"Gentlemen, you all know why we are here: to find a way of preventing next month's marriage between the King and Queen from taking place. Has anyone got any ideas? Hérion's piercing eyes searched the room for a raised hand.

"You have nothing?" he fumed, "Our friend has been living with us Rivendell elves for all of her immortal life and you haven't thought of a way to save her from a man who wants her to be his only so she can die alongside him! You have nothing!"

Beleg stood, "Why can't we just kill Aragorn – you know – shoot him from a distance? Nobody would know that we did it," Beleg's comment didn't impress Hérion, "she would die of grief if we did that. We need to get her to stop loving him... or get her to love someone else," he smiled, "tell me... who is very close to Arwen who isn't a family member or a mortal?"

Everyone in the room understood, now grinning evil grins of their own. Hérion confirmed their thought, "Legolas Greenleaf."

"Agree to it!" Hérion roared, sending another punch to Legolas' face. Two elves held his arms whilst Hérion repeatedly bruised his face and torso.

"I said agree! For her sake!"

"No!" the Prince croaked before getting kicked in the stomach. The two elves let him go.

As soon as he hit the floor, they started kicking him, tormenting him – but he didn't give in.

Hérion was furious: this was never going to work, "finish him off" he ordered the other two. Storming out of the room, he muttered under his breath, "I'll end this myself."

"Hérion," Arwen greeted, "I've been told you require me and my love's time?"

"Yes my Lady," he grinned again , "don't worry, this shouldn't take long..."

"HE'S WHAT!" the king yelled.

"He's in love with your wife my Lord. Surely now you understand why I have suggested you postpone the wedding until this – small hiccup – is overcome.

The King nodded and let the elf leave. This news seemed to distress his wife. How could Legolas be so selfish? Why ruin everything when he knows how much Arwen means to him?

He kissed his wife before leaving the room.

I'm gonna kill him!

The fellowship and their many friends were eating their afternoon tea – much to the hobbits' delight.

But they were all alarmed to see the usually graceful Prince stumble into the room: his tunic torn in several places revealing the dozens of bruises that had invaded his skin.

Throwing his salted pork on his plate, the dwarf rose from his chair, already fuming at the sight, "Who did it Lad? I'll kill 'em!" he threatened, gently guiding his friend to a chair.

Before the Prince could sit down, a very red Aragorn grabbed the Prince's collar and shoved him into the stone wall – not caring about his injuries, "What in Valar's name are you playing at? I've finally got what I have desired for so long and you wish to take it from me! Why can't you just be happy for me for once? You know what happened last time and I'm guessing you think that I'm gonna do it again so you can have Arwen to yourself."

"Aragorn" he was now hissing in pain, "whatever Hérion said to you is a lie – I swear."

"You're lying! You've done it before and you'll do it again."

"You know why I had to do it last time and as soon as I knew everything I ended it", Aragorn stopped for a second: none of this made sense. Someone was trying to ruin his wedding and his best friend was the strongest suspect. Legolas had been using him all this time so he could get to Arwen and take her from him again.

Feeling betrayed and humiliated, Aragorn punched the Prince in the face sending the back of Legolas' head into the stone wall. The King walked away as the Prince crumbled to the floor.

"Can you hear me Lad? Lad?" Gimli tapped his friends face again when he saw those blue eyes flutter. The dwarf and the rest of the group were furious at Aragorn's behaviour, even Arwen had come in to check on Legolas after she had found out what her husband had done.

"Gimli? You're not gonna hit me are you?" Legolas whimpered covering his face protectively.

"No Lad," he glanced at Arwen, "I'm not like that brute. None of us are going to hurt you. Now, would you like to explain why such a noble King would believe such a ridiculous lie about you loving Arwen?"

Legolas kept his hands in front of his face, "because... because me and Arwen used to be married."