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"And because of past events, Prime Minister Fudge has placed a spell On the whole muggle world, so that magic in places uninhabited by wizards is incapable of having magic practiced in said areas. If you are in an area inhabited by muggles and have no home, magic will be permissible."

Hermione put down the days Prophet, shaking her head. "That's ridiculous. Only in places uninhabited by wizards? How does anyone know which areas are uninhabited by wizards or witches? And what does that say about squibs? Hm? Or the other children born to wizards who can't do magic?"

Harry nodded, not really listening. He didn't really care about the new law, considering the fact that he only ever broke the law in his own home, excepting the time with the dementors.

"No matter," Ron said, his mouth full of dinner. "As long as we can still do magic in places with wizards we're okay."

"But what about the 'if you have no home magic is permissible' part? What happens if you meet you-know-who in a dark alley? Since he doesn't have a place to call home, he'll be able to do magic."

"I don't know, Hermione," Harry countered. "He's still living in Riddle manor, the last time I checked. He also stays at Malfoy Manor and the shrieking shack. Just because he's got multiple homes doesn't mean that he doesn't have one. Even though the minister is a total døüç#e doesn't mean that all the people working for him are. They've got people who think these things through, Hermione."

Hermione shrugged and nodded as Ron challenged, "I don't know. Percy is pretty døüç#ęy."

"I hate that word!" Hermione exclaimed. "Do you even know what it means?"

Ron and Harry both shook their heads simultaneously. Hermione exhaled, then leaned forward and breathed the meaning in their ears.

Ron shot back, his face as red as his hair, and Harry paled, making a sound of exclamation that expressed his pure disgust.

"That's disgusting! I'm never saying that ever again!"

"That's right," Hermione said.

There was a sudden noise, and Errol crashed through the window, dropped a package in Ron's dinner.

Blushing fiercely, Ron picked up the package, muttering, "Bloody fiend."

He wiped the food off of the brown paper package, and then proceeded to peel off the paper.

"Wait!" Hermione exclaimed. She handed him a colorful piece of paper. "You have to read the card!"

Ron rolled his eyes and took the card, which proceeded to sing a muggle song. Reading as fast as he could, Ron said, "Happy Graduation, Little Ronny! I'm afraid your father went a tad overboard this year. He filled this box with the necessary items to play different muggle games, along with the instructions. Have fun! Love your mummy and father."

He slammed the card shut so it would stop singing, and unwrapped the paper.

"Oh, Ronald!" Hermione exclaimed. "I loved playing these games when I was younger!"

"I don't know when I'm going to have the time to play it," Ron replied, putting it into his Bottomless Bag that Hermione had enchanted for him.

"We can play it at my flat," Harry replied. After he had failed at defeating Voldemort, again, the Dursleys grew tired of him and bought him his own flat. Harry had invited the two to spend a week or two with him after they left Hogwarts.

Ron nodded. Tomorrow, they would be done with Hogwarts. They all left the Great Hall and returned to the Gryffindor common room and turned in early.

The three were sitting in the common room alone. They were the only three Gryffindor's left in the room, and so, they were discussing plans on how to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all.

Suddenly, Harry felt a familiar sensation in his forehead. He squinted and rubbed his forehead. Hermione noticed almost immediately.

"Your scar again, Harry? Honestly! You were supposed to have ended that with Professor Snape ages ago!-"

Harry tuned out Hermione's rant about Occlumency and how Snape had given up his valuable time to help Harry in his time of need, and delved deep into the mind of his enemy.

"I will have Potter by the end of the week." Voldemort was saying to Lucius, Bellatrix, and Snape. Lucius seemed to be hiding a cringe, but Snape simply stood and stared at Voldemort with his usual glare-at-the-world. Bellatrix was practically salivating over the snake-like Dark Lord.

"Yes, my Lord," they said in unison.

As Voldemort watched them leave, his vision swiveled around the room, and Harry almost made Voldemort do a double take. Was he...He was in Harry's old Elementary School!

Harry's eyes opened, and Hermione was staring at him with an odd look. "Excuse me?"

