Chapter Six- A Lot of Questions that are Difficult to Answer…

Eve wasn't sure how Train would react when she stepped away from him. It just seemed to be correct, the method she used, and half of what she did was on impulse. He was stared at her, and she felt herself warm under his bewildered gaze. "I'm sorry if that offended you, I simply…" she found herself in Train's arms and unable to respond when he kissed her back and then he laughed over her shoulder. "Offended? Princess, you've got a lot to learn."

She smiled awkwardly in his hold. And she admitted to herself that it was an odd situation: two people twelve years apart kissing in the midst of their groceries was rather unusual, from her point of view. But when Train kissed her again, she remembered that everything about the life she knew was unusual.

Train stopped to catch his breath. The sky was streaked impressively crimson by now, and the street lights were starting to turn on. And just when he thought that it was a bit too cliché, a bit too romantic, he noticed that the hand that was on his shoulder was no on his sleeve, his hand that was on Eve's waist was now on her shoulder, and, to put it mildly, Eve shrunk back to her original self.

Before either one could comment, they picked up groceries and walked along the sidewalk.

"Why are some of the eggs broken?" Tearju inquired from the kitchen.

Eve, reverted to her normal child form to the relief of Sven who sat beside her, looked up in thought. "Oh, Train, couldn't that be from the time when you and I…"

Train gestured for her to stop, but she continued, oblivious to his sign language, and as a result of her response to Tearju's question, she ended up with a whole lot to answer, especially from Sven.

"And where are you going?" The father figure demanded from the fidgeting Train who was starting to inch away.

Tearju laughed when she came into the room. "At least you have a name for him now, don't you Sven?"

He frowned. "What?"

She mouthed the words and Train read them, suddenly yelling, "Lolicon? You are not serious! I didn't mean it, honest! Eve, tell Sven- daddy what happened, huh?"

"Don't talk to Eve while you're on probation, Lolicon," Sven said easily.

"Don't call me…! Probation?"

And while Sven dragged Train off to his room, Eve texted with her face as indifferent as ever.

"Train, I've got a question for you," Sven said seriously once they were out of ear-shot from Tearju and her younger clone.

Train stood to his feet, eyeing his partner while bracing himself. "Listen.." he started.

"No, it doesn't have to do with what happened between you and Eve," he said between gritted teeth. "But it does have to do with Eve: what does she say when she texting?"

Train blinked. "What do you mean?"

"What does Eve talk about when she's talking to Leon or Kevin or…"

Tran smiled cattishly, "Oh, I see, you worried about Eve's love interest aren't you?"

Sven froze, his eyes growing dark. "Is that what she talks about?"

"N-no," Train stuttered from Sven's suddenly ominous aura. "Though that's what Kyoko and Rinslet are always pestering her about. Half the time she's just strengthening links with old friends and establishing new ones through room chats and stuff like that. She might not look it, but she's actually very sociable."

Sven nodded and smile faintly.

"Why'd you ask me, anyway? Couldn't you just have gone to Eve yourself?"

Sven walked past him. "I was just fulfilling a request," he stated simply, then paused. "And Lolicon, don't bother trying to make a move on Eve."

"Shut up, Sven-daddy," Train said irritably. "Do you know how late that statement it?"

Regardless, Train remained on probation and was locked in his room with no supper. He lay on his borrowed bed with his head hanging down to the floor, feet propped up on the wall, eyes closed and his hands clasped over his stomach that groaned loudly. "You don't have to tell me twice," he barked at his organ. "Of course you're hungry. We both are! Now shut up!"

His eyes opened when there was a knock on his door. "Train?" it sounded like Eve.

"You're going to get in trouble with old man Sven, Princess," he called, closing his eyes.

"I know, so you should be quiet and eat the food I got you."

The door opened instantly. Warm and on a tray, Eve had brought dinner for him, and most likely had to steal it away from the table.

"Thanks, Princess!" he wasted no time and sat down in the door frame, eating giddily. Eve sat with her back braced against the wall.

"Train, I have a question," she said softly.

"Yeah, everyone seems to have one of those today."


"It's nothing, continue," he brushed off easily.

"Why did you look at me differently when I was older than how I am now?"

Train remained silent and sober for a moment, and Eve looked at him to ensure that he wasn't sleeping. "In what sense, Princess?" he asked.

"I don't know," she admitted, pulling her knees up to be wrapped by her sleeved arms. "Like when I'm Onee-chan,"—Train smirked at the title she gave her older self—"you stare at me, and when I'm just Eve, you hardly give me a second glance. It's like a contradiction of mild avarice and indifference respectively," she finished.

"Are you aware of half the words you say in a sentence, Princess?" Train asked carefully, his mouth full of food.

She glared at him, "I'm not an idiot, Train," she muttered, implying something.

"I never said you were, Princess," he responded as smoothly as he could.

He heard her shift as she asked, "Are you going to answer? Or just avoid my question with another question?"

Shoot, she figured out my tactic, he thought with alarm. I really don't give her the credit she deserves.

Eve was startled when he sighed loudly and then looked down to find his plate empty: liked clean in fact.

"I don't know how to answer, in all honesty," Train told her. "I didn't even know that I did that."

Eve huddled to herself closer. "Oh," she said simply.

"But I've got a question for you," he said, quiet all of the sudden with a grin plastered ridiculously wide on his face. He gestured with his finger and she leaned toward him as he whispered in her ear. She smiled.

"You'll do it?" Train asked.


Train kissed her on her cheek. "Thanks, Princess, see you later."

The door gently shut and Eve stood, fingering her cheek, which oddly felt warm. She then turned away and walked down into the living room where Sven and Tearju were conversing with light air. They were laughing when Eve came in.

"Before I go to bed, I have a question for both of you to consider," she said, "Why was it that when Train and I arrived earlier today, most of the lights in the house were off, Tearju's spectacles were misplaced and Sven's suit was crinkled?"

They both tensed and flushed and Eve remained impassive. "Good night."

And she turned away with a smile on her face. Apparently everyone had an affair today.

When I ended this I was like, "Hm, shouldn't there be more kinkiness in there? Especially in the Sven/Tearju department? But I was like, it's alright, you people get the point, and you'll express your views in the reviews, yes? Thank you!