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Lucy awoke as gentle hands brushed her hair back and tucked a blanket around her shoulders. Her bleary eyes focused on the cheerful form before her

"I knew you'd come!" She cried, launching herself at Father Christmas.

"How could I not. You have all been very good this year, Your Majesty." His eyes twinkled in the firelight.

"Not here; not anymore." The happiness drained from her face a bit.

"Here and Always my Valiant little queen." He tweaked her nose. "Now, why are you down here when I know there are perfectly comfortable beds upstairs?"

"I wanted to see you."


"And I was hoping to ask you a favor."

"What is it you would ask of me, my Queen?"

"We left ho- Narnia very abruptly. I would greatly appreciate it if you would deliver this to Mr. Tumnus with a word of my, our, well being?" She pulled out a well worn handkerchief.

He sighed and sat down next to her. "I am afraid I cannot grant your request."

"Why not?"

"My magic only allows me to deliver my own gifts."

The part of Lucy that was merely a little girl cried out: "What about a letter? Surely that would not be a problem."

He made no attempt to hide his sadness at her pain. Even a being of Wild Magic, tied to no land, such as he, had enjoyed the peace accorded by the Four Thrones. To not grant this request of one who had brought such joy to others . . .

"I simply cannot carry that which is not my own." He apologized.

"Would you at least tell me how she fairs? Narnia that is."

"Ah, your Majesty, what would Aslan say?"

"That he will tell you no story other than your own."

"Just so, Queen Lucy, Just so."

"Thank you, Father Christmas."

"For what?"

"For everything. For being here. For reminding me that it wasn't just a lovely dream; that somewhere, our people live on." She threw her arms around him in what would have been a crushing embrace were she her proper size and not just a slip of a girl.

"You are a thousand times welcome." He said, returning the embrace. "Now, get to bed. Tomorrow is Christmas, after all." She nodded, smothering a yawn.

"Of course. Safe journeys, my friend. Aslan between you and danger."

"And you, My Queen. Sleep well."

"Lu. . . Lu. . . Lucy. Wake up." She came swimming up from the blackness of sleep, prying her gummy eyes open, to stare uncomprehendingly into the face of her brother. Edmund gave her another shake, "It's Christmas!" The light dawned in her eyes and the night before came forward in a rush.

"Father Christmas was here."

"Did you see him?" She nodded. "What did he say?"

"Just what we expected."

"Well, it was worth a try." He shrugged. "Let's get downstairs before Peter starts raiding our stockings."

"I heard that!"

"I should hope so. I certainly said it loud enough!" Edmund hollered, thundering downstairs after his brother.

Well, mused Lucy, if Mum wasn't awake, she is now.

"Come, sister." Susan said coming up behind her, threading their arms together. "You can tell me all about last night's adventure, while we ensure our brothers do no lasting harm to one another."

Lucy smiled at the familiarity of it all. It seemed no matter Where they were, Christmas was still Christmas.

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