"Er...what did I say?"

"You said something about an old school."

"Oh!" Harry leaned in, and Hermione and Ron moved in automatically.

"I saw where Voldemort is. And I have a plan."

The next day, the three said goodbye to their friends and exchanged addresses and photos, and even a few phone numbers.

"Wait!" Ron exclaimed as they got off of the Hogwarts Express. "I was supposed to make sure that Ginny made it to the Burrow okay! And Luna and Parvati were also going there."

"I didn't see them get off, Ron," Hermione said, pulling up her trunk next to her. "They probably got off before us."

"I suppose you're right...-Wait!" He took off at a run. Hermione and Harry glanced at each other, and then, their luggage banging behind them, they chased after him.

It didn't take long to catch up, Ron being an exceedingly slow runner, and, soon, they found themselves in a dark alley.

"Ron," Hermione asked, gasping for air. "Do you mind telling us...what we're doing...running through dark old alley's where we can't even use magic to protect ourselves when we should be headed to Harry's flat?"

Ron was leaning against a wall now. "We have...to stop them!" He exclaimed, starting to run again, the other two following. "Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Snape had the girls and were running away from the train, and I obviously have to stop them!"

Harry and Hermione found new energy from this news and began to run faster. "Where do you suppose they were headed?" Hermione asked.

This caused Harry to stop dead in his tracks, making the other two crash into his back." They're headed towards the school," he said. "Guys, I think we're going to have to exectute our plans early."

He shoved his trunk into his own Bottomless Bag and the other two did the same, Ron protesting on how nervous he was.

Harry and Hermione began running.

"Come on, Ron!" Harry said urgently and they took off. Harry was the only one who knew the way to the school, and so he took the lead. Finally, the school building loomed in the distance, and Harry slowly approached it. He draped the invisibility cloak over the three as he heard someone coming up behind them.

It was Draco Malfoy with...Cho Chang?

"Leave me alone, Cho!" He was saying as he entered the building.

"Oh, I love you, too!" She shrieked, jumping onto Draco's back. He barely even seemed to notice. Cho was sobbing tears of joy as Draco entered the school.

"What did I ever see in that psycho?" Harry said, mostly to himself.

"I don't know, mate, but she's definitely not a normal girl," Ron said, sniggering.

Harry rolled his eyes and the three entered the school and silently followed Draco up the stairs.

They heard people in the room he entered scream, "No!" and then the door shut and they could hear no more.

"All right," Harry whispered. "When we get in, I'll whip out my wand, and before anyone can notice, I'll Avada Kedavra that loser's reptilian butt!"

The two nodded. The plan was so simple, but they figured it'd be effective as any other.

Harry opened the door quickly, stuck out his wand, and shouted, "AVADA KEDAVERA!" just as the door banged shut.

Voldemort rolled his eyes. "I have two comments at this moment, Potter," he said as the three whipped off the invisibility cloak. "One, it seems you have forgotten the fact that you cannot do magic in places uninhabited by wizards, AKA: here. Another point is that we are now locked in this room with no magic. Then next person to be here is Snape with the Lovegood girl in a half an hour."

"Wh-what?" Harry said.

"Oh, Harry," Parvati said from the corner. "Why did you have to close the door?"

Harry looked around. In the room were Voldemort, Lucius, Parvati, Draco, and Cho.

"Where's my sister!" Ron shouted, pointing his wand at Voldemort, who rolled his eyes.

"Are you deaf, or simply a moron?" Voldemort replied.

"He's both," Harry said, glaring at Ron.

There was an awkward silence.

"So..." Harry started. "What do we do now?"

"We wait," Voldemort said. "Lucius, pull out it chair for me."

Lucius practically ran over to the teachers chair and pulled out the chair with wheels for his master to sit in.

Harry gaped. "Why don't you fight me, like, the muggle way?"

Voldemort glared at Mr. Malfoy. "Lucius made a mistake in a protection charm. It protects everyone in this room from any harm, not just I."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What happens if I try?"

"By all means," Lucius hissed, "try."

