that are rarer than most. In any case, a gift such as healing anything is not a everyday gift. It is special and for this one human child, it may just change the fate of Radiata.

It was a cold night and there was a slight breeze, making the trees whistle musically. The moon was shining on the waters making them just glitter with beauty. But the beauty of nature could not count for the bloody war between the nonhumans and humans, it was horrid. At this very moment a human teenage girl about fifteen was running down the path, wearing a worn cloak covering her face. She was running from something or someone, but she kept running. Little did this girl know that she was running into dangerous territory which happened to belong to the Light Elves. She was running towards across the bridge, seeming lost and scared of something or someone.

"Oh no... I can't let him catch me! I can't let them find me!" She kept saying to herself. She kept running. Before she knew it she ran smack dab into someone. Now she fell backwards roughly on her bottom, groaning and rubbing her probably bruised bottom. She looked in front of her and gasped slightly in surprise at who she saw. It was a light elf, with the beautiful pale skin and the shining wings. A scar was held on his right eye, blueish-green hair slicked back. His outfit was a blue tunic with ribbon-like sleeves and puffy pants that were tucked into his boots. He opened his blue eyes and spotted the human girl in the cloak, sitting there. She didn't really know how to react as he suddenly got back to his feet, his ice sword close to her face. She knew the Light Elves hated humans and would kill them right on sight. Now that the sword was close to stab her right through the forehead, she couldn't bring herself to move. She had a chance to weigh her options, either die at the hands of the Light Elves or be captured to be used as a guinea pig for the Radiata Knights. She made up her mind and readjusted her sitting position, she choose to rather die than be used as a human experiment.

"You're not going to run? Not going to fight back?" She heard the Light Elf say.

"I won't run." She said, looking to the tip of the sword. "I won't fight back either."

"...What a odd human. Your kind fears death and here you wish to face it."

"I'd rather face death... then become an experiment for my kind." She closed her eyes and waited for the sword to be driven into her skull, but nothing happened. She seemed a bit surprised by this and opened her eyes to see the Light Elf looking a bit surprised before a smug smirk appeared on his face. She felt confused, was he going to kill her or merely wait until she wasn't expecting it?

"...Are you not going to kill me?" She asked softly.

"Of course I am. I just wait for a good time, that is how I work."

She didn't show any other expression, even though he said that he would kill her, why was he waiting? She faintly heard footsteps of what sounded like the Radiata knights metal boots. She knew she was running out of time. She grabbed the end of the sword pointing it now at her chest, she didn't let go. This took the Light Elf by surprise.

"What are you doing you foolish human!" He asked trying to break the sword from her grip.

"Please just kill me if you're going to do it anyways! I don't want to go back there! They're here for me!" Her grip didn't loosen at all, she was gripping the sword so tightly that her hands were beginning to bleed.

"Idiot!" The ice sword disappeared and her hands fell right to the ground. She winced and then gasped as the sound of the footsteps got closer. She whipped around and there was a large group of Radiata knights. Their leader of the group was a tall male with light brown hair tied back into a loose ponytail. A few bangs hung down from the sides of his face. He had a small beard, his dark green eyes focused on the girl that sat on the ground in fear. His skin was light colored like sand. His knight armor was green, blue and white, it proved that he was the leader of the group. She knew why the group was here, they were there to retrieve her and take her back to Radiata city by force.

"Why do you run? You're making this difficult for us." Said the leader of the group. His voice was deep. She couldn't speak, she was afraid the last thing she wanted to do was be used as a human experiment. She was different from other normal humans. She had abilities that only other humans could dream of.

"More humans!" growled the Light Elf. The leader of the group looked up with a scowl, he had a dislike for the nonhumans. With a raise of his hand, two fingers ready to snap together for the knights with bows and arrows to fire their weapons at the Light Elf. The Light Elf didn't even have time to react after the leader snapped his fingers together. Only one arrow managed to cut his shoulder a bit deep. He grunted and gripped his shoulder with one hand as he summoned his ice sword with the other.

"The nonhuman is going to fight back? How sad. Kill him." Said the leader with no emotion what so ever. The girl on the ground wasn't about to let blood shed happen right in front of her. She stood up quickly putting herself in front of the Light Elf, she clapped her hands together murmuring something and then the strangest thing happened. A mist quickly appeared and it hid both her and the Light Elf from view of the knights. In the mist the girl had tackled the Light Elf into a ditch, so when it cleared the knights would think that that they both escaped. The Light Elf was completely taken off guard by this, what was this insane human up to? They were both hidden now in the ditch, the girl had her arms around the Light Elf's waist, she wasn't about to let him back up to get killed by the knights. The one thing she hated the most was bloodshed and she knew nothing good ever came out of fighting when bloodshed was involved. The mist had cleared above the two of them and they heard the knights yelling to one another.

"Hey where are they!" "Where'd they go!" "They escaped!" "The girl got away again!" "They must have ran into the woods! After them!"

