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The Cullens had finished gathering the troops, and Hiashi couldn't wait to see his daughter again. Neji had taken the day off his duties to be there as well. When the wolf girl came shouting at them about being able to travel back to Earth, Minato did not hesitate. Once they arrived, Minato and Kakashi abruptly went to the Cullens to be updated. They told the others of the mission, and the ninjas decided to work together with the werewolves and vampires for Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto was the most driven as he increased training by a dozen- not that Lee or Guy minded. The whole original rookie nine were there with their surviving senseis.

Hiashi had prayed that he would see her again. Finally, he would see his daughter and apologize officially for everything again. Hanabi was there too, ready to defend her sister and pay her back for sparing her from being a branch member.

There were howls in the distance, signaling that the wolves were coming for the meeting. Hiashi studied the chemistry between the vampires and the werewolves. It was not a friendly sight. The vampires grimaced and the wolves growled at the supposed smell that the ninjas couldn't detect.

"What's the plan, Edward?" Minato asked, patiently.

Edward faced the wolves.

"I have lost my powers. You have to bear with me now," Edward proclaimed, and the wolves were all sharing looks of shock and confusion. "The vampires in front of you all agreed to help us in battle. Do not harm them for they are important allies. Our main goal is to retrieve Hinata and Seth. Don't engage in battle unless completely necessary." Edward gave Paul a pointed look who ignored it like a fly. "The Volturi have four towers. Ninjas will take the eastern tower working your way down, werewolves will take the western tower working your way up since it could only be entered at the bottom, Cullens and Denali clan will take the south tower and the other vampires will take the North. Be careful of the Volturi's powers. Eleazar is handing out the paper that shows the Volturi guards' profile and their powers. It should also have pictures so no one gets confused. Memorize and fight cautiously if you have to. Ninjas will have a head start while the rest of us attack afterwards for the best sneak attack. Are we clear?"

Everyone murmured their 'yes' and Hiashi was itching to go now. There were heavy footsteps when Leah appeared at the clearing. Edward rolled his eyes at the female barbarian.

"Someone brief Leah, please," Minato snapped his finger but Leah shoved the papers aside for a bit.

"I just received a text from Seth. He said he's captured and that they have Hinata also. We need to hurry, and he claims to have a plan," Leah panted, and everyone studied the text on her phone.

This was going to get ugly.

Hinata felt like a princess. What more could she want with her life? She was adopted into the Volturi, a family of royalty and a family of fame throughout the world. She was a princess and really, what girl didn't want to be a princess. In addition to being a princess, she also had a prince- Demetri. Sure, he seemed a bit too preoccupied at the moment with his video game, but Hinata didn't mind. She was too busy making sure that their new apartment in the Volturi Tower was perfect. Her boyfriend had persuaded Aro to allow them to have some privacy after all their services.

Hinata knew she was a lucky girl to be in the Volturi. She was an orphan in Japan, starving after her family was killed by the Japanese tsunami. That was why Corin adopted her, and she had been in the Volturi ever since. Somehow, the radiation or whatever must have fogged her memory because Hinata didn't remember any of this. She learned that she should not question her caretakers for they could kick her in the streets again if she tried.

When she was done mopping the floor, she grabbed a glass of blood and gave it hesitantly to Demetri who chugged it down hungrily. He looked over at her with kind eyes, as if she could soothe the beast inside of him. Oh she knew Demetri was a vampire, but she could not breathe a soul to anyone. The Volturi were all vampires, and they swore they would kill her if she told anyone. If she didn't tell, they would turn her into a vampire soon. And oh, how Hinata wanted to be a vampire. Just the thought of being so angelic like Heidi, Jane, Corin, Chelsea, and all the female guards intrigued her. Then, Demetri would be more happy with her like Afton was with Chelsea. Maybe they could have that love soon.

