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'You'll be missed Miss California

You'll be kissed by only me

And when they can't find you, you'll turn into a mystery

But you're no mystery to me

Miss California'

Miss California, Jack's Mannequin

All 300 students at the res high school were talking. And not just talking, buzzing, with what they were sure would be either the 'like most totally super coolest' or the newest slut for La Push. I, personally couldn't give a shit. The last thing on my mind was the new chick. This morning Billy had tried to tell me we used to be friends when I was like three. I had no memories at all, but Billy reassured me she used to be a very sweet girl.

This being such a small town meant that the new girl's whole life story was pretty much common knowledge. Here's what I knew. Her name was Isabella Swan. Her dad was the police chief in forks. Charlie was a cool guy, he'd busted Quil, Embry, and I drinking once, and hadn't gotten in trouble, so... pretty cool. Her mom was named Renee and was living in Phoenix. Back in her day Renee was the girl to be on the res, and everyone thought it was strange when one of the daughters of a fine Quileute family, married a white boy from Forks. The got divorced like 50 percent of all Americans, and twelve years since they moved she was coming home to live with good ol' daddio.

Quil and Embry were sitting next to me on the top of one of the sparse picnic benches outside of the high school. After all, the weather around here kinda sucked for outdoor activities, that is, unless you were a werewolf. Oops, did I forget to mention that? Yea, well a lot of the guys about the res have been cursed, I mean "gifted" with the werewolf gene. I know right, weird, huh? And to top this glass of what-the-fuck off, we hunt vampires. Super.

Phoebe walked past us and glanced up at Quil, who flexed his bicep. I held back a laugh at his antics. If Quil wanted a girl he had her. Embry and I were less inclined to chase pussy like Quil, but what ever floats your boat, right?

She then flicked her eyes to Embry who looked away and blushed. Then her almond shaped brown eyes hit me. She tilted her head and smiled flirtatiously. I just smirked and lifted an eyebrow suggestively. She grinned and turned around to walk back into the school. Her hips flipped back and forth a little more than necessary. When she was out of hearing range, I lost it. I started laughed and punch Quil. He didn't look happy with the fact that she was more interested in me, than him. He jumped over Embry in a very non-human way and landed gracefully on me. I rolled him off and we mock wrestled for a few minutes with Embry hooting along until a very nervous teacher came and asked to stop.

For some reason the pack scared a lot of people around the area who didn't understand. I used to be one of those people. Now that I had all my friends with me in this life of hell I could deal with it. I think.

The bell rang for a one minutes warning and Embry threw my heavy back pack at me like it weighed nothing, because to us, it did.

Mr. Loww was writing his beginning of the year shit on the board and giving us the "Hello students BLAH BLAH BLAH" talk.

"Hey Embry do you think his bald spot looks bigger?" I ask just loud enough for most of the class to hear and snicker along with us.

"Excuse me, Jacob Black? Something you'd like to say?" Mr Loww asked giving me one of those condescending looks jackass teacher throw around. He was wearing a creepy Hawaiian print shirt and his dead eyes stared at me threateningly.

"Yea, sure," I said my body reacting to being challenged, "I was just telling Embry, here, that I thought your bald spot-" Just then the door flung open smoothly and a girl walked in. The words on my lips died.

The girl walked, no sauntered, into the room. Your eyes swept the room and I felt every boy in the room stiffen, not just in their seats either. Hot damn. I glanced at Quil to see his mouth open and his eyes glazed over. I looked back in time to see this girl hand a slip to Mr. Loww. Mr. Loww was almost as bad as all the guys in the class, gross.

He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Class, this is Isabella Swan. She is a new student to La Push." He looked at her side long. "Why don't you tell us a few things about yourself?" His old man eyes lingered a little too long.

