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Hikari Maiden: Mai is Japanese for rice and Ange is French for angel. I think it'd be interesting if someone were to leap between Lili Hiromi and Zeus, just as Zeus pulls the trigger on the gun he aims at her. Notice, I put in things from the online manga scans because I think it'd make sense if I do and I've edited some of it because I think it'd be a lot funnier.

Saved By An Angel

By: Hikari Maiden

Lili gracefully sat upon a window, the brilliant night sky behind her. "I've been waiting for you, Zeus. I need to tell you the truth, now."

He held the gun to Hiromi Oikawa's head. "Truth? What in the world are you talking about? All I want is the star ring! So, cut the bull hoggy, or kiss your boyfriend's rear good-bye!"

"You're such a perverted coward, you know that? You can't get what you want without holding my boyfriend captive? You can't do anything by yourself, can you? Wow. You've got serious issues."

"What the flip, woman?"

"You're afraid of the truth. You don't even know if Hikari still loves you."

Zeus aimed his gun at Lili. "Stop! That's enough!"

"Deep down, you're scared to know what Hikari really thinks of you."

Hiromi looked scared. "Lili!"

Zeus fired the gun.

Hiromi screamed. "No!" Then, he stared with wide eyes at someone he didn't notice in the room before.

The young woman stared at Zeus with wide eyes as she fell forward onto the floor. Her vision blurred. Her body hit the floor hard and a sound burst from her lips. Tears gathered in her eyes as she closed her eyelids and her mind faded from white to black.

Oikawa glared at Zeus. "You heartless moron! She looks no more than ten years old! You may have hurt a child in the process of hunting down Lili! Did you not consider even the impossible? Though it's highly unlikely for people to get involved, someone still may get involved!"

Lili quickly took out her cell phone and called an ambulance. Afterwards, she stared at the girl with curiosity. Who is she? Why did she risk her life for mine?

She opened her eyes a little and she noticed a man and a woman beside the hospital bed.

The man seemed guilty and sad that he hurt her. "I'm so sorry!"

She smiled at him and gently placed her hand over his. "We started off wrong. Let's start anew. Hello. My name's Mai Ange. What's yours?"


"Hello, Zeus. Nice to meet you."

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Tears fell from his eyes and slid along his cheeks and chin. "You're so much sugar."

She lifted her arms and wrapped them around him and she rubbed his back. "I appreciate you telling me I'm so big-hearted. However, even I can be selfish. Even I can have a negative attitude. Even I can be jealous. I'm no better than anyone. I'm no worse than anyone."

"Don't be ridiculous. I can't imagine someone like you as jealous, or even with a negative attitude."

"It's true. Also, I don't consider myself pretty, and I consider my intellect limited."

Hikari gently patted the young woman's head. "How old are you? You look no older than ten years old."

The blonde made a face as she groaned and Zeus quickly looked at her with concern. "What's the matter?"

Tears came to her eyes and she sniffled. She whispered, "Not…", then, she whined, "It's not fair! Why does this always have to happen to me?"

Confused and innocent, Zeus stared at her and blinked as he asked, "What?"

"Oh, for crying out loud! I'm eighteen!"

Hikari laughed. "Look on the bright side. At least you don't look old."