"Hinata, darling. Go get ready for the ball. I think your coronation is about to take place, my sweet," Demetri hinted, putting down his Modern Warfare 3 game (My guy friends are such nerds *roll eyes*).

Hinata's heart leaped. Could it be? Was it finally time to turn her? She was waiting for it, ever since she found out about the poor tourists. Hinata's eyes started to water again. She had felt so sorry for them, but she quickly blinked away her tears. She was going to have to be like that again. She was going to have to accept the fact that she needed human blood if she was to become one of the marvelous beings of the Volturi.

"Shall I wear the silver, sparkly dress or the gold one?" Hinata asked, beaming so much that Demetri held back a chuckle.

If he showed her a bit of compassion, she might get too comfortable and down his authority. He, however, was not completely heartless. He was starting to truly love innocent Hinata, even if she only liked him because she was under a spell. Innocent and pure girls like her were so hard to come by nowadays.

"Why must I choose for you? You look pretty in both," Demetri shrugged.

"Men," Hinata rolled her eyes. "Such big help."

Demetri grinned at his girlfriend. He gave her an abrupt kiss on the cheek before rising and putting on his cloak. He didn't feel bad for Seth Clearwater at all. In fact, he hoped Seth would come for her. Then the mongrel would be crushed to see that his soulmate loved Demetri more than him. It would teach the whole world that soul mates and imprinting did not always work.

When Hinata exit the bathroom with her gold dress on, Demetri did a double take. Hinata was beautiful and he couldn't wait until she was a vampire. She would make him a great mate. She would indeed forget about the mutt, thanks to Chelsea and Corin. Hinata would never remember her old life, just her new one. Caius and Aro made sure of that. Demetri stared at his soon to be wife and smiled. She would do just fine.

"You would make a fine bride and vampire, my dear," Demetri said after kissing her on the lips.

Hinata blushed but internally frowned. Why did she not like the concept of being a bride? It felt like she was cheating on someone. It didn't seem right for her to be turned and when she awoke, she would marry Demetri right away. It just seemed too…wrong to her. Something was stopping her from liking this turn of events.

She looked at Demetri. He had the perfect body, the perfect face, and the perfect model of a husband. So why did she feel like she couldn't love him, that her love belonged to another?

"I still think Corin should have stuck with the blue," Hinata fussed over her dress. She couldn't look at Demetri in the eye so she fixed her hair while looking in the mirror.

She held back a protest when Demetri kissed her full on the lips. He had done this countless of times and she returned the kiss. However, it was nothing special. Hinata pushed away too quickly, and this got Demetri a bit upset so he showed her who was dominant in the relationship. He tackled her against the bed and kissed her neck. He was careful not to leave any marks, but Hinata didn't struggle this time. That was because Felix came barging in with Corin and Heidi in no time.

"Ahem," Felix laughed, and Demetri groaned, irritated that he had been interrupted.

Hinata abruptly got up, flustered and blushing, making the two vampresses smile at how cute she was. Heidi glared at Demetri as if they could communicate telepathically. Demetri held her gaze with challenge, until Corin interrupted them all.

"Come on, Hinata. We got to pretty you up for tonight. Demetri's going to turn you himself, so let's make you so addicting that he's going to pounce just at the sight of you. Oh, and you saw her dress? Shame, you're not going to see her after you turn her cause we're going to shop for that wedding dress-."

"Stop scaring the poor girl, Corin," Heidi lazily reprimanded. "Hinata, why won't you to the village and fetch me a human since Demetri ate my share last time."

Hinata couldn't understand why Heidi couldn't do it herself. Corin began to protest but Heidi's dark eyes stopped her.

"You can do her makeup when she gets back. It'll only take her a few minutes," Heidi snapped.

Demetri was about to follow Hinata, to escort her since she didn't know that she was a ninja. However, Heidi had other plans. When Hinata and Corin were out of sight, she pounced on Demetri.

"Heidi. I don't like you that way. We've been over this," Demetri growled, pushing her off.

