Doctor Who

Black books and drink coasters.

Starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

Chapter 11: A Lead

By Nathan Mullins

The TARDIS hummed as the Doctor climbed aboard, and as if knowing what he might do next, she programmed her own flight coordinates, dematerialising before the Doctor had worked out just what was going on.

"WHAT?" he yelled.

"Just WHAT?" he continued.

He checked the scanner on the console, and on it, in nine separate frames, nine Doctors.

"So you're the new figure in the cosmos?" huffed the first Doctor, smiling away, pleased with the result.

"Indeed I am," said the tenth Doctor, running a hand through his spiky hair.

"Do you play an instrument old fellow?" asked the second Doctor, happily showing the tenth his recorder on his scanner.

"Afraid not," replied the tenth, taking off his long brown coat, setting aside.

"Good show Doctor," said the third. "We Time Lords shouldn't bother with musical instruments, unless we've got to put a stop to some bad guy with one!"

"Now, now!" hissed the second Doctor, getting stroppy with the third.

"Oh hello there Doctor!" bellowed the fourth Doctor, too busy messing around with his yoyo to speak directly to his elder.

"Hello Doctor, tell me," began the tenth. "All of you, which of you summoned the TARDIS to take me to River Island? I mean really? River Island? Can only belong to River Song, hm! Oh forgive me Doctor; I'm beginning to sound a little like you!"

The tenth Doctor apologised to the first, and being in his nature, he dismissed it.

"Perhaps River will reveal her secrets," said the seventh Doctor, before the ninth Doctor cut in to say, you're doing fantastic, but you're allowing River to take the lead. Find out just what she knows, and if she can be trusted!"

And so the TARDIS zoomed through the space, time vortex, to River Island, in the River Nebula, in the ocean district in deep space.

There, River was waiting for him, and the Doctor's other selves wished him all the very best, on his next all important adventure!

To be continued…