The girl heard the enraged snarl and yell of the leader, to which she flinched at. But she made no sound, she hoped they would just run off into the woods and look. The sound of the metal boots were heard running away from them, the knights still yelling to one another about where they could have disappeared off to. As soon as the sound of their feet were gone, she released the Light Elf and sat back looking at him. His shoulder was bleeding pretty good, the arrow nicked him just right. She reached her hand out and he leaned away from it, glaring at her. She took a deep breath in and out and moved forward again her hand outstretched towards his shoulder. But yet again he inched away from her. She pursed her lips and moved forward once more, this time actually managing to touch his shoulder. She waited for a second to see if he would inch away but he didn't, then she put her other hand on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and felt her hands warm up. The Light Elf on the other hand was surprised by the feel, he watched as her hands gripped his shoulder and they were warming up to the touch. Then she pulled her hands away and the wound on his shoulder was no more. The Light Elf assassin couldn't understand it, one touch from this girl and the injury he received was gone. This time he looked to her with surprise, his expression also saying confusement. How could one human girl heal a wound like it was never there in the first place? It made no sense. The girl opened her eyes and smiled at seeing the wound on his shoulder gone but then looking to her own hands, she now had a sad smile. Her hands were still bloody and cut from when she grabbed his sword.

"..How did you do that?" She looked up to the Light Elf. She knew he was probably confused.

"..It's... It's complicated.." She honestly stated, setting her stinging hands on her lap palms up.

"How can one human be able to heal a wound like it was never there?" He asked again.

"..I don't know. But... I can heal people.. but I can't heal myself. You see? I... I have abilities that I don't know what to do with.. I even have some that haven't even awakened. I can probably heal any sickness. I am able to create diversions like that mist.. but... I can never heal myself no matter what I do. It doesn't work that way with me." She looked to her hands, they were beginning to hurt her. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't heal the wounds on her hands.

"That must be why they came for you... because of that power. It's even rare for elves like us to see that kind of ability." He then got to one knee and pulled something out of his pocket. It was some sort of cloth, he tore it in half.

"I cannot believe I'm doing this..." He said, as he took one of her hands and wrapped it. Then he did the same with the her other hand. She was a bit taken back by this, a light elf was actually helping her. After he finished bandaging her hands he got to his feet. She looked up to him, now she put back her hood revealing her face. It was beautiful, she had long light brown hair with it coloring down to white at the ends. Her skin was beautiful lively color of cream. Her eyes were a violet-red and they seemed to shine. He couldn't help but look at her, was she really a human? It seemed a bit unreal. But he shook his head and turned on his heels.

"Get out of here. And don't let me catch you again because if I do. I will not be so generous." With that he flew off. She watched him fly. She couldn't understand why a nonhuman had shown her such kindness? She looked to her bandaged hands. Without another word, she stood and put her hood over her face again. She crawled out of the ditch and onto the road again. She looked around before taking off running again. She had to get out of the area with the knights still looking for her. She ran as fast as her long legs would take her. She had no idea that she was heading towards the one spot where the nonhumans had completely over run the the legendary fort of Fort Helencia. She suddenly heard the metal feet of the knights and she only started running faster. She was afraid of being caught by them.

"I don't want to be an experiment...! I don't want to be an experiment..! I don't wanna be an experiment!" She kept saying to herself. She didn't notice the fort was now in her plain sight, she was too busy running away. She looked back to see the silhouettes of knights running her way. She tripped over a rock like brick and fell rolling towards a couple of dark elves scaring them a bit. She looked up to them.

"Please... Don't let them take me...!" She begged. They looked to each other. Both were males and tall. One had short blonde hair and the other had brown long hair in a ponytail and he was wearing a hat of some sort. Then they suddenly picked her up and quickly hurried her towards the fort, carrying her. They entered the fort with the girl in their arms and watched as the knights stopped dead in their tracks. It was thanks to the light elves and dark elves guarding the fort that ran them off. She was grateful but the two dark elves looked at her with confusement all across their faces.

"It's a long story..." She stated softly. They set her on the ground, she winced and looked to her hands. They must have been infected because they were burning with pain. Blood had already seeped through the bandages. Then she heard one of the dark elves gasp and a low growl was heard. She looked up and turned around to see the Light Elf that she had helped earlier. He was glaring looking very angry.

"You...! Human!" He snarled, summoning his ice sword.

"Gil wait!" Said one of the dark elves. He stood in front of the girl.

"Move aside Clarence I do not have time for your games. You know humans are not allowed here! Now that she is here, she must die." His sword was pointed in her direction.

"I think we should talk to Lord Zane first..." said the one called Clarence. He wasn't afraid of the light elf, the girl didn't know what to do just standing there. She just looked to her hands which were starting to infect just a bit.

"Don't you dare bring Lord Zane into this matter! You know he has forbidded humans here! And why do you want to bring this ignorant human to him and discuss this! You should know by now his orders are final!" He was enraged. She knew that this was the light elf that had saved her but now he was truly enraged.

"Gil please calm down. It won't hurt to just talk to him."

"You don't understand do you? Listen well to me, she is a human, a HUMAN! And we are suppose to kill the humans! What part of that do you not understand! They are the enemy! I know you don't want to be hostile towards them because some of their blood runs through their veins, but look at the damage they have done to our land!"

"You don't have to talk to him I will." Then Clarence turned around and faced the girl. He carefully guided her into the fort, he had to ignore the fuming glare of Gil. She couldn't understand, was the leader here going to be that bad to deal with? It made her worry just a bit, she was a bit scared. But she knew it couldn't be like anything the humans could have done to her. There was no way she wanted to be used as their experiment so they could figure out her rare abilities. They had reached the inside of the fort and she pulled the cloak closer to her and kept her hood over her face. Taking a turn down one of the hallways which was unfortunately leading right to where her judgement was going to be. They reached a door and he opened it and she felt her heart start to pound against her rib cage. Not before long they entered the room and there it would begin her life trial to see if she could live or have to die.


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