"Demetri, you and I both know that Hinata is all but a toy to you. You don't actually love her do you?" Heidi taunted, and Demetri rolled his eyes.

"What if I'm starting to?"

"There ain't no such thing in that stone heart of yours."

"Just because I don't like you, Heidi, doesn't mean-."

"Is that what your little friend down there thinks whenever we have 'fun'," Heidi laughed, and Demetri knew that if he was human, he would have blushed.

There was a slight hesitation before Demetri rolled over to be on top of Heidi.

"This will cease when I marry Hinata."

"I know, big guy," Heidi snorted.

Hinata left Corin with Santiago, since they had a thing for each other. She went off to a local bar in Volterra and smiled when she saw her victim. He was drunk, looking for girls with his lecherous smirks and leers. She made sure she changed into her casual clothing before she left. Corin held onto her dress until she got back.

The guy did not notice her so she clanked her heels louder, until a hand grasp onto hers. The hand was warm and inviting. Hinata decided to change her mind and take this rude gentleman instead, home. How dare he-


Hinata turned around and frowned at the handsome stranger behind her. All the thoughts about the lecherous guy left her brain, as she stared at the muscular person in front of her. He had ripped jeans and a ripped T-shirt. His sneakers were worn, and never in her life had she been attracted to…a peasant before.

"Do I know you?" Hinata asked the stranger.

He looked confused and hurt by her words.

"Seth Clearwater. I know I look a bit run down but seriously, love. I thought you would know your own soul mate," Seth frowned, taking two strides to reach her.

Their faces were inches apart, and Hinata felt her heart pound. Her mind was beginning to become hazy. Why did this guy seem so familiar?

"I don't believe we met before," Hinata replied, coldly.

Seth bit his lip and glared at his imprint. She looked empty and cold-hearted. It was like nothing could faze her. He took a look at her closely and realized that she had a blank stare on. Her usual lavender pupils looked dazed and a bit dark. The way she dressed was wrong also. Hinata would never dress like this. He knew that she was only trying to save him, but she could at least scream at him to leave or say that she hated him or hit him on the head for being a complete idiot.

"I believe we did, madam. As I recall, you were my imprint and I was your wolf."

Hinata's eyes widened. A Child of the Moon? Oh no. Caius had told her gruesome stories about them. Hinata decided that she should lure him into the castle so Master Aro could deal with him.

"Would you like to follow me home, sir?" Hinata drawled out her seductive voice.

Seth was beyond confused. What was wrong with her voice? Where was her innocence and her blush and her fierce gaze that would have made him so clumsy that he had to be isolated from the world?

"Where would your home be?" Seth played along.

"That tower over there," Hinata said, pointing towards the eerie Volturi tower.

"The Volturi tower, Hinata. See, I was thinking we could escape together and take on the Volturi with the Cullens back at home. You don't have to be so self-sacrificing you know," Seth was blabbering on until he caught something.

Why would Hinata want him to be going to his doom? That didn't seem right.

Hinata felt her head hurt a bit from his words. Why did the Cullens and this guys' name sound so familiar to her? It was like a fairytale book she might have read somewhere. Who was he?

"You're not Hinata," Seth accused, his eyes blazing in anger.

Hinata frowned, lifting her delicate eyebrows. So a stranger greeted her, told a weird story of her overthrowing her family, and accused her of not being the right 'Hinata' for him. Just who was this guy?

"Yes I am. I am Hinata of the Volturi. I was adopted by them because my family died during the tsunami and Corin took me under her wing and led me back to the Volturi," Hinata snapped at him.

She turned on her heels to run home but running was a bit hard on heels.

Seth stood there, dumbstruck. So obviously she forgot about her ninja life and the Cullens. The Volturi could do wonders if they had hypnotized Hinata. Seth rushed after Hinata who was running towards an alley back home. He grabbed a hold of her wrist and she struggled against him. He was stronger for now because she believed that she was only a mere human. Otherwise, Seth was sure that she would have sent him flying.

