The Doctor left the movie theater grinning like a million bucks. He'd just seen 'Grown Ups' starring Adam Sandler and Chris Rock his two favorite actors in this parallel world. Normally Rose would have accompanied him, but alas she was sick with a cold.

The Doctor himself had to admit that being domestic was quite nice after all. He stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted Ginger hair. It was her.

His grin drained into a frown. It's been two years since he'd seen Donna and only a year and a half sense the real Doctor informed him and Rose of Donna's memory wipe.

He really missed Donna. Having all of the same memories and feelings as the real Doctor, made it really hard to be around Rose. He did love Rose, but more as a younger sibling. He had told Rose one day and she didn't talk to anyone for a week before she came around. And to make things worse his best friend and secret love was gone.

Rose had told him countless times to approach her and talk to this universe's Donna, the Doctor never found the courage to do it. There were way too many bad situations that could happen. He was snapped out of his thoughts when screaming filled the London streets.

The Doctor looked on as two dark figures jumped out of black SUV and grabbed Donna. He froze seeing her terrified eyes locked onto his and begged him to do something, anything. And something happened. He wasn't sure if he'd imagined or not.

"DOCTOR!" Donna screamed before she vanished from sight. Once again she had been taken from him, but this time he could get her back, but he needed help.