Hidden Past
Written by: Kagi-chan

This is a request fic from fallenangel9413. I hope you like how I am writing the fic.

Standard Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis and all of the characters, including the original anime/ manga plot, belongs to Konomi Takeshi. So I own nothing of it, obviously. The idea for this fic belongs to fallenangel9413, though I do own how the fic is written as well as any original characters I choose to use.

Warning(s): Occasional Language, YAOI (Shounen ai, Slash, Boys Love, MxM...)

Summary: Ryoma has been bullied for most of his life while living in America up until he was eight when something happened. When he turned eight he moved to Japan with his family and started at Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu where the bullying began a new. He transfers into Seishun Gakuen in the middle of the year, will he be bullied again or will things be different?

Pairings: Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji

Story Time line: It begins in America where he is four. Than later when he is twelve but because he is going to start of in Rikkaidai and meets his opponents differently the story is AU as well.

Chapter Details: This chapter showcases a younger Ryoma, his life and how he is first bullied.


The bullying begins.

A small boy tossed a grin towards the man clad in a black suit. His raven black hair shined with an emerald glow under the fading light from the sun. Golden catlike eyes leaning more towards the same green color of his hair than the brown that both his father and brother obtained, glinted brightly showing the man, who was watching the boy with a fond smile, how much the kid was happy.

"Young master, did you have fun at school?"

The boy shrugged his shoulder, "It was okay. The teacher said that I'm really smart. She even thinks that if I keep up the good work in her class, she would talk to the principal about having me skip a grade, said it would be a waste of my talents to stay in a class and learn things that I already know so much about."

Smiling the man opened the door allowing the boy to step inside, "That's because young master Ryoma, is very smart." the pride the man felt for his young charge was easily detected in his voice.

Giggling lightly Ryoma placed his bag down and took off his shoes. "Thanks Sable. Where is Okaa-san and Otou-san?" he asked when he didn't see his parents shoes in the foyer.

Nibbling on his lower lip, Sable turned his head to the side avoiding looking at his young master, "The master and mistress departed a short time ago, I am afraid they won't be back till sometime next week, or maybe even longer than that."

"I see." Ryoma picked up his bag and walked towards the family room. "Can you have Francisco prepare me some snacks well I finish my work."

Sable nodded his head, "Is there anything specific you want him to make you?"

Sitting down on the floor and pulling out his books, Ryoma looked over at his caretaker and nodded his head, "California rolls, Sashime, make sure there is a small bowl of soy sauce and rice. I want the wasabi in a smaller dish, please. And some Maki sushi as well."

Sable gave a small smile and nodded his head. "Anything to drink?"

"Has Kaci retrieved my shipment of ponta, yet?"

"Yes, young master."

Nodding his head, Ryoma told his caretaker/ butler that when his food is ready he would take a can of his favorite grape flavored juice and that he could just have the maids bring it to him.

"Of course young master." he responded, green eyes watched as the young boy started on his homework before he excused himself to let the cook know what Ryoma wanted today.

It was like this all the time. His young masters parents were always gone, with no word of explanation or warning, they would pack their belongings and take off leaving them to tell their son the reason why they weren't around and it was not easy to tell a kid why his parents weren't coming home or why they had left in the first place.

He had come into their employment two years ago when Ryoma was three years of age and his parents had just began leaving, it had been difficult to tell him the reason for their absence. At first his only real involvement with the family was just to do regular butler duties but after seeing how neglectful his master and mistress were towards their son, his young master, he had taken over being the boys care taker as well. Making sure all his needs were met and taken care of.

As the days passed to weeks, weeks into months and months into years, Sable found it hard not to love the boy and love him he did, like he was his own son. He was envious of the boys parents, they were lucky to have such a brilliant boy for a son but they wouldn't know that having never spent more than an hour at a time with him. They never attended any of their sons parent-teacher meeting and because od such they didn't know how exceptionally bright their son was.

Sable had no doubt that everything and anything that his young master wished to accomplish in his life that he would do such with ease and with talent someone his age shouldn't be accustomed with. He would hold the world in his hands and Sable couldn't have been happier. His young master deserved all the happiness the world had to offer him, and more. And he hoped sincerely that Ryoma found the one thing that his parents has yet to bestow upon the boy.

Love. Pure, unconditional, knows no bounds, sort of love. For he deserved no less than the best.

Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past

Declining the offer for a ride to school, Ryoma walked down the sidewalk heading in the direction of the school. Hearing footsteps behind him, Ryoma gripped the straps of his bag. Maybe walking to school had been a bad decision after all.

"Well, if it isn't the little show off Asian boy." sneered a voice as several boys, a few years older than himself appeared surrounding him. "Our teacher has been going on and on about you and quite frankly we are tired of hearing her speak about you so highly, so we are going to do something about it." smiling one of the boys cracked his knuckles and walked closer to Ryoma, raising his arm, he sent the appendage flying.

Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past

Groaning, golden eyes opened.

"Young master, your awake, thank the Gods." cried a relieved sounding Sable as he approached the bed. "Are you in any pain?"

"My head hurts a bit and so does my stomach. What happened?"

Sable shook his head, "Your in the hospital, young master. You were jumped on your way to school. A couple of your classmates found you and their parents brought you here and than contacted me. I tried to get into contact with your parents but they aren't answering any phone calls."

Ryoma slowly sat up in his bed and nodded his head, "Am I alright to leave?"

Nodding his head, Sable helped Ryoma off the bed, "Alec has already been notified that he has to drive you to school and make sure you make it into the school alright as well as arriving early to make sure that you are safe after school as well."

Ryoma hummed knowing he had no choice in the matter anymore. He knew better than to go against his caretaker/butler when he was in his, what Ryoma had learned to dub as his, mother mode. Flashing a small smile towards the man, Ryoma nodded his head in agreement.

But he had a feeling that the beating he had just taken was a warning. A warning of more to come. He wasn't foolish enough to think or hope that just because his driver was taking him to school and picking him up that he would be alright, after all he went to school with those boys and they could get him whenever they chose.

Glancing towards his side, he watched as Sable spoke with a doctor before he turned and looked in his direction. He knew one thing for sure though. He wasn't about to let his caretaker know that though. He just prayed that nothing to drastic happened.

Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past Hidden Past

It hurt, He was in so much pain. Groaning he wished they would stop.

A shout was heard along with the sound of rapid footsteps.

His attacker being pulled away.

A warm arm being wrapped around him and carefully lifting him upwards into strong arms.

A concern voice.

Before darkness consumed him.

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