As Gwen, Tosh and Owen sat anxiously in the Hub, they all breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the distinct sound of a TARDIS approaching. They all jumped up in excitement as the blue box materialised before them, and the three men stepped out, Ianto carrying a small bundle in his arms. The baby had fallen soundly asleep with Ianto's finger clasped tightly in her tiny hand, refusing to let go. The girls squealed in delight, before being shushed by Jack, pointing to the sleeping child. They nodded, creeping up towards Ianto. They gasped aloud as they took in the little girl's beauty,

"Oh, she looks just like you" Gwen breathed,

"She's beautiful" Tosh agreed,

"Yeah" Owen smiled fondly, "Like an angel" he stopped as he noticed that everyone was staring at him in disbelief.

"I, come on, she's lovely"

Ianto looked back to his daughter lovingly, "Yeah, she is"

"So, does she have a name?" Tosh asked,

"Do you wanna, or shall I?" Jack asked Ianto,

"No, go ahead" Ianto smiled,

"Okay, Torchwood, meet...Melissa Rose Harkness-Jones"

Gwen and Tosh squealed happily, while Owen beamed and shook hands with Jack, seeing as Ianto was still holding the baby. The commotion caused the baby to stir in Ianto's arms, sniffling quietly at the shock of her new surroundings.

"Hey, you" Ianto beamed down at his daughter, "Welcome to Torchwood"

"Can I hold her?" Gwen asked. Ianto nodded, placing the baby girl into her waiting arms.

"Hello, Melissa" Gwen cooed, "I'm your auntie Gwen" she looked up at Jack and Ianto, "she's really beautiful"

"I know" Jack beamed, "I'm the happiest guy in the world" he looked down at the child, then to Ianto, wrapping his arms around the younger man.

"I love you, Yan" Jack sighed, pressing a kiss to his lips,

"I love you too, Jack" Ianto replied, "And you're right, life doesn't get any more perfect"

They smiled fondly at each other before turning back to the group. They were shocked to find both Tosh and Gwen had tears flowing down their cheeks, and even Owen looked slightly choked up. Gwen was pulled out of her teary trance as Melissa began to cry in her arms. She looked up to Jack for help, who took the baby from her with a smile,

"I think someone needs to go to bed" Jack smiled to Ianto, "Meaning me too, to be honest"

"Well, you've had a hard day, giving birth and everything"

Jack chuckled softly, "You coming?"

"Would you mind?" Ianto asked the rest of the team.

"Of course not, you go get some rest" Gwen smiled, "You're gonna need it with a baby"

"Yeah, we were gonna call it a night anyway, the rift's been surprisingly quiet"

"Thanks" Ianto smiled, "Well, goodnight everyone"

"Goodnight" they chorused, "goodnight, Melissa"

Ianto and Jack led Melissa to the small bedroom underneath Jack's office. They had agreed that they would mostly live at Ianto's flat, but the cot they had put in Jack's room would do for tonight. Jack smiled as he lowered his daughter into the cot, as she settled to sleep within seconds. Jack watched her sleep fondly as he felt arms wrap around his waist,

"Thank you" Ianto whispered against Jack's neck. Jack turned in his grasp, wrapping his arms securely around Ianto's waist as the Welshman's arms moved up to his neck.

"For what?"

"For bringing her into the world" Ianto sighed, "She's perfect"

"Hey, you got me pregnant, remember?" Jack chuckled, "So thank you"

They stood watching their baby daughter sleeping soundly before settling into bed themselves, curling up together in the small space. Ianto rested his head on Jack's chest smiling into his neck. Jack sighed contently as he wrapped his arms around Ianto, sinking into sleep. They drifted off with identical smiles on their faces, both so happy at the perfection that was their life at the moment.

Just so you know, the name Melissa has nothing to do with Melissa Morretti, AKA Alice Carter. In this fic, ALice's name is in fact Alice, and always has been. Melissa's just a name I happen to like :D sorry for any confusion...