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Chapter 2: Bring It

No matter how much you plan things, things never go as planned

Rira hummed softly as she finished cleaning the last of the dishes, she piled them on top of each other before wiping her hands dry with a towel. Huffing slightly she glanced at the clock that was hanging from the wall behind her. Oh shi-! It's that late already! I have to get to work! Running quickly up the stairs she changed her clothes and grabbed a pair of sneakers.

"Naill! Kenji! I'm leaving for work!" Rira hopped on one foot while trying to put on her shoes and grab a sweater. She heard a small 'have a nice day' come from her younger siblings rooms. Smiling she opened the door and headed out.

"Hey Rira!" Rira, slowed her jogging pace and looked to who was calling her, "What's the rush? I think you need to relax more! You're still too young to be pushing yourself too hard!" Rira smiled and nodded towards the old couple that was talking to her.

"Thanks for your concern Mr. W!" she punched her fists into the air, "Don't worry about me though! I can handle things myself!" The old man glanced at his wife who smiled and shrugged, mumbling 'kids these days' Rira smiled at them before continuing her way to work.

"Rira! Rira!" a group of small kids stood in front of her and grinned, "You wanna play with us Rira! Were gonna play hide and seek!" Rira shook her head and game them a small apologetic smile.

"Sorry kiddos, I have to work!" the kids smiles went down and they stared at her sadly, "Oh! Don't worry though! We can play some other time kay?"


"Haha!" she nodded her head, "Promise!"

"Kay then! See yah Rira! 'Member you prooomised!" the small group of kids laughed and ran the opposite direction from her. Rira sighed and checked the time on her watch.

"Ah, shmuck! I'm late already!" lifting her knees high she ran though the crowd of people, she was gonna get it for being late today. There it is! Rira slowed her pace in order to catch her breath, and walked towards the small building.

"Hey hot stuff!"

Sighing Rira turned and raised an eyebrow at the three boys that were calling her. "What do you want guys" I'm right in front of my work place and these guys just HAVE to butt in!

One of the guys smirked and walked towards her, "How about we get together after your done your job?"

"Uh, no thanks; but thanks for asking, maybe I'll say no next time." The guys face fell and his friends behind him started to laugh.

"Why not babe? You know you don't have to be shy, I know you have the hots for me." His eyes slowly trailed down towards her chest.

Rira's eye twitched before smacking his head, "How many times do I have to tell you!" she pointed to her eyes, "My eyes are up here"

"What's going on here?"

Rira let out an angry growl in her mind and turned towards the new voice behind her, she saw a boy standing with his hands in his pocket, slouching slightly. Rira blinked before studying his appearance, I- I like his hair…


The three boys glanced at each other before walking past Rira, "Who are you kid? Aren't you a little too young to be butting into other people business?" The boys blinked before sticking his pinkie in his ear.

"I'm sorry what was that I think there was some annoying sound right now, I couldn't hear what you were saying." Rira smiled slightly and held back a giggle.

"You got some nerve kid." The three boys started to walk closer towards him but were stopped when a fist hit their heads.



"Damn it!"

Rira grunted before rubbing her semi-sore fist, "Okay guys you had your fun, get out of here before I call my boss." Groaning and holding their sore heads then left, and sent a glare towards the boy that was standing beside you. Rira sighed softly, "I'm so late because of them…" She walked pass the boy that was in front of her and entered the building.


"Damn it Rira!"

Rira scratched her head while smiling slightly, "Sorry Mr. Fikx…"

"I told you that if you were late one more time that you would be excused from this job!"

"Yah… I know…"

"I was nice enough to give you multiple warnings, but this time you have gone too far!" Her boss paced around the room, mumbling things to himself. "I don't know what to do with you anymore!"

Rira sighed mentally, she was going to get fired, and she knew it. "It's okay Mr. Fikx, I'll just let myself out." She sat up from the chair she was sitting on and slowly made her way towards the door.

"Wait just a minute young lady!" Rira froze from her spot.

"Er, yes sir?" She turned around to see that her ex-boss was holding a bag towards her.

"Since you are going out, throw this in the garbage for me!" Rira's jaw went slack as she stared at her ex-boss with disbelief.

"R-right…" she took the garbage bag from him and left through the door. When the door closed she heard a small 'oh! And you're fired!'Sighing what seemed for the millionth time today she tossed the garbage bag into the nearest bin and shoved her hands in her pocket.

I guess I need to find a new job… again! She clenched her fists in her pocket and slowly made her way to her friends' house.


Knock Knock

"Coming! Just a sec!" Miyuki wiped her hands on a nearby cloth before walking to the door.

"Rira? What are you doing here?" Miyuki stepped to the side and let her friend walk into her home. "I thought you have work?"

Rira snorted, "You mean had work."

Miyuki shot Rira a pointed look, "What do you mean…"

Rira turned towards her best friend and plopped down on a nearby stool, "I got fired again Miyuki!"

"Again?" she let out a frustrated growl, "Rira, this has been the third time you have gotten fired" she crossed her arms, "What did you do this time?"

"It wasn't my fault this time!"

Miyuki raised an eyebrow, "Uh huh…"

"Honest!" Rira retold what had happened in the morning, not skipping any detail; besides the one when she saw this guy with gorgeous hair.

Miyuki sighed, "Well… I guess I can ask grandpa if you can work here." She bit her lip slightly before walking off to find her grandfather. Rira sighed and tilted her head to stare at the ceiling. How am I going to make enough money for food? Rira was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't notice the door open and a person walking in.

"Oiiii! Miyuki! Where are you?"

Miyuki poked her head from an opposite door way and smiled, "Dan! You're here already? I thought I told you I'll watch you play basketball later; I'm kinda busy right now…" her eyes trailed towards Rira. She walked into the room where the two were, followed by her grandfather.


"Ah! Oji-chan!" Rira stood up and politely bowed, "Sorry to have caused you any problems!" Soichi chuckled and smiled.

"No no, I think it would be fine if you would work with us, knowing you have the proper skills to fix various things, it would help us out a lot." Rira smiled and bowed again.

"Thank you so much!" Miyuki smiled and patted her friend on the back. "I guess were co-workers now~" Rira laughed and nodded.

"Uh… Hello? I'm still here you know?" Dan taped his foot and glared towards Miyuki. Said girl coughed slightly and gave him a good smack on the head.

"Rira, this is Dan, Dan Rira." Rira nodded and stared at the boy who was in front of her.

"Hey! Aren't you that kid from before?"

Dan scowled, "I'm not a kid!" Rira snorted, "Right…"

"No seriously I'm not!" Rira held up her hand horizontally in front of her and swiftly wet over his head.

"Your height is making have second thoughts…" Dan growled lowly and glared at Rira. Miyuki nervously laughed at the scene that was unfolding in front of her.

"Ah! Why don't we go outside?" she faced Dan, "You can play basketball now okay?"

Dan's face perked up when he heard the word 'basketball' but it quickly became a frown when he heard Rira laugh.

"Him? Play basketball?" she crossed her arms over her chest, "I don't think so…"

"You wanna bet!" Dan stomped his foot on the floor, "I bet I can whoop your sorry ass!"

Rira's eye became hard while she smirked, "I accept your challenge," Rira flipped her hair over her shoulder, "Shorty."

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