Doctor Who

Black books and drink coasters.

Starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

Chapter 1: Mystery

By Nathan Mullins

Black sunglasses had been snatched back from the man. His identity hung in the balance, and that was no lie.

Stan Rivers was not to be tried, but just plain executed. That was "punishment enough," or so said River Song.

She smiled, and pulled the trigger.

Stan Rivers dropped the sonic screw driver, and before dying, crushed it to pieces.

"Never did you attempt to scar their name for life, but you just did!"

River spoke with no compassion, but just stepped over the body, in which she had left bloody on the mattress of her bed in Po, twin to Clom.

"Now to find 'him', and If I know the 'man of my life', he'll be….


"…ING… this second!"

The TARDIS arrived on the door step of River's home in paradise, and out stepped the Doctor, complete in the long brown coat, and pointy, half spiky hair, that made River smile.

"Hello sweetie!" she said, grinning.

To be continued…