Isabella cocked a hip out. She was so damn hot. She was wearing a pair of tight straight jeans that hugged her obviously strong legs and her toned, perfect, immaculate- um, right, her ass. Her top was covered by a printed t-shirt with a football team logo on it. A girl pretending she liked football had never been so hot. Her stomach was perfectly toned and stood out a little under her shirt, her chest curved into the beautiful swells of her full chest. The low V-neck of her shirt dipping just enough to drive everyone in the class crazy. Her tiny frame was given several extra inches, because she was wearing sharp dangerous heels. Even with that she only leveled out at Maybe 5'7". Her delicate neck led to a familiar bone structure. I could see her mother's blood had given her the face of a Quileute. The only thing off, was that her skin wasn't like mine, just a light copper, and her hair was dark brown, not black. Her mouth had a full set of native lips and her eyes-

Oh shit. Fuck. Fuck.

Her eyes. Oh my god. She's perfect.

She waved confidently, even as every girl in the class stared her down. "My name is Isabella Swan, but just call Bella," Bella, "I'm originally from here but I've lived most my life in Phoenix and even some time in Fresno, California. Um, well let's see." She sucked her lip into her mouth and the entire male population in the room stifled a groan. She didn't even seem to notice. "Oh, and I love sports, hanging out, listening to music, and well working."

Mr. Loww's interest was spiked as was mine. What kind of work did a girl like this do? I thought of myself working on a car with her beside me in much less than she was wearing now. I shook that thought away. I liked that idea far too much.

"Well I have an agent back in Phoenix, and I do modeling jobs twice a month, and even this year," she said getting excited, "I've been invited to the spring/summer fashion week!" Now if the girls, in the school hadn't already hated her, they now did.

Jut then Embry kicked my chair. I couldn't look away from her. Instead, I just grabbed my pen and wrote on my note pad's first page.


"Ah, shit, Jake," Embry mumbled.

Bella grinning widely and clicked down the aisle until she came to an empty desk beside me. "Is it okay if I sit here?" She asked fluttering her eyelashes over her coal dark brown eyes. I didn't answer and her look of interest turned to weirded out. I didn't care. She was looking at me. Oh god she was right there. I wanted to kiss her. I could make her so happy. I don't know what my face looked like, but it must have been intense.

She took a step back. "Uhh..," She uttered

Quil saved me, "Here, sit here." He offered a seat in front of me.

"Thanks," she said in a way that made my fists clench. "Nice to meet you...?"

"Um, my name is Quil," he mutered looking strangely back at me. I was fuming. She was flirting with him.

"Mmm, I hope we have some other classes together." And with that Mr. Loww, started class and their conversation thankfully ended. Embry and Quil looked nervously to me. Quil was dead. Little fucker.

Class ended and no matter how bad I wanted to run out of the class room and phase, I controlled myself. I waited for Quil to get up and leave her the fuck alone. Instead she stood up and pressed her side into him, and pulled out a map.

"Hey, Quil, do you think you could show me to my next class?" When he didn't answer. She pulled his hand into hers and rubbed her thumb across it. "Please." I growled. Not loud, but it was enough. Quil jerked back and tried to look cool about it.

"Um, yea, well I would but, uh, hey! Why doesn't Jake show you around?" Good Quil, maybe I won't kill him.

"Good idea, Quil," Embry praised. Let's go." I could tell where they were going. They had to phase. She turned around and looked at me.

"So...Jake, right?" Her voice was soft and sure.

"Um, yes." I stammered. I decided then, that I had to be a man. I couldn't let her beauty and over-all perfection fluster me. "Black, Jacob Black." She rolled her eyes and started walking out the door.

"So do you go by Jake or Jacob?" She asked seriously.

I locked eyes with her and for a second her eyes unfocused, but they were back quickly.

"Either. Which do you like best?" I asked scanning her face to try and understand her.

She laughed and it was like spring. Spring dipped in honey. "How 'bout I wing it." I nodded.

My hands were twitching to pull her to me. Instead, I showed her to her next class and walked away until I was out of sight and then sprinted into the trees and phased. All of the emotions in me were coursing.

"Jesus, Jake,"Embry laughed as my car day dream from earlier floated into my head. I growled and pounced.

"Dude," I barked, happily, as we rolled.

"Congrats, man," he and Quil thought. I just howled peacefully.

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