This hit me when I was browsing DA and I came across a picture of a TFA Femme!Optimus, so now I want to write a story with a femme Optimus Prime and everyone's reactions to her.

I really am not sure when this takes place in the series, sometime during season three, and lets say the Elite Guard had rescued Rodimus Prime's team from Team Chaar and then returned to Earth. Oh, and for the story's sake, lets just say Rodimus was good friends with OP back in the academy.

Pairings: femme!Optimus X Sentinel, Femme!Optimus X Rodimus; my my, what a 'Prime' love triangle! Ha ha *brick'd*

Warnings: complete and utter crack

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers Animated or any of its Characters.

"Blah" is regular talk

"Blah" is thought

"Blah" is com. link

"Blah"is texting

"-Blah-" is bond-link

It all started out innocently enough, it was a mission to go retrieve an Allspark fragment, nothing more, and turned out to be so much more…

Optimus led the small team of five Autobots in the direction of an Allspark fragment Teletraan's scanners had picked up.

From what he could tell, it was stuck in an overpass, and it was causing the cars passing over the piece of pavement the smallspark was lodged in to malfunction and the drivers would lose control. Obviously, it was causing a lot of confusion and it needed to be removed as quickly as possible.

Compared to some of the commotions Allspark fragments had caused, this one was fairly tame and should be very easy to take care of, so, why take the whole team? Two very simple words: Elite Guard.

They had come back to Earth a few days ago and had already given the Earth team more than enough grief, so the five had taken this relatively simple mission as a chance to get away.

As they drew nearer to the overpass they had to dodge police drones and out-of-control cars.

A green car grazed Bumblebee's right side and he yelped and exclaimed, "There goes my new paint job!"

"Oh, can it kid," Ratchet growled, "We've got more important things to worry about."

Bumblebee quieted but still whined under his breath about his ruined paint job until they reached the overpass. The Autobots and Optimus made his way over to Captain Fanzone.

He crouched next to the Captain and asked politely, "May we be of assistance Captain Fanzone?"

The Captain gave him a sideways look and said, "Uh, yeah, could you guys get the Allspark fragment thing out, as in, NOW?"

Optimus nodded, "Of course, we just need you to ask everyone to stay back, in order to avoid any unnecessary injuries." He replied

The blonde human nodded and picked up his megaphone, yelling out orders. Optimus was about to start giving out orders to his own team when someone pinged his com. link.

Touching his finger to the side of his helm he answered, "Optimus Prime here,"

"Optimus Prime! What do you think you're doing?" Sentinel yelled over the com. link

Optimus winced at the volume of Sentinel's voice and moved his finger away from the side of his helm for a moment before answering, "I was trying to retrieve an Allspark fragment before you interrupted me, Sentinel."

"It takes your whole pathetic team to retrieve one Allspark fragment?" Sentinel sneered

"Look Sentinel, as much as I would love to stay here and argue with you, I have a job to do." Optimus said and promptly switched off his com. link

He turned his attention back to his team, "Okay, Bumblebee, Prowl, keep the crowd back, Ratchet, attend to any wounded, Bulkhead, come with me." He commanded and his team went to do their assigned jobs immediately, with the exception of Bulkhead, who waited for Optimus' next order.

Optimus approached the overpass and squinted at a faintly glowing blue spot. He turned to Bulkhead, who was patiently awaiting his orders,

"Okay Bulkhead, I need you to give me a boost so I get up on the overpass and dig out the fragment with my axe."

The green giant nodded, locking his fingers together to make a step for the young Prime. Optimus put his foot in Bulkhead's hands and the green mech lifted him up.

Once Optimus was level with the overpass, it was easy to climb up and locate the source of the blue glow. The crimson mech kneeled beside the fragment and pulled out his axe. He cut a square out of the concrete, with the fragment in the center of it, and lifted it up. Optimus got to his feet and walked over the edge of the over pass and sat down, swung his long legs over the side, and hopped down.

Optimus landed easily and placed the square of concrete on the ground. Raising his foot, he brought it down hard on the square of concrete, shattering the concrete and separating it from the Allspark fragment. He bent down and was about to pick up the fragment when he heard three engines, followed by three transformations, and turned to see Ultra Magnus, Sentinel, and Jazz walking toward him.

"Optimus Prime," Ultra Magnus began, "why didn't you inform us of the Allspark fragment your scanners picked up?"

"With all due repect sir, I didn't want to bother you with something so trivial." Optimus said and turned to pick up the fragment again, but Sentinel's voice stopped him.

"The Allspark is not trivial Optimus," Sentinel snapped, "but a grease-grunt like you wouldn't know that, would you?"

"Hey now SP, it ain't cool to talk to OP like that." Jazz said with a frown and the two started bickering, much to Ultra Magnus' bemusement.

Optimus rolled his optics and turned around and finally picked up the Allspark fragment, only to start screaming in agony when it absorbed into his hand and caused the red mech to begin glowing an intense blue.

The three Elite Guardsmen and Optimus's team stared in horror as the glowing Optimus stumbled back and fell into an alley.

The surreal glow faded and Bumblebee started forward to go check on his commander when Jazz held out his arm to stop the younger mech. When Bumblebee gave the white mech a questioning look, he pointed at Sentinel, who was walking slowly to where Optimus had fallen.

Sentinel was filled with fear and apprehension as he approached the alley, afraid of the state he might find his old friend in.

Sentinel turned the corner and let out a shout of surprise, nearly falling back on his aft in shock. Lying on the ground in front of him was, without a doubt, Optimus, but he…Wasn't a 'he' anymore! Optimus was a femme!

He was still colored the same way as before, but he, no she, no longer had the broad shoulders and strong chassis that tapered to a slim waist. Instead, she had narrower shoulders and a beautifully curvy figure. Her helm was the same as it had been when she was a mech, except more feminine looking, and had little pigtails hanging below her audios. She was… Very pretty indeed, even in Sentinel's mind.

After hearing Sentinel's shout, the rest of the Autobots ran to see what had shocked the Elite Guardsman. As soon as they turned into the alley and saw the young leader's transformation, they were too shocked to do anything but stare.

A soft moan of pain from Optimus shook Ratchet from his stupor and the old medibot rushed to the feminized Optimus's side. "We need to get him, err, her, back to the base." Ratchet said.

"Take her to my ship; there is a med bay with the latest equipment, as well as another medibot that can assist you." The Autobot Commander said, surprising everyone, while Ratchet just nodded.

"Thank you sir," he replied and turned to the rest of his team, "Bulkhead, carry Prime," The large green bot nodded and carefully lifted his young leader, "Bumblebee, Prowl, you two stay here and help with clean up." The two young bots nodded and left to do as they were told.

Jazz was standing at attention and Sentinel was still staring at the mech-turned-femme when Ultra Magnus gave them their orders, "Jazz," The tall blue and white commander began, "I want you to come with me to accompany Ratchet, Bulkhead, and…Optimus to our ship. Sentinel," The blue snow plow tore his gaze away from Optimus, "I think it would be best if you stayed and helped with clean up." The older mech said, sensing Sentinel's inner turmoil caused by Optimus's new…appearance.

Now that everyone had their orders, Ultra Magnus, Jazz, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and the unconscious Optimus began the long trek back to the Elite Guard ship.

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