The Truth Is Ugly

Abby's POV

My God, what the living hell just happened back there?

We kissed like hungry passionate animals, if those lift doors didn't bring us back to reality I think we would have sex right there and then!

As I walk along the hallway, heading towards my room, my mind and body is spinning around like crazy.

I can still feel his hands all over me, so talented and warm they were that it's left a mark forever burning in my skin.

My thoughts trail back to that dance, so sexual and exicting that I don't think I could ever move like that again.

The pounding beat of my heart bashed against my chest, will it ever slow down to normality? I don't think so.

I lean against the wall, sliding down to the floor. What is happening to me? I couldn't possiably be in love with him?

Could I? It seems impossiable to fall for a man who is rude, sexist and is against relationships. So why do I feel like this?

At first, me and Colin were doing really well. He was romantic and completly different to him. I refuse to say his name right now.

We were going away for the weekend where we could finally make love yet I canceled it so I could more or less beg him to stay on my show.

His interview with Craig Ferguson seemed successful and surprising at the same time. A question of his past relationships sparked weakness across his face.

For a moment, I looked at him with such curiousity. Not once did he look like that when I was around him, he was so cocky and arrgoant that whatever he hid he did it well.

Strangely, my heart lept at a different beat. Something that never has happened before especially if I was near a man. Not even Colin made me feel like that.

Before I could feel any kind of fear of what I was feeling, he bonuced back to his usual self and spoke like that little espiode never occured. I shook my head and walked away.

Though as I entered the bar and watched dozens of couples dancing to the Spainish music playing very loudly, I didn't notice him coming to sit down on the other side.

I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore: those eyes I'd never noticed was inviting me to jump in and let myself drown in it's beautiful depths. No-one could save me.

His lips were lush and tempting with sinful desire, a forbidden fruit I refused again and again until now. It wouldn't take too much movement from my seat to capture them with my own.

My unsteady gaze lay on his strong arms under his jacket, were they musclar and perfect? I trailed to his chest, the navy shirt hugged his broad body. My thoughts was open of what it would look like underneath.

He didn't seem to notice my wandering eyes which was a relief, note to self: must stop staring! We started talking once he ordered two drinks until a bombshell was dropped: he rejected Craig Ferguson!

I tried my hardest not to be shocked at this, he explained that he couldn't bear to be apart from his sister and nephew. That was the REAL reason why. A bout of disappointment filled my bones.

Then, being ever the bravest, I asked him about his past relationships. At first, I thought he would completly reject my question and remain silent throughout the night but once more he surprised me.

Without giving out much details, he told me all kinds of girls he had which one of them really did break his heart. Seeing the flicker of hurt in his eyes left me thinking back of the broken relationships I had.

When I looked back at him, a smile was across his face. He wanted to dance, forget all about work and the past, for the night. I said no until he took off his jacket and swayed his hips ever so seductively.

He took my hands and lead us towards the middle of the floor, then he spun me around and around until he gathered me in his arms. Our eyes never left each other as we danced the salsa dance.

It was like we knew it off by heart, the moves were so easy and enjoyable that every worry or thought was erased by this magical moment. His roaming and teasing hands slid down, down my body.

That touch, so firey and pleasureable. How could any woman on this planet reject this man? We slowed until our foreheads were touching, my heart was pounding furiously against my chest.

Any second now, we could embrace our lips and I wouldn't care. Not even Colin appeared in my mind, all I wanted was him. But reality came down with a crashing halt, smashing the moment into pieces.

I can not bear to say what happened before the fateful thing happened, it was a simple reminder that our flight was eight o clock and his floor was first before mine. A goodnight and a hug was fine.

But a passionate, hungry, animal, beautiful, desireable, sexual, wonderful kiss? No way. I can still feel his lips burning my own, I placed my shaky fingers there to feel a invisable flame flicker there.

Forcing my hand down, I bit down a sob and shut my tearful eyes. I'm so stupid, what the hell is the matter with me? I'm not in love with him. Abby Richter is not in love with Mike Chadaway!

I uttered out a gasp, my eyes widened in pure horror. My God, I said his name! It sounded so... perfect. Abby Chadaway, it signed itself across my heart like a tattoo. I was too late to stop it.

But what can I do? He's at least three floors below me, there was just no way I would be running down there in these heels telling him how I feel. It probably wouldn't last either, a terrible mistake.

My body was calling for him, begging and pleading on bended knee to my stubborn mind to let myself succumb in his arms but it was having none of it. I had to get up, go in my room and have some sleep.

So unsteadily, I rose from the floor and went to my room. Closing the door behind me, I flopped on the couch with a lost gaze across my face. "Why do I want to do it again?" I ask myself before a knock came.

Was it Mike? Oh God, what if it was? My heart thundered like mad, all I had to do is find out. So I got up, cleared my throat and calmed myself until I opened the door to find utter disappointment and shock.

It was Colin, he was here with champane in his hand and cute smile across his handsome face. Instead of being overjoyed at the surprise, all I could say was. "What are you doing here?" A heavy frown came.

"I wanted to surprise you, did I?" He asked, erasing that worrying frown. "Yeah, of coarse you did. Come in." I replied, adding a very fake smile. He entered inside, filling the air of betrayal and unfaithfulness.

Before I shut the door, I lingered to look both sides in case Mike would come and take me away from this but there wasn't a single sign of him. With a heavy sigh, I closed it not noticing the ping noise down the coridoor.

Author's Note: Next Chapter We Shall Look In Mike's POW. This Fic Was Greatly Inspired By Shippolove844, Thank You For The Suggestion And I Hope You Enjoy Reading It.