Harry shrugged and walked up to Mr. Malfoy, and made to punch him in the nose. Instead of anything happening to Lucius, Harry's nose began to bleed.

He felt no pain, but he could feel the blood. "I see...And now I can't do magic to fix this, can I?"

Lucius sneered. "Afraid not, Potter."

"Here, Harry," Hermione said, handing him a small vial. "It won't have a full effect because of the magic restrictions, but it should stop the bleeding. And the swelling."

Harry took the small green bottle and downed it. He made a face. "Ew!"

Hermione looked apologetic. "Sorry. All of Professor Snapes potions taste bad."


She made a sheepish face. "He taught me a few of his potions last year, over the summer."

Ron rolled his eyes and sat on the ground. "Why aren't their any windows in here?"

"Because," Harry replied. "This school was for delinquents. The Dursleys' sent me here. They didn't want students escaping."

"Delinquents," Draco muttered. "That would explain the scorch marks on the wall."

Cho laughed. "Oh, Drakey, you're so funny!"

Draco made a noise resembling a growl and shrugged his broad shoulders, causing Cho Chang to fall to the floor with a loud crash. "Get off of me," he muttered.

"Ouch," Cho said with a pouty expression. "Drakey, that hurt. I think we should break up for a while. See other people."

Draco looked at her and sighed in exasperation, then walked to stand beside his father.

"Why did you bring Miss Chang?"

"She followed me," Draco replied. "She was stuck to me like a leech."

They looked over to Cho, who had her finger on the collar of Ron's shirt.

Ten minutes later could find the odd bunch all in different positions of distress. Cho was laying facedown in front of Ron, her black hair fanned out over her head in all directions. Ron was leaning against the wall, his head resting on his chest, his legs splayed out. Lucius stood rigidly next to Voldemort, who had retained an eased composure in the teacher's chair. Harry was lying across the top of five desks, staring at the ceiling. Hermione was studying a map of the world, flipping through her Atlas nervously. Parvati was running her fingers through her hair nervously, her gaze switching between Harry, Voldemort, the scorch marks on the wall, and Draco Malfoy.

"I'm. So. Boooooreed!" Draco exclaimed.

"Draco!" Mr. Malfoy snapped. "Show some dignity."

"I can't take much more of this," he said, groaning.

"Ron," Hermione said, not looking up from her Atlas. "You have that box of games from your parents in your bag."

"Oh, yeah!" Ron said. As he placed the game on a nearby desk, all of the teens ran towards it, except for Malfoy, whose father held him back by his collar.

Lucius pulled Malfoy over at a slower pace and sneered at the cover of the box. "Muggle Games?"

"It came from the Weasley's what did you expect?" Came Harry's reply.

Ron opened the box and pulled out the instructions. "For the perfect party, play these games in order. The first two are the ice-breakers-they help you to get to know your players. Here is a list of games:

Tag a Suitor

Truth, truth, and lie

Kiss the Person

Truth or Dare

Handcuff and Seek

Would you rather?


20 Questions

Pass the Hat


Clothing Relay

And many, many more.

The first game is Tag a Suitor. This game can last any amount of time. Blindfold a player and spin them around. The first person they run into is the person they will be seated next to for the rest of the game." Ron looked up from the instructions. "So who wants to play?"

All of the teenagers immediately raised their hands.

"Don't you want to play, father?" Draco inquired.

"I'm married," he replied simply.

"And I have a girlfriend," Harry said. "But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to play."

Lucius sat down in the circle.

"You playing, Tom?" Harry asked.

Voldemort scowled. "Do not address me as 'Tom.' And Lord Voldemort has no need for a Suitor."

"It's just a game, Voldy."

"You are the only person stupid enough to address The Dark Lord as such," Lucius hissed.

Harry shrugged. "I'm fairly certain I'm going to die right after we can get out of here, so who cares?"

"We aren't going to die, Harry," Hermione reassured.

"I am the controller over who will and will not die," Voldemort said as he rose from his chair and approached their circle. "I will join your ridiculous games, if only to pass time faster."