He knew that this was Hinata however. Every detail of her was correct. Her voice, her face, her hair, her scent. She must have been brainwashed.

"You are not Hinata of the Volturi. You are Hinata Hyuuga from Konohagakure. Your family disinherited you. You loved Naruto Uzumaki for some time before deciding to run away. You met Minato Namikaze who transported you to Earth, meeting the Cullens- a vampire family and the Quileute wolf tribe. I, being a sandy wolf, imprinted on you, fell for you, and loved you ever since that first look. You claimed to have loved me also but was too self-sacrificing that you drove me crazy with the 'I don't love you' and the whole leaving stunt you tried to pull. Well, no more love. I love you and I'll be damned if I let you go back to those monsters who brainwashed your mind and kept you from me," Seth whispered against her ears when he had her leaning against the wall.

Rain began pouring on them, and Hinata looked at the handsome stranger in the eyes. Hesitantly, her guard lowered as his breath tickled her ears. The way her held her was loving, instead of possessive like Demetri. The way he held her seemed natural, like he had been doing it for a while.

"Remember, angel. You have to remember your soul mate," Seth pleaded, and Hinata's mind began spinning.

She felt dizzy and held her head, screaming in pain. Seth watched, worried as he held her in his arms. Hinata felt Corin and Chelsea's combined power start to weaken. Memories flooded her again. Hinata whimpered as the shield of lies tried to take over her mind again.

"Seth…"Hinata croaked, holding onto him. Seth saw that her eyes were becoming lighter and her tears poured, camouflaging with the rain dropping on them. "You…Y-You have to leave. It's…dangerous…I…"

Seth decided that she needed some encouraging. He kissed her passionately, beneath the stars and beneath the hard, cold rain. Hinata's spell broke immediately and she found herself kissing Seth, as if she needed it. She hungered for it, and she felt herself holding onto her soul mate, not wanting to let him go.


"Hinata," Seth whispered, lifting her off her feet and twirling around in his arms.

She smiled as he beamed at how beautiful his soul mate was.

"You can't be here. If Aro found out-."

"Shh…" Seth interrupted her, kissing her deeply again.


"Mmhhrrmmpphh," He mumbled against their kiss.


"Nope," Seth replied. Hinata pushed him away, her eyes sad and knowing that this couldn't last long. She was about to say the usual, cliché stuff like how she didn't love him anymore. Only this time, she knew Seth wasn't going to believe her. "I never believed you a bit you know. Not in my heart. I came all the way here to bring you back and tell you that I will crush anything that stands in the way of us being together."

Hinata sighed, smoothing out her hair. She looked at the dark, gloomy tower a in the distance. "I love you. You know that, but I don't want the Volturi to kill you or the Cullens. They're planning to turn me tonight and expect me to be back with food for them. I can't leave Seth. I'm trap, but…you can. You can leave and I'll have to marry Demetri. Still, you can find a girl that will love you. Imprinting isn't worth it when your life is at stake, love. My sacrifice would have been in vain if you died. I'd rather live a lie than let that happen."

Seth's anger rose as he growled at her story. His wet hair tousled in the rain as he lifted her into his arms. He raced back to the hotel and smiled at her. It seemed like he had a plan. Hinata was about to scold him, not wanting an argument but Seth gave her a look to silence her. "Do you seriously think that after they brainwash you again, they're going to leave us alone?"

This made Hinata speechless. So that was the Volturi's plan from the start. Hypnotize her, make her content, and attack the Cullens. If she left with Seth tonight, then they would still attack the Cullens and do the same thing to her if they met again. So…her only choice?

"Hinata, we're going to stick together and work together. We're going to bring down the Volturi. I don't doubt your ninja abilities my love," Seth smiled.

"We could both die and run out of energy."

"Then we die trying. I, at least, can die in happiness knowing that they won't kill you."

"Don't talk like that," Hinata's tears began falling as he laid her on the bed.

She now knew that she couldn't live without Seth. She tried. Oh she tried but it didn't work- even when she was hypnotized!

He paced, deep in thought. Hinata looked at the time and panicked. If she didn't make it back to the castle on time, the Volturi would go looking for her. Seth caught this and bit his lip. Hinata hid their scent for now and closed the windows and locked the doors. They had no idea what to do then.

Seth's cell phone vibrated after a while of pondering their plan of killing off the Volturi single-handedly. Seth answered it and was shocked at the voice. Hinata looked up from the bed, hearing it too.

"Seth Clearwater! Where the hell are you?" Leah shouted.

Seth was overjoyed and confused. "Leah? How-."

"I'm back home right now, finding out that Sue is crying her eyes out, the pack in turmoil, the Cullens leading a revolution, and you sneaking around in Volterra?" Leah shouted, angrily.

"Yes?" Seth answered.

There was silence on the other line.

"Good boy. You find Hinata and hide her immediately. Her Konoha friends are here to see her and the Cullens could use her in the upcoming battle with the Volturi. We'll be there in a few days," Leah told.

Seth and Hinata's eyes widened and they grinned at each other. They had a plan after all.

"Alright Leah. I'll talk to you later," Seth replied, his eyes on Hinata.

Hinata looked at the figure climbing on the bed. He snapped his phone shut, and they both grinned.

"So, it would seem like Leah saved your butt again, useless younger brother."

"That hurt my heart. You pierced right through my arteries," Seth mocked, and Hinata smiled.

"Arteries? I was aiming for your left atrium. Darn it," Hinata giggled, and Seth kissed his soul mate passionately.

Clothes came off and the night was magical for the ninja and her werewolf.

The next morning, Hinata got up and smiled at the warmth enveloping her. Seth hugged her as he snored lightly beside her. She wiggled, stealthily out of his embrace and she stifled a giggle at Seth's sudden pouty face when she left his arms. She blinked at the sunlight. Good. The Volturi couldn't come out for a while. She went to the bathroom and took a shower. After she was done, she brushed her teeth and blowdried her hair.

Her peace was disrupted when there was a crash. Hisses and snarls erupted. She dropped her blowdryer and raced out to see Seth growling at Felix and Demetri. Demetri saw her and knew what happened. The fury was in his eyes.

"Not so innocent now, are you Hinata?" Demetri laughed, and Hinata narrowed her eyebrows at the vampire.

"As if you ever were faithful to me, dear fiancée," Hinata mocked, charging at him full speed.

Demetri caught her arm but she kicked his chest so hard that he flew out the balcony window, into the pool that was deserted at this time of day. Seth was battling Felix as she dove after Demetri. She trusted that he could hold him off for a bit. She slowly reached the water with a splash and kicked Demetri hard, making him land on the streets below. She jumped down and slowly performed hand seals for fire. As the fire engulfed Demetri, he snarled trying to tear at her. He succeeded in slashing her stomach before turning to dust.

Hinata jumped back to the roof and panicked when she found no sign of Seth. Her heart hammered when she spotted a note on her bed. It was from Felix, in his handwriting.

Dear little princess,

You think you can escape us? If you want to see your beloved Seth alive, I suggest you come back immediately and let Corin take control of your mind. If not, then I can promise you that Seth will die by my hands and you know how people end up in my hands. Ha.

Yours truly,

Felix Volturi

Hinata was disgusted when he even drew a smiley face with the peace sign just to taunt her more. She shouldn't have let her guard down like that. How could she be so stupid? Hinata exhaled and wondered if Aro was going to pair her off with another Volturi guard to keep her in line again. She changed and walked slowly to the tower-meeting her doom for sure. However, she didn't leave without a little text for Leah and the others.

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