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Alice sighed as her pen flew over the paper, writing her English essay at vampire-speed. I stopped my work, just staring at how beautiful my wife was. She was wearing a deep purple shirt that had a semi-low neckline and was very formfitting. Her black pants fit her perfectly. Her lips were a deeper purplish red than they usually were, probably to match her outfit. She looked just as—if not more—beautiful as she had that first day she had met me.

A small smile formed on her perfect lips as she glanced at me, seeing me stare at her. I smirked, closing my textbook and scooting over on our bed to be closer to my love. Alice continued writing, pretending not to notice me. I gently pressed my lips to her temple, and I heard Alice's quick intake of breath. I smiled and kissed her jaw, my fingers playing with her curled hair. Alice switched to her trigonometry, acting as if she didn't notice me. I kissed down her neck, my hands wandering to her hips.

"Jasper, I'm doing homework," Alice protested. I kissed her collarbone.

"And?" I breathed against her skin, causing her to shiver. "Is there a rule that I can't kiss my stunning wife?"

"You're distracting me," Alice whispered. I kissed up her neck again, and Alice clutched the back of my shirt. I chuckled, brushing her hair away from her forehead and kissing her there before pressing my lips to her nose. When I got to her lips, Alice raised an eyebrow, "Jazz."

"Fine," I sighed, kissing her on the lips and letting my tongue wander into her mouth for two seconds before pulling away. "I'll stop." Alice smiled before closing her book.

"Done," she announced and turned to me. I moved to kiss her, but she backed away, putting her hand over my lips.


"You still have homework to do," she said slyly and I groaned. I grabbed my textbook and started writing down the things I would need for my history essay. Suddenly, I felt Alice's lips on my temple. I looked at her quickly and she laughed.

"It's only fair, honey," she said before kissing my neck. Great. And I still had four more subjects.

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