Harry grinned. "Excellent. All right, who wants to go first?"

Harry smirked when no one raised their hands. "Fine, I'll pick someone." He closed his eyes and threw his wand in front of him.


Harry smirked and opened his eyes to see Ron rubbing his eye.

"All right, Ron," Harry said. "Get the blindfold from the box and bring it here."

Ron did as he was told and Harry blindfolded him. Harry spun Ron around faster, faster, faster, and then jumped out of the way as Ron fell down and scrambled up, then fell again. Everyone except for Voldemort was chuckling at how stupid he looked. He knocked over a globe, then a skeleton, getting tangled in its ribs, and, finally, fell on top of Cho.

Cho shrieked as Harry laughed out loud. "Okay, Ron, take off the blindfold and go sit over there with Cho and get to know her."

Ron took off his blindfold and dropped it, then tripped after Cho.

"Okay, who's next?" Harry asked, holding out the blindfold.

"I will!" Draco exclaimed. Lucius attempted to hold his son back, but Harry wrapped the blindfold around Draco's eyes, and soon he had slapped Parvati in the face.

"You go next, father!" Draco said, Parvati holding him up as he fell again.

"I will not be reduced to something so idiotic, and muggle, and-"

Harry tied the blind fold around his face and spun the man around and around. Every time the man tried to resist, the protection caused him to spin faster.

Harry finally released, and Lucius began to run in one direction. The door suddenly opened, and, before anyone could react, the people behind it walked in, and Lucius ran headfirst into Ginny, thus slamming the door closed.

Ginny gasped in pain, and Harry lunged at her. "Lucius! Get your hands off of my girlfriend!"

He pushed Lucius to the floor and held Ginny to his chest. She held him tightly. "I was so scared..." she whispered."I know, Gin, but it's all right now."

"I beg to differ," Hermione moaned. "The door closed again! Another bummer is that we're now stuck with Bellatrix."

"You insolent mudblood!" Bellatrix shrieked at the top of her lungs, pulling out her wand. "Crucio!" Nothing. "Crucio!"

"Have you forgotten, Bella, that magic is not possible here? You have failed me by allowing the door to be closed."

Bellatrix threw herself at the floor before her Lord. She was practically licking his feet.

"Forgive me!" she said, cowering.

"You are forgiven," he replied coldly. "I suppose you'll have to join our game. Lucius, go sit with he Weasley girl, since you tagged her."

"Game?" Bellatrix asked. "What is the meaning of this?"

"You'll simply have to watch," Voldemort replied.

Harry sniggered. "I never thought I'd see you get so into a muggle game. Or any game at all, really."

"I am not 'getting into it.' I'm simply passing the time."

"Yeah, sure, whatever. Who should go next?"

"I will!" Hermione exclaimed.

After spinning countless times, Hermione fell to the ground and her hand hit something hard. There was silence. Something reached down and untied the blindfold gently. Hermione almost passed out as she saw Lord Voldemort glaring at her. "Crap," she muttered.

"Indeed," Voldemort replied, pulling her to her feet with ease.

Harry then realized that he and Bellatrix were the only two people left.

He backed away from her sneer as soon a she realized this, too, and crashed into the door yet again as Snape entered with Luna. He bounced off the door and lightly kicked Luna, just barely avoiding Snape.

"Nice going, Potter!" Lucius yelled. "That was our last person to get us out of here! We're stuck in here forever!"

"Calm yourself, Lucius," Voldemort replied. "Your wife, Narcissa, will be here in about three days."

"THREE DAYS!" Ron yelled now. "That's ridiculous! How can I eat nothing for three days?"

"Calm down, Ron," Hermione said. "I have a bit I bread and such that your mum sent me for graduation, and I have plenty bottles of water."

Ron began to hyperventilate.

"Ok, back to the games," Harry said. "I'm with Luna, since I touched her, and, Bellatrix, you're with Snape. Now, for any pair games we're together, and we have to sit by each other if we're not in a specific order."

"Goody," said Snape.

"Time," Harry began, "For truth, truth, or lie."