Chapter One: A little above five feet

The park was a spot of serenity in the midst of the urban cacophony Eve had come to abhor. Seated on a wooden bench painted in a worn red, her pink hued eyes looked down at the small screen of her cell phone, and she gave no hint of expression as her fingers speedily dialed, "L.O.L,".

In no more than three weeks of gaining her new cell phone she had become a veteran, and was frequently texting sources of information both familiar and otherwise worldwide. She brushed several strands of yellow hair behind her hair, locks hardly grazing her shoulders by now.

She glanced up upon hearing two familiar voices.

"…in the bars are all useless! Idiots! And who in their right mind serves that sort of beer anyway? Distasteful!"

Sven patiently lit his cigarette. "And what would you know about alcoholics anyway, Train? You don't drink."

Train nodded, his spiky brown hair bobbing enthusiastically. It was due for a cut. "I know that, I know that," he muttered, hands in his pockets and feeling the weight of Hades on his side. "But there's more to a good spirit than just taste, Sven. Smell, smell is where you get the true worth of what you're drinking."

Sven risked a side-glance at him. "Must you say everything twice?"

"It adds to emphasis," Eve answered for him, getting to her feet and walking up to them, eyes still on her cell phone screen. "I'm not surprised that you didn't find anything about our latest bounty," she continued in her usual matter-of-fact tone. "Apparently he was captured a few days ago by a pair of sweepers outside of Vello City."

Train seemed to be deep in thought, and just as Sven and Eve predicted that he would say something useful, he blurted out: "Yeah, Vello City is well known for its grilled meat. They use the right amount of spices and sweet sauces to get your mouth going in a fiesta!"

"Stop talking," the other two snapped at him in unison. He flinched, feigning hurt.

Sven sighed and fell on the bench where Eve was originally seated and blew out a fume of smoke. "All this chase for nothing is beginning to get my goat," he muttered.

Eve blinked impassively before whispering to Train, "Sven has a goat?"

Smiling cattishly, he merely shrugged.

"If we don't get a good target soon, I'm going to lose myself."

Once again, Eve turned to Train, "How can you lose yourself if you will always be with yourself?"

Train swallowed his laughter, "It's not quite like that, Princess."

"I'm sick of this rat race." Sven finished.

"We've been racing with rats?" Eve inquired to Train.

He covered his mouth, restraining his display of amusement. "You've…got it all wrong…hime-chan," he managed.

"What are you to grumbling about over there?" Sven asked them, frowning suspiciously.

"Yeash, Sven-daddy what could we possibly be talking about to make you give us that expression?" Train grinned teasingly.

Sven raised an eyebrow, as though considering the topics of conversation.

"Sven, I think I found a lead," Eve said, walking up to him and displaying the web page she opened.

He stared. "How did you figure out to use the wireless internet connection so quickly?"

"Huh?" Eve blinked, "there was an icon in the menu. I assumed that was the world wide web."

"Don't worry about it, Eve," Train rubbed her bangs from behind. "Old man Sven is just a few generations behind."

"I'm only six years your senior!" Sven blurted, "And you'd better show some respect!" He eyed them viciously.

"See?" Train taunted, nudging the uninterested Eve, "every irritated old man that you'd ever meet with a thorn in his side would say that."

"I swear, Train," Sven growled, "one of these days I'm going to get a nickname for you so frustrating that you'll become an old man yourself."

Train stuck out his tongue, "I doubt it." He jeered.

"Back to important topics," Eve interrupted, "this man is wanted for arson, treason, homicide and stealing from a politician's house."

"What did he steal?" Train asked curiously, leaning over her to peer at the tiny screen that showed a small green sculpture of a fat man in revealing robes.

"A statue…of a Buddha," Eve grumbled, obviously disappointed.

"You'd think he'd go for something more elaborate, huh?"

"Well, it doesn't matter," Sven jumped in, stretching. "He's worth good money, so we're going to catch him."

"Hey, Sven," Train called, grinning cattishly again.

Reluctantly, the smoking sweeper turned to him with a twitching eyebrow in the middle of a stretch to his left. "What is it, Train?"

"Be careful you pull something."

"THAT'S IT!" Sven pelted after the sprinting Train, and Eve casually followed, eyes glued to the screen and impassively typing another "L.O.L." to Kyoko.

Some of you might say that it was too short. Some of my other readers might have said that I should be devoting my time to the Soul Eater fan fiction about Death the Kidd that I started. Well, my creative juices need to hit the currents for that idea, so I'm watching westerns like mad, don't worry.

As for you strictly Black Cat readers, I've been having an obsession with him lately and I just realized something. Four things actually:

We've never seen Train as a chibi (in action in the manga).

We've never seen Train in a dress ( I'm not mad about cross-dressers, but if its Train…"through ze door, through ze windo… Ah don' care!"—The Mask original, Jim Carrey

We have never seen Train shirtless (I'm a fanatic about shirtless dudes, 'specially guys like Kuro-sama!)

We've never seen Train with a serious love interest. Sure he's got Saya and trusts Kyoko and tells Rinslet everything because of her tears and treats lil' Princess as a sister and all that… but you can tell that he's not going to settle down